See you Soon BangTan!

By : Shanise Lachelle

It was just announced today during Bts 9 year festa dinner that they would be taking an Hiatus and focusing on solo work.

At first being hit with that news while at work I panicked and started to cry. I’ve only had Bts for two years and it doesn’t seem long enough. And every group that’s ever said they were taking a break , never come back. Look at One Direction.

But after watching the clips and watching each member express gratitude and tell army they just want a break and a chance to figure out who they are outside of Bts. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. They’ve been going nonstop for 9 years, of course they’re tired and want to experience solo adventures within their career and it’s only right army gives them the chance to do so.

I’m so excited for 7 solo albums and to see them really express themselves individually. But super sad as well to see BTS go on break.

I hope they rest well and do whatever their heart desires!!

Army will forever STAND BEHIND BTS.


Good Boy Gone Great.

By :Shanise Lachelle

Txt has almost been into their “ Bad Boy Era” for a month now and what a Era it’s been.

I must honestly admit, when I saw this was the route that hybe and TXT were going I wasn’t too sure about it. It wasn’t a complete shock coming from loser =lover era, but still didn’t expert they’d go this dark.

The first video from Thursdays Child is Good Boy Gone Bad. Keeping up with their tradition of having super long single titles, the song itself is a smash it. The video only brings it all together and makes it even more amazing.

I love the edgy/ bad boy TXT!! They’re growing up and trying to show Moa they are more than the adorable cat-dog group. They’re becoming Men and you totally see it in Good Boy Gone Bad.

Everyone shines in the video but I definitely think this era Belongs to beomgyu and soobin. Not to discredit the other boys, because they’re definitely stronger as a five piece.

This video was everything and more, and they looked so gorgeous. Not to mention the choreography has started a new TikTok trend! every live performance makes me love the song even more. Txt definitely made their mark with this comeback and we’re just getting started!

What do you think of Good Boy Gone Bad?! Let me know in the comments down below and as always…. Until next time friends.

Girls vs Sneakers

By: Shanise Lachelle

Two of the most popular girl groups of the 4th generation are having a little friendly competition. So who had the better comeback? Let’s dig into it.

I really like both groups and enjoyed both comebacks, but I’m going to have to give this one to Itzy.

Just the whole roll out and promoting of Sneakers. From us hating it at first to us now loving it! I loved the whole idea of the video and the many different looks we got! The choreography is super fun and cute! And if it’s one thing Itzy is known for, its Their Choreography! the girls all look great and I loved how we got royal then sporty Itzy all in one video.

Not to mention all of the live performances have been so much fun as well! And the girls all look like they’re having so much fun on stage.

Now on to Aespas GIRLS. Now it wasn’t a BAD comeback, and I actually like the song. It’s just there wasn’t much buildup besides the usual and we only got a few performances then it was all over. Kind of lack luster in my opinion. Now the video is probably one of the coolest videos they’ve ever done!! And the song as usual for Aespa is a slow burn. It takes a while to grow on you but once it does it’s a ForSURE Bop!!! It just wasn’t as strong of a comeback as ITZY.

Both groups are smashing it right now and I know they’re friends and support each other! Aespa still has a long way to go, but they will get there in the end because they’re super talented. Itzy on the other hand are getting better with time and age. they top themselves each comeback!

Can’t wait to see them on your this November, I’m so excited I can hardly wait!!

Which comeback was your favorite?

Between Twice 1&2

By: Shanise Lachelle

Once’s it’s almost our time to SHINE, twice is back with another mini album!!

Imagine my shock as i logged in and saw that twice was having yet another comeback!! A part of me is super excited and can’t wait to see what my girls have cooked up. Another part of me is like “damn didn’t they just have a comeback earlier this year?!” I know JYP is known for overworking the girls , I just hope they’re all well rested and are actually okay.

To be honest I’m still jamming out to Nayoens POP, and I kind of thought another member would go solo before we got another twice comeback! The girls are truly the most hardworking girls in K-pop right now. We get at least two comebacks a year, where as most groups only do ONE! They’re unstoppable right now, they even did two tours back to back this year! 2022 is truly the year of TWICE.

What do you think it will sound like!? I’m so excited and can’t wait to watch my girlies eat it up!

