See you Soon BangTan!

By : Shanise Lachelle

It was just announced today during Bts 9 year festa dinner that they would be taking an Hiatus and focusing on solo work.

At first being hit with that news while at work I panicked and started to cry. I’ve only had Bts for two years and it doesn’t seem long enough. And every group that’s ever said they were taking a break , never come back. Look at One Direction.

But after watching the clips and watching each member express gratitude and tell army they just want a break and a chance to figure out who they are outside of Bts. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. They’ve been going nonstop for 9 years, of course they’re tired and want to experience solo adventures within their career and it’s only right army gives them the chance to do so.

I’m so excited for 7 solo albums and to see them really express themselves individually. But super sad as well to see BTS go on break.

I hope they rest well and do whatever their heart desires!!

Army will forever STAND BEHIND BTS.


Good Boy Gone Great.

By :Shanise Lachelle

Txt has almost been into their “ Bad Boy Era” for a month now and what a Era it’s been.

I must honestly admit, when I saw this was the route that hybe and TXT were going I wasn’t too sure about it. It wasn’t a complete shock coming from loser =lover era, but still didn’t expert they’d go this dark.

The first video from Thursdays Child is Good Boy Gone Bad. Keeping up with their tradition of having super long single titles, the song itself is a smash it. The video only brings it all together and makes it even more amazing.

I love the edgy/ bad boy TXT!! They’re growing up and trying to show Moa they are more than the adorable cat-dog group. They’re becoming Men and you totally see it in Good Boy Gone Bad.

Everyone shines in the video but I definitely think this era Belongs to beomgyu and soobin. Not to discredit the other boys, because they’re definitely stronger as a five piece.

This video was everything and more, and they looked so gorgeous. Not to mention the choreography has started a new TikTok trend! every live performance makes me love the song even more. Txt definitely made their mark with this comeback and we’re just getting started!

What do you think of Good Boy Gone Bad?! Let me know in the comments down below and as always…. Until next time friends.

Aespa My World Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Aespa is back with another HIT album MY WORLD. And it is truly serving cunt, slay, savage and I’m loving every bit of it!! The girls have left the fantasy world of KWANGA and have entered the Real World , and I’m loving this new era for the girls. Everything feels new and fresh and I’m so excited for this comeback!!

Here’s my favorites in order from their new album!! I didn’t think anything could top Savage& Girls but alas they’ve done it again and I’m GAGGED.

1. Spicy

2. Welcome to my world

3. Thirsty

4. Til we meet again

5. I’m Unhappy

6. Salty &sweet

I literally can’t get Spicy out of my head and have been singing it non stop. Not to mention the girls look PHENOMENAL in the video. The stylists did what needed to be done!! Blonde karina has been a MOMENT in time honey!!!

Have you heard My World yet? Do you prefer Savage? What’s your top favorites off the new album? Let’s talk about it in the comments below…..

Seventeen FML Favorites

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, I know it’s been a while. Life has been lifeing really bad the last 4 months. But I’m here , I’m back and as a baby carat.

While in my downtime I got into SEVENTEEN. And I’ve been so happy eveer since. I’ve found a group where everyone is competing to be my bias. I’ve genuinely become so fond of them in the last tow months . And they’ve quickly climbed up my Ults list knocking everyone down a peg!

FML is their most recent comeback and the first comeback I’m a part of as a fan!! And I will listing my favorites in order. Overall it’s a great album and I seriously love each track and each track brings something completely different. Let’s get into it….

1. don’t understand but I love you

2. Fire

3. Super

4. Dust

5. Fml

6. April shower

Are you a carat and into SEVENTEEN?? Let me know in the comments down below. I’m seriously so happy to be here!


Like Crazy Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Huge congratulations to Park Jimin for landing the number 1 spot on the billboard 100 list!! Making him the first bts member who’s solo has done so, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!

Like Crazy when it was teased felt like it was going to be a R&B bedroom song and all of army’s and jimin girls went INSANE!!!! Me included, it actually went a completely different direction and for the better .

