Favorite TWILIGHT series in order 🍎❤️

One day I sat down at work and this idea popped up into my head and I was like I wonder what order other twi-hard fans would put the films in and BOOM 💥 we’ve ended up here.

Although my personal opinion, I do believe this is the only correct order ( I said what I said).

1. Twilight- so many iconic one liners and moments! And for the low budget the cinematography was STUNNING.

2. Eclipse- over all my FAVORITE twilight of the series. Book and film.

3. Breaking dawn part 2: shit got real and we saw the human vampire baby grow super fast and win everyone over. Hello third favorite.

4.breaking dawn part 1- the wedding, the dress, Edwards hair finally not looking a mess. The bed breaking during their honeymoon. I could go on… but we all know.

5. New moon- last but last, new moon. Although I LOVED the spotlight being on the werewolf’s, this was the weakest book and film in my opinion. I still love it as part of the franchise. But it’s not one I pick up first. Hence the last place spot. (Sorry not sorry)

And there we are! Have you seen the twilight franchise?! What’s your favorite and least favorite?! (No twilight slander will be allowed here) !!!

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