Why I’ll never settle in my love life again❤️

I’m 27 soon to be 28 in a couple of weeks and boy have I learned a lot about myself and what I DESERVE. Flashback to my teen years and early 20s where I was desperate for love and let me tell you when I mean desperate I mean DESPERATE. I took anything and any one who showed any type of interest in me. Flash forward to MANY failed relationships and my interest in love and men-dying down. I had such bad luck with men that I even tried to convince myself I was a lesbian for a while and that’s why my choices in men suck. But the truth is my previous sucky choice in men was attached to how I felt about myself and how I treated myself. And I never knew that until NOW. I was a very insecure and shy and uncertain teenager/young adult which meant I attracted men who knew they could manipulate and use me and then push me to the side. Let’s recount some of the horrors-I’ve given men money, paid for their Uber’s, and given them my time and my mind. Only for them to turn around and spit in my face. Back then I was okay with it because I thought “everyone has sucky relationships ” . But that’s not how a real man treats a queen. And I know now not to settle for a joker when I can have a king. I’m not chasing behind anymore men! I’ve done that enough circa years 16-25. I’ve asked boys out , planned the dates , kept up the contact and it wasn’t until I got older that i realized those boys weren’t really interested and were using me. I made myself an easy target and boys smell that and THEY POUNCE. I will never settle again! I’m no longer chasing a grown man. If he’s interested he’ll do the courting and chasing. I’ve settled enough in life and I REFUSE TO EVER DO IT AGAIN. I know what I’m worth and what I bring to the table. I’ll never second guess myself ever again or let a 99 cent dick make me loose myself again. I’m a queen and if you can’t reach my high standards, you’re not the one.

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