Favorite New Jeans Singles

By: Shanise Lachelle

By now hybes new girl group NEW JEANS, has released a few new singles to introduce themselves to the K-pop music industry. And here are my favorite singles in order.

1. Hype Boy

2. Cookie


I can quickly see them becoming everyone’s favorite 4th generation girl group. We don’t know much about them yet personally and they’re really young,But they have the looks and charms. and every single song they’ve released has been a outright BOP!

Can’t wait to see them debut and hear more from NEW JEANS.

Stuck In My Head

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, we’re back with a new segment titled “STUCK IN MY HEAD” where I’ll be talking about all the new music that I just can’t get enough of. Todays STUCK IN MY HEAD is all about the K-pop music I just can’t enough of lately. So let’s get into it!!


New Jeans- Hype Boy

Ever since they’ve caught my attention two weeks ago, I’ve been OBSESSED with their songs!! And they haven’t even officially debuted yet! Hype boy is SUCH A BOP.


Nayeon- Pop

It’s no secret that Nayeons Pop as been ALL over TikTok and I’m living for it. It’s not my favorite song off her new album but it’s definitely one of my favorites and it’s constantly in my head!


Itzy- Sneakers

It’s funny because I absolutely hated this song before it came out and didn’t think I would vibe with it at all! And now even though it’s not their best single by a LONGGGG shot, it’s super catchy and fun!! And I just can’t help myself, not to mention it’s a fun summer comeback when everyone else is being edgy! Love Itzy for always going against the crowd!

What’s some of your favorite K-pop songs that have been stuck in your head lately?!

NewJeans is worth all the HYPE.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hybe has introduced a brand new girl group, under the stage name of NEW JEANS. Not to much of a fan of their name but BOY do these girls have the talent and charisma to be the next IT girl group of the 4th generation.

I was just scrolling on YouTube last week when I saw hybe had posted ATTENTION by New Jeans on their YouTube. I saw it was a girl group and I was curious so I clicked and I immediately loved the laid back chillness of the song. It’s an instant bop! Not to mention the choreography is a total smash and the girls eat it up.

Then they released another hit, HYBEBOY, with another addicting choreography and catchy verses.

I tend to stay away from a lot of the newer 4th generation groups, because they are so young. But I couldn’t help start to adore NEW JEANS. I see them as my little sisters and as a lover of hybe, I will support and love them!

I give both ATTENTION AND NEW JEANS 5/5. I can’t wait to see what else the girls have up their sleeves.

Girls Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Girls is finally out in the world and just as Aespa Does, it’s a hit!!

After hearing illusion, I wasn’t worried about how Girls would sound or if I would like it. In fact just like all their other songs , I knew Girls would have to grow on me and it definitely did and I love it!!

The video is super cool and definitely ties the song together and brings Girls to life. Each girl has their shinning moment and each girl kills it!

Girls was the first video of Aespas where I didn’t think ONE girl outshined the other. They all stood out equally.

I can’t say just who owned Girls because all four girls did such a great job. My bias is NingNing. And I thought my Bias Wrecker would be Winter, but lately Ms Karina has been stealing my heart!! And completely leaving me speechless with her vocals and sharp moves! She’s more than just a pretty face.

No matter how Giselles behavior bothers me , she does amazing in this song And looks even better! the red hair is definitely making her entire personality pop. She seems to be gaining more confidence as well.

I do think Aespas rap line is my favorite at the moment. Just because the girls seem more comfortable and natural when rapping. And doesn’t seem like a title that the company just threw at them. They deliver each line with such sharpness and sass.

I haven’t listened to the new songs yet, but plan to very soon and will then come back with a review!

I give Girls a 5/5. The looks, fashion, makeup and choreography was a HIT in my book!

Once again Aespa smashes it out the park!

Sneakers Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends , and we’re back with another post where I am EATING my words. Yes I’m talking about how much I didn’t like Sneakers , just by the preview alone and NOW I love it. Let’s get into it.

“Put my Sneakers on”, is so damn catchy you can’t help but be happy while listening to it and singing along. I will admit when I heard the preview I was NOT impressed by a long shot. But I should have known my girls wouldn’t have let me down and once again they completely ate this concept up!!

I was so confused when I saw the royal concept then their usual girl crush concept. And could NEVER imagine the two going together well. But in typical ITZY fashion they were unique and totally pulled it off.