Like crazy is a beautiful dance/pop song about not wanting to find yourself if only for the moment and getting lost in life. And kind of letting life take you wherever it wants to and just enjoying the crazy ride.

The song gives an impression jimin might have been struggling at one point or another, and needed a release. And found it in music and partying.

The outro to the Like Crazy is sooo insanely beautiful and has become a fan favorite.

This will break me
This is gonna break me (Break me)
No, don’t you wake me (Wake me)
I wanna stay in this dream, don’t save me
Don’t you try to save me (Save me)
I need a way we (Way we)
I need a way we can dream on (On, on, on)
(Alone again

Not to mention the choreography is so sensual and seductive. And there is a part where jimin and a female dance mirror each other completely in the dance routine and it’s so magical!

I was so impressed with Set me Free and didn’t think it could get any better. And Jimin completely shut it down with Like Crazy. This is the single that got him his first number one as a solo artist! I’m as always so proud of each bts member and their solos! And forever proud of Korea’s It boy Park Jimin for completing proving the haters wrong and smashing it. we always knew it was a STAR and now the world sees it even more!!

Let me know in the comments what you think of Like Crazy! And as always friends… until next time.

Set Me Free Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s been JIMIN TIME ALL MARCH, let’s finally dig into SET ME FREE.

I’m so proud of jimin and SET ME FREE is nothing short of amazing!!!

The choir, the choreography, the SHIRTLESS scenes, and the powerful lyrics , all do such a great job of making jimin a solo stand out from the rest of Bts. I knew he would come hard I just didn’t know how HARD.

Jimin has always been such a powerful dancer, but within a group of 7 has to tone it down a bit and match his counterparts. Now all on his own, jimin can go as hard as he wants and have everyone’s FULL. attention .

And the world is WATCHING. The song is clearly about his success and now people have wanted to see him fail. About how he too struggled with thoughts of not being good enough. But now he’s here and super confident, and wanting to be SET FREE. I loved this as a PRE-release single! It definitely did it’s job to get people and ARMY SUPER excited for Face.

Words can’t even describe just how proud I am of Jimin. He’s done so well and I just know how nervous he was. Well done park jimin, you are truly the STAR OF THE SHOW. And army are sooooooo proud of you and everything you do.

What did you think of Set Me Free??

Flower Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Long time no see friends, but we are BACK with another BLackPink solo! And this time from the one and only jisoo. let’s get into it.

Now us blinks have been Starving for a Jisoo solo and we’ve finally got it! Jisoo flower is a stunning and beautiful upbeat track. It does remind me a tiny bit of Jennie’s Solo, but alas they’re from the same group and Teddy writes just about 99% of their songs . So we really shouldn’t be surprised. The song matches Jisoo ability and it doesn’t overshadow her.

Jisoo looks stunning in the video and as BlackPinks Visual, we shouldn’t have expected any less. She’s not the strongest singer or dancer, but does extremely well with Flower. The choreography is just her speed and the song is simple enough where she doesn’t have to strain or do too much. It fits her perfectly, I will admit I was nervous about her solo. But she proved us all wrong and killed it.

Now all 4 BlackPink girls have a solo, and I’m so extremely proud of them all.

Have you checked out Jisoos new single? And did you love it? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time friends….

How The Heteronormative Ruined My Sense Of Fashion

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hey friends and we’re back with another Queer post. But before we get into it don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our blog for more LGTBQIA content.

I’ve been in a constant state of coming out since 2017. Coming out, going back in and so fourth.

The entire time I was IN I was confirming to the Heterosexual community experience and what I should look like and dress like. I wanted NOT to be queer and wanted to appear as straight as possible. That way if I looked like my gorgeous SUPER STRAIGHT friends, more guys would like or want me and I’d have a boyfriend.

So I spent pretty much all of my adulthood constantly changing the way I dressed to make everyone else happy and comfortable. I feel when I was questioning my sexuality a bit that’s when I would cut my hair and experiment with different fashion styles. When I was trying to be Straight I dressed like other straight girls. and while I felt pretty and accepted I was B O R E D. And felt like an outer body experience.

