Why I prefer Kpop

By :Shanise Lachelle

I’ve only been into kpop for a year but already I prefer it to how the Western world puts out their Artists/Music.

I’m a self proclaimed ” Extra” person and I LOVE music and the arts. My most favorite thing in the world is to see how passionate artists can be and how they’ll roll out their music with videos/ promo.

I find it so lackluster for artists to have a Great album but then do the bare minimum when it comes to showcasing their art.

The only Western artist’s I’ve ever seen be on the same level as kpop artists with their craft is : Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Prince, Michael Jackson, Taylor swift , Ariana Grande and Harry Styles and my girl Fka Twigs. Which in itself is ironic because kpop is very American influenced.

Everything in kpop is larger than life and so well done and the first time I saw a kpop video I was blown away. It’s was like watching a stage performance, it was phenomenal. My breath was literally taken away. That’s why I find it so hard now to even be interested in the WESTERN music world. Everything is repetitive and besides a select few, noone really is trying to do anything different. And when someone does try to step out of the box, their fans leave them and they get criticized by the media.

Everyone in my life is like ” you only listen to Korean music and care about kpop”. And that’s simply not true. I have a few western artists I adore and will support to the wheels fall off. I just need the western world to get on the same track as the east.

We’re tired of the same ol dusty music videos and same beats and we just want something fresh and NEW . Give us something to gag over . And until that happens, until there is a shift, I’ll be sitting right here in my bubble enjoying the way the eastern music industry excels.

Jungkook Iconic Grammy Look

By : Shanise Lachelle

Nothing about this night makes sense, because all 7 of bangtan looked phenomenal and so expensive. I wasn’t even a fan or Stan then but I remember seeing them and being in a quick awe.

I just had to dedicate an entire post to my man being so FINE , so delicious at the 2020 Grammy’s. Like I said it made absolutely zero sense for him to look this good. But it’s jeon jungkook and their stylist’s are so damn GOOD at making them look AMAZING. I swear hybe needs to give them a raise every month. They NEVER miss. ANYWAYS join me on my downwards spiral for THIS…. JEON JUNGKOOK

Honestly wish we had more solo shots of this look cause DAMN I’m yelling still, an entire year later.

Who was your favorite look of last year’s Grammys from Ot7?! Mr. Park Jimin came in second for me.

Bts Live Lounge Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Bts has FINALLY blessed us with a Live Lounge and they did not disappoint!! We got 3 top tier performances.

1. Permission to Dance

2. Dynamite

3. I’ll be missing you( p.diddy and faith Evans cover)

First things first I’ll give this live lounge a 5/5. Not being bias ,but they all sounded great and of course they looked AMAZING.

We’ve seen dynamite and permission to dance a few hundred times now, but it’s still a instant serotonin boost hearing both songs. I am bummed they didn’t perform butter though. I would’ve taken butter over dynamite honestly.

Now on to the cover, I wasn’t expecting them to cover this song and was a little unsure how it would sound. But they pulled it off, the vocal line did what needed to be done, with tae leading alot of the adlibs. And the rap line added personal and new lines to the rap verses. Which I LOVED!!!! You can really tell they miss us army so much and could feel their emotions through their revamped verse’s.

Was this live lounge everything and more for you army? Or were you expecting something different!? Sound off in the comments below.

Kiss my uh-oh reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m actually quite impressed with little mix these last couple months. This is the most consistent and hardworking I’ve seen them be in a LONG TIME. They’ve constantly put out banger after banger with actual great concept music videos. I for SURE thought a member leaving and two of them being heavily pregnant would slow them down, but it seems to have made them work harder if anything. And I’m so proud of them.

Their newest feature is Kiss My Uh- Oh, which is sampled from a popular pop/r&b song from the mid 2000s. It’s Anne-Marie song , but you wouldn’t be able to tell. As the girls are featured just as much as Anne and have great line distribution. It’s basically BOTH Anne and Little Mix’s song.

The video is fun and is paying homage to bridesmaids the movie . The song itself is about leaving a dirt bag guy and living your best life. I liked how they let Leigh abd perrie rest and jade took control of all the actual work . I’m telling you, jade has been serving main character realness all 2021. And this video did not disappoint, she looks SO FINE. oh my god, the bangs, the eye makeup, her confidence!!!!!! Jade did not come to play this year, and with the girls falling to the background ( because BABIES), she can finally get some spotlight!!! WE ARE NOT READY FOR 2022 JADE, we’ve barley survived this jade . Overall I give the song 4/5 and the video 5/5!! The song is alright and catchy. But it definitely has to grow on you. But the girls ALL sound amazing together.

I am excited for mommy mix and their cute babies!!! Leigh looks ready to pop any day now and I know perrie isn’t to far behind. I can’t wait for them to snap back for their tour and apparently we have a 7 album in the making. 2022 is gonna be huge for little mix.

Did you enjoy the video or was it a snooze for you?


By : Shanise Lachelle

I just would like to thank Bangtan stylists and this year’s muster for giving us THIS yoongi. If we remember correctly I’ve been silently thirsting over yoongi since april- may. But now it’s fully blossomed and my bias list is looking a little shakey. Honestly how does Army ever TRULY stay loyal to one member, when all 7 are phenomenal in different ways .

This comeback he’s just completely caught my attention, he’s just so cute and happy to be back. And YOONGI WE SEE YOU, We love you and appreciate you!!!!!

Have you been bias wrecked lately!? Or is it just me? These bangtan boys have truly been outta control LATLEY.

Permission to Number 1

By: Shanise Lachelle

Huge Congratulations to my boys once again, PERMISSION TO DANCE IS NUMBER ONE!!!! And butter is still in the top 10. I know I was one of the few that were a little salty about PTD and another English single, but it’s truly serving it’s purpose. There’s absolutely No way they’re going home with zero Grammys next year. Not to mention our good sister dynamite has just reached a billion streams and a billion views!! This is huge news for BTS, all 3 of their English singles are doing extremely well . I’m so happy and proud of them, they stepped out of their comfort box and did what needed to be done.

Now to move on to the live Performances, No matter how big or small of a single, bts knows how to put on a show. Now after seeing PTD live 3 times I can officially change my opinion and say I LOVE IT. It’s still number 3 on my favorites out of the English singles, but it’s also still a BOP. The choreography is fun, the boys all sound amazing and stable. And Mr Jungkook sounds the most stable, and those adlibs are a god send. My favorite PTD PERFORMANCE SO FAR HAS BEEN THE JIMMY FALLEN ONE. I just loved the purple balloons and the message behind the song is amazing . The boys genuinely look so happy Everytime they perