As we all know or should know, june is pride month. The celebration of the lgtbq community and love. But as of late, PRIDE has become a capitalist JACKPOT. Every store in the mall is selling rainbow this and love is love this. Which is amazing and all but will stop as SOON as June ends. I know June is pride month and it makes “heterosexual” sense to only sell queer shit during pride…. but think of all of money they would TRULY make if they sold queer things year round! Since it’s only about the money and what not. And you now have big companies (HM) seeking out lgbtq celebrities and influencers to help sell their gay products. Which in one way is good Because diversity and inclusion is IMPORTANT. But they’re only using them to push their fake gay agenda. The point is they don’t really care about the community. Come July 1st every company and “ally” will go back to ignoring the injustice towards the lgbtq and won’t do anything but be fake outraged on the internet. Want to actually be a good ally and be helpful?! Donate to the go fund mes of the struggling trans people who are brutally attacked day by day. Support queer artists and business yEAR ROUND. Sell love is love and rainbow shit YEAR ROUND. If you see someone of the lgtbq community being attacked or harassed do your part to help, even if it’s just by calling the police! Speak up! Don’t just stand by and feel bad and go “it’s not my problem or place” . We’re all humans and bleed the same at the end of the day. Be a friend. Be kind. Be an ally. TRULY. Pride isn’t just June, its 365 days out of the year. Stop capitalizing off our sexuality!!! Side note:STRAIGHT PRIDE IS THE DUMBEST SHIT EVER.🤢

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