Stop the hate against Chloe!

By:Shanise Lachelle

In the new year chloe and halle decided to get separate instagrams and it was about time. I’m excited to see their separate personalities.

If you’ve been a fan of them from the beginning, you’ve noticed how chloe was the more mature and sensual one, while halle was the cute and innocent looking one. That has ALWAYS been their thing, if you paid attention.

So I don’t know why chloe is getting hate all of a sudden for being CHLOE on her instagram. First of all she’s 22 years old and a whole entire grown ass 2x grammy NOMINATED woman.

If she wants to twerk and post sexy videos, that’s what CHLOE IS GONNA DO. This whole thing where we attack women for being sexy and confident with their bodies is disgusting!! What’s even more disgusting is that the media and social media like to attack young black women for doing it. When I can’t count on my hands how many young white actresses and social media influencers who do it and don’t get half as much hate as chloe is getting.

The wold hates to see young black girls being black and confident!! Chloe doesn’t have a DAMN THING TO APOLOGIZE FOR. And I stand with her completely.

Let black girls be black and proud!!

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