A poem hit by reality

2021 taught me nothing nice

I wanted to be nice, I wanted to be kind.

So I began filling my life with honest love

Spoiling everyone around me

Putting smiles on people’s faces

But all that was returned was FAKENESS.

I tried time and time again to be the change I wanted to see.

And time and time again I saw that nobody was really for me.

I asked God ” What’s the lesson in this?”

Surely being a good person will grant me a few benefits…

For the first time in forever the sky was silent

But my eyes where OPENED

No matter how genuine you are…
No matter how good your intentions…

People will be people

The worst of the God’s creation’s.

They will use you and suck you dry.

Leave you wondering Everytime

Where are the genuine people at? And why haven’t I met them yet?

Why must I keep learning the same lesson?

Published by astoldbyshanise

A writer who’s also a blogger.

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