The girls look amazing and of course we all now have a new signature choreography move to be obsessed with. If it’s one thing Itzy is going to do , it’s give us a signature move!!

Sneakers is a total secret bop and I would have ever seen that coming honestly!! I give it 5/5. It’s one of my favorite singles they’ve ever done and it gives me total Dalla Dalla vibes.

Every comeback Itzy continues to out do themselves while staying true to what makes them different. Sneakers is sure to be a K-pop summer bop! I’ll have it on at every opportunity.

Have We Been Fooled?!

By: Shanise Lachelle

A few weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was for ITZY new concept and how I was excited for them to trying a more mature theme and growing up. It seems the whole crowns and luxury promo pictures were just that, promo pictures. And now we’ve been hit with an entire new concept and look , and it’s left midzys very confused.

Seeing this concept I was so hyped and excited. They look so good, but then suddenly it switched and now we’re getting a title single named SNEAKERS.

At first we all thought it was a prank or a joke, a way to promote their upcoming mini album and generate buzz.

But as the days go on, it’s becoming so clear that SNEAKERS is what we’re getting whether we like it or not. Not to mention their teaser TikTok videos give me second hand embarrassment and it feels like a Disney track.

I could be wrong, and I’m fully prepared to eat my words. If the song turns out to be a complete BOP. It’s just all the little snippets I’ve heard have been ….. not what I was expecting to be honest.

Of Course they look pretty and the sneakers promo is gorgeous . But it’s not what we were expecting or wanting.

And I’m just really confused how a song about Sneakers , is gonna be good. It’s totally giving me Sneakernight vibes by Vanessa Hudgens.

What are your thoughts? I know we have to wait for the song to actually come out first before we past judgment. So I will try my best to give it an honest listen when it drops. I just pray it’s good and my girls haven’t let me down.

More Reaction!

By: Shanise Lachelle

J-Hope is the very first member of BTS to go solo during their break and faze two of Bts. Hope is an incredible artist, dancer, producer and member of Bts . So I had absolutely zero doubts that he wouldn’t smash it out of the park!

More” is the first single off J-Hopes new upcoming album titled JACK IN THE BOX.

The song is a mixture between old school hiphop and rock music. Which shouldn’t go together, but in the typical hope fashion , he makes it go together super well . As expected the single goes super hard and shows off a different side to the bts member.

The single is about wanting more and never being satisfied. Which can be a good thing or a burden. He talks about how he’s had the fame and money and it doesn’t do anything for him anymore. What keeps him alive is his passion for music and his fans. And he wants more of that! I loved every thing about this single and the lyrics! The video makes the song even better, as hobi is known for being upbeat , bright, and colorful. But Jack in the Box hobi seems to be a little more dark and mature. And I’m all for it, he’s finally able to show us a different side without worry about how the K-pop/ bts fandom will feel. This new venture for hope , I feel like will be us seeing him TRULY for the very first time .

I give the single 5/5, because I too want MORE. Have you listened to “More” yet?? What are your thoughts on the single!? Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always friends, until next time.

Left and Right review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Left and Right , the brand new single from Charlie Puth and Jungkook has been out for a few weeks now. And I wanted to hate it so bad , because I’m not a huge fan of Charlie. But it turns out it’s a bop and I shouldn’t even be surprised. So let’s dig into it.

The song is a cute pop bop about missing an old lover and not being able to get them out of your head. The boys vocals go magically well together and melts together like chocolate.

I may be bias , but jungkook steals the show and sounds so amazing. I know it’s been a long dream of his to fully collaborate with Charlie, so I’m happy he’s finally being able to.

The video is also super colorful and cute. With jungkook showing off some fun acting skills!

This part here had to be one of my favorite jungkook moments in the video. he’s truly just so precious!! Also this pink fit he had on, he just looked so AMAZING. never knew I needed jungkook in a pink jean set until now!!! The stylist deserves a RAISE!

I give the song 5/5, it’s super catchy and ends up getting stuck in your head. Left and right shall be on repeat this summer. I’ll give kudos where it’s due, well done Charlie Puth.

Have you listened to Left and Right yet?! Let me know your thoughts on the single down below.

And as always, until next time friends!