Over the years I’ve become so wrapped up in looking a certain way, I’ve lost all of my uniqueness. I’ve always dressed for myself since I became interested in fashion and always did my own thing. so much so the girls I wanted to be like always told me I had my own look. And when they would see something out of the box, would think of me. I’ve become so bored with fashion and my sense of style the last 5 years. Because I almost feel like I’m praying dress up and NOT staying true to myself. The only recent moments of pure bliss I’ve had when it comes to my fashion is going to K-pop concerts. and being within the K-pop community where they celebrate extreme differences.

I hope the more comfortable I become within myself and being a lesbian, I can get back to the way I used to be. Somewhere along the way I lost it and lost ME. I hope to get her back.

Favorite New Jeans Singles

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, we’re halfway through the week and we’re making it! So let’s sit back and relax and update our favorite New Jeans singles list in order. As always if you like my content, please subscribe! Thank you so much for stopping bye.

1. Omg- she just deserves this number one spot. She’s been stuck in my head on a L O O P.

2. Hype boy- will always give me complete and utter nostalgia. Love everything about this single!

3. Ditto- another new release and is already a instant classic! It’s so cute and fresh . And totally feels like falling in love for the first time.

4. Attention- their debut single which put them on the map. She’s always gonna be THAT GIRL.

5. Cookie- even though it’s a complete bop , the lyrics kind of make you side eye the producers and writers for giving it to an underage girl group.

All in all NEW JEANS never misses, each single release tops the next. And they continue to perfect their craft, music , and stage performances. I’m so pumped to see where else the girls of NEW JEANS are going to go.

Flowers Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Miss Miley has done it again and it’s no surprise it’s a HIT.

Miley has just released her new single flowers and it’s about letting go of a toxic relationship and finding yourself. And realizing you don’t need anyone to complete you or treat you well, you can do that for yourself. and the joy of falling in love with yourself and the freedom that comes along with it.

Of course the internet has broken down all the Easter eggs and clever little clues Miley has dropped about Ex Liam and his alleged cheating. And I’m all for it, it’s time women start calling their exes out and not letting it slide. Since the beginning of their very public relationship people painted Miley as the problem and that she was too wild and needed to change. When all In all, Liam knew who and how Miley was when he met her. She shouldn’t have to change to cater to his male ego. Although I will acknowledge she did try, but you can tell she wasn’t fully happy.

I love this song so much and it’s one of my favorite releases from Miley. I like how she took a few years off and became sober and healthy. And came back with a clever and honest bop! She’s also been very Lokey and minding her business. And I absolutely love that for her.

Miley ,Flowers is a powerful single girl anthem! And we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

New Music Friday

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Friday friends! Let’s get into all the new music that has come out today or this week th at I’ve been loving.

Ice spice entire new album has been on REPEAT. She’s the MOMENT
Txt -Sugar Rush Ride

This song had ZERO business being this sexy and intoxicating!!

Chloe Bailey– pray it away

Loved the visuals and the choreography! Chloe continues to be in a league all her own!

Got The BeatStamp On it

Love this unit and how they all compliment each other. Also loved STEP BACK. and GOT The Beat is just as good, Even better.


Jennie on the Cover.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Another day, another slay. Koreas It girl Jennie Kim has graced yet ANOTHER magazine cover. I’ve actually lost count how many times she’s been on the cover of Vogue Korea . And she kills it every time. Let’s take a look….

I like the black and sensual concept she does up above. And then the girl next door concept in the Blue. Jennie always looks amazing and so comfortable in her skin, it’s not hard to see why they keep choosing her to be on the cover . Still fresh on BlackPinks world tour, and going to fashion shows on her downtime. Jennie continues to show why she’s the it girl of her time and the media just loves her so much. She’s fashionable yet kills it on stage every single time. She’s truly a icon in the making. And I’m here along the ride as she goes higher and higher.