Leave Jennie Alone!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Over the weekend BTS got Instagrams and the social media world went into a frenzy . While the majority of Bangtan seem genuinely confused by the app,( Tae, Jimin, suga, JK). The others seem to be flourishing, ( Rm, Hobi, and Jin).

While trying to figure out Instagram Tae ” accidentally” followed Jennie from blackpink and then immediately unfollowed her. Then Went to weverse to complain about Instagram recommending certain people. Calling the app “scary” . Fans of BTS/Tae then went on to harass Jennie on her Instagram and make tons of memes about tae not wanting Jennie etc.

First of all BTS personally knows blackpink and have worked with them. And support them. And vice versa, there is no hate between them, only the fandoms. Second of all of the boys are only following each other, so he probably freaked out because it was an honest mistake and he doesn’t want shipping rumors. Nothing to do with hating Jennie. Toxic fans took this golden opportunity to hate on her and blackpink, when it wasn’t even that deep. And as a huge fan of both groups, it’s so disappointing to see. Jennie literally gets hate for breathing at this point and it’s so ridiculous. Even if Tae did decided to follow her, how does that affect you all? None of you have a chance with him. And the idea that he might actually like Jennie bothers you all because you know you really don’t have a chance. Even though you never really did to begin with. It’s all a little childish and now I see why people look at the fandom like we are a bunch of little girls. Look at how the majority of you act, whenever they breathe around a pretty girl. My god , get OVER IT.

The hate between both fandom’s needs to stop, it’s honestly so pointless and draining to see.

Jennie is Dazed

By : Shanise Lachelle

Jennie is on the cover of Dazed Korea. And just just one cover, but MUTIPLE covers. And that is what you call the it girl of KOREA.

She looks stunning, she goes from looking badass, to hott, to cute, to so gorgeous. I know she’s my bias from blackpink, but Jennie is truly one of the best kpop girls. And she’s truly unbothered and minding her business. Jennie will continue to blossom while people try and bring her down. Which cover is your favorite?! All we need now is a solo comeback Jennie…. We ARE WAITING SIS.

Let me know in the comments down below, until next time.

Peaches Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Kai is back with his official second comeback and the title track called “Peaches”. With first glimpse and listen, you think the song is soft and sweet. And it’s about falling inlove and not getting enough of someone.

After REALLY paying attention to the lyrics and the video, you realize the song is a little sexual and dirty. And I would expect nothing less of Kai. Kai has never given me out right sexual, he’s always played behind his smile and given me this sly cute flirt. And this song just proves that. You still don’t think of Kai or the song super sexual, you still get the cute charming impression, even though the song is obviously sexual! And that’s the power of Kai.

I love the whole soft Korean aesthetic vibe to this video and the smooth choreography. I always love when idols/artist pay homage to their Korean culture.( Instead of ripping of someone else’s). It shows how proud they are and it’s something so beautiful to show off your culture and wear it with pride.

Kai obviously is so beautiful and every single frame of this video is gorgeous. This song is a sleepy vibe. But still a bop, something I’d put on to clean in the background. Or when spring time arrives, to play at a picnic.

I give peaches 5/5, and loved it immediately. Can’t wait until I listen to the entire album. I just know it’s gonna be bop after bop.

Did you enjoy peaches? Leave your comments down below. Until next time…

BTS are taking a BREAK!!

By: Shanise Lachelle

We’re back with another Bts post. And this time Bangtan are taking a much needed break. This is the very FIRST time they’ve taken a break around the holidays and will be able to see and spend mutiple days with their loved ones around Christmas time. And I’m so over the moon for them. I remember watching a documentary a while back and the boys were going over their schedules, and they were working straight through Christmas and they seemed used to it and also sad. I couldn’t imagine working almost 365 days out of the year. And especially around the most magical time of the year. And the fact it’s the first time since debut , that they’re taking a break around the holidays is INSANE to me.

If anybody deserves a break ,it’s BTS. They’ve worked non-stop through covid for Two years, while most artists found that time to rest and not do much. They put out Be and Butter, back to back . So I’m so happy for them and I know they are so happy to see their families and just be normal. I do hope the Korean fans leave them alone and let them enjoy their few months vacation. Because when they come back, were getting an album and WORLD TOUR !! And I’m determined to go to as many shows as humanly possible. I’ve gotten a taste of BTS concerts and now I’m hungry!! It’s true what they say, once you go to one show, you’ll always wanna go back!!! I can’t wait for 2022 now .

Rest well bangtan!!! We can’t wait to see what you cook up for the new year!! Be safe and sleep lots . We purple YOU!!!

Are you excited for the new album? And what do you think it’ll sound like? Personally I want more of a love yourself: tear vibe. Sound off in the comments down below.


By : Shanise Lachelle

Everyone stop what you’re doing, BTS have now gotten their own private Instagrams for themselves and ARMY. Hybe says it’s to show their different personalities to the world. And it’s the first time the boys have done something like this since debut. I follow a couple of other kpop groups and alot of them have their own separate Instagrams along with their group Instagrams, and I always wondered why BTS couldn’t do the same. I always thought they were too famous and hybe liked keeping a air of mystery to them. But now it seems they’ve come together to make the decision to show army a new side to them. Imagine waking up to this news at 5 in the morning!! I was so shocked and most definitely confused, I thought it was fake at first and couldn’t believe bangtan were gonna let us in on a little slice of their life. I felt so happy for them and US .

Already we’ve gotten GOLD posts and interactions. All of them in Korean( stress for us international army who’s not studying hangul).

But probably the cutest thing and the most on brand thing is Jungkooks Instagram name.

It’s funny because it’s every letter but JK, but we would expect nothing less of Jungkook and his Gen z humor.

It’s also scary because now that bangtan are on Instagram officially , they will see everything we post and be stalking the tags, We are no longer safe.

I’m glad they have turned off their comments and we aren’t allowed to tag them though, I could just imagine the nonsense army’s would be tagging the boys in. Either way I’m so excited for the fandom. And this is coming fresh off the news of a break for the boys. In some ways, I find they did this to soothe the pain and connect with us in a different way while they’re resting. And I couldn’t be happier. Thankyou BTS!!!!

Little Mix Break

By : Shanise Lachelle

Little Mix have just announced they are taking a “break”, after their tour in April/May. Alot us kinda saw this coming but was hoping for the best. I knew after hearing between us they would be splitting up and it’s bittersweet. I definitely don’t want them to split up, but Little mix has honestly done all they could do at this point. They’ve broken many records and are the biggest western girlgroup. They’ve proven every point that needed to be proven. I’m nervous but so excited to see how they venture out into their solo endeavors.

And they’ve stated mutiple times, this is just a break and they will come back in the future. But we’ve heard that from so many before them,( fifth harmony, one direction). I just want them to be happy and successful. So if that means taking a break and doing solo things I’ll support it until the end.

I can’t help but wonder if j*** didn’t leave, would they be taking a break?! It seems when one member leaves, it kind of puts a nail in the coffin.

Little Mix I love you and have supported you from the very beginning!!! And I’ll be here until the end. I can’t wait to see what you 3 have up your sleeves.

Permission To Dance Concert Review Part Two: SoFi Stadium sucks!!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys, I’m back as promised with part two of my La BTS experience. The most stressful part of this entire trip was the concerts being held at SoFi Stadium. Let’s get into my new found beef with this beautiful but unprofessional stadium.

Army has a LOT of issues with SoFi, first starting with the list of ridiculous rules they had made for the concerts. Ex: no large bags, no professional cameras, no keychains, no stickers etc. Like what on gods green earth is a keychain and a STICKER, GONNA DO TO ANYBODY?! and you had to carry a certain size purse that was completely clear, no backpacks. I kind of understand the clear rule, as a lot of unsafe things have happened at concerts over the last 5 years,( Ariana grande and Travis Scott for example), but I really feel like the stadium was just doing the absolute most for no reason.

My second issue was , once getting to the concert , there was none around to help show army what line to get in or where to go. We basically had to walk around and around in circles and ask each other. Now there was actual staff there, they just weren’t really helpful at all when it came to handling the crowds or helping army get where they need to be. We were most definitely being ignored.

My Third issue was, they waited about an hour before the show to start letting people in. That’s cutting it to close for my liking and if you’ve ever seen the lines at a BTS concert, that is entirely too close and definitely not enough time to get everyone in before the show starts. And proving my point even more, alot of army missed the first two/three songs because they were still in line waiting. It got to the point where they stopped checking bags and started Letting anyone in without checking tickets or vaccination cards. Which is super unfair for the army that actually followed the rules set for the shows.

My final and most important issue, was how they didn’t allow Uber/Lyft / cabs to pick you up from the stadium after the show. So we had to walk about 40 mins away from the stadium to where Uber could maybe pick you up. Because by that time it was almost 1:00 in the am and the wifi was going in and out. And to make matters worse it was about 40°. So we were basically stranded and freezing to death . And SoFi did nothing to fix it. I absolutely HATED they had their shows at SoFi stadium Because army was treated like absolute crap. To have us out there waiting around was inhuman.

I would NEVER go to another show at SoFi Stadium, EVER. And I hope wherever they do their next show it’s somewhere where they actually care about the fans and they get treated like human beings and NOT ANIMAL’S. I have zero nice things to say about SoFi stadium. And if the boys didn’t put on such a great show, my time in LA would have been ruined completely.

Permission To Dance Concert Review. Part : One

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, I’m finally able to look at my pictures/videos without CRYING. So I’m ready to talk about my trip to BTS world and seeing the boys not once but TWICE live. I’m still unable to find the words and I’m still in utter belief that they were real. So here we go, I’ll be posting about this trip in 3 separate blog posts. First post being what this trip has done for me personally.

On November 27, 2021 At the crack of dawn, I got up to catch my FIRST SOLO flight across the country to see my favorite band: BTS. I’ve NEVER flown alone and never EVER wanted to. My anxiety and nerves kept me from ever trying to. But for BTS, I was determined. By the grace of God and the ticket angels ,I was blessed. And I’m a big believer in once I pay for something I have to follow through. So I pushed through and through every anxious thought got on that plane to see my boys.

It definitely wasn’t easy, the week leading up ,I had horrible stomach issues and the worst case of anxiety ever that caused me to itch from head to toe all day. It was unbearable, but I knew it was all in my head and I would definitely be fine. Not to mention my family’s negativity surrounding my trip and the endless jokes about ME of all people being able to navigate the airport all by myself , also put me on edge and fueled me with doubt. But I was determined to prove them wrong and prove to myself that I could do it. The only person standing in my way was myself.

I made my way to the airport, checked in and got my bags checked and made it to my gate all by myself. Just by reading the signs and paying attention. I was alert and didn’t draw attention to myself as I was traveling alone. Once I got through the airport process and got on the plane, I was so excited. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how much my anxiety disappeared once I got on the plane. It really was all in my head. Two plane rides later, I was finally in LA. Finally about to see the boys who mean so much to me. I was blown away by my determination and how brave I’d been. Flying alone might not seem like a big deal to most, but I have very bad anxiety and flew across the country ALONE. That is a huge deal to me and I will celebrate it . And the only way I would have ever been able to do that is because of BTS. They mean that much to me I was willing to sacrifice my worries and being uncomfortable just to see them LIVE. I flew across the country ALONE just for BTS. The weeks leading up, I had gotten a new job and was just feeling defeated. I was severely depressed and burnt out and just wanted to give in. Throw in the towel. The only thing that kept me going was the chance to see BTS live.

This trip means so much to me, not only did it give me courage to do things outside my comfort zone, but it healed me deeply and showed me I could do anything I put my mind too. Nothing could or would stop me as long as I believed in myself and had the best intentions. Even though I met up with a Army friend, I definitely consider it a solo trip and would safely recommend every women take one. It wakes you up, it feels you with so much joy and independence. I had to ask questions and figure out things for myself. And it was a great feeling doing that and proving everyone wrong!!! I’m so grateful for this opportunity, that only BTS gave to me. I would have never done it for anyone else!! BTS has given me strength and love in my times of need . And I’ll forever be grateful to them. This trip definitely changed me and it’s put a fire in me, a fire that’s been burnt out all 2021 honestly. I know a tour announcement is coming so soon and I’m ready to fight for some great seats and soundcheck!!!! I’m Ready to see my BOYS Everytime they go on tour ! I’ve never felt so free and happy in a atmosphere before!! It was truly an experience. I now know why they say once you go to one concert, you’ll wanna go back Everytime. BTS thankyou for saving me. I’ll continue to save you and support you until the wheels roll off. I love you Bangtan.

Part two : Dealing with SoFi Stadium coming Tommorow.

Until next time friends …..

Jade being honored at Gay Times Honors!!

By: Shanise Lachelle

Jade is STILL in her main character moment and was recently honored for her stellar allyship towards the LGTBQ+.

Jade was awarded the allyship award at the Gay Times Honors this week and looked stunning while doing so. Just look at her…

It’s giving very much Ariana Grande. Especially in the last picture. I’m so proud of jade, I know how much she loves and adores the LGTBQ, so I know she must have been over the moon. She’s one of the few celebrities I KNOW for a fact , it’s a real allyship and not performative aka miss Swift.

Jade has truly been shinning so much solo this year, and I’m NOT a solo Stan. But solo jade has my entire interest peeped!!!!


By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s official ARMY, we are in a BTS lockdown season until December 3,2021!!!! So much is happening these next two weeks, it almost doesn’t feel real. How have we gone from online concerts to actually getting to seem in PERSON/LIVE for multiple days on end!?! it almost feels like a dream.

The boys have landed and it’s all popping off. This weekend, on Sunday the boys will be performing not ONCE, but TWICE!!! This is huge as they’re also nominated and THE FIRST Korean artists or kpop artists to be nominated.

We’re getting Butter live but also with Megan thee stallion!! And we’re also getting my universe!! We are truly so spoiled rotten . I don’t usually watch award shows anymore, but will definitely be up and ready to cheer on my boys. And can’t wait for the locals to eat them up and be curious about the 7 super talented gorgeous Korean men on stage.

We’re also one week away from permission to dance on stage!!! I’m flying in on Saturday for opening night and live play on Sunday and I just can’t wait!!!

I’ve been in a bit of a rut these last few months of 2021 and this is the best pick me up. I never even thought I’d have a change to see them live before they enlisted. I’m so ready and so HAPPY.

Can’t wait to meet other army’s and see the boys for the first time in almost 2 years. I just know these 4 concerts are gonna be so much fun but also so emotional. I will definitely keep you all updated.

Are you excited to watch the boys on stage this Sunday for the Amas? Are you going to any of the shows in LA?! Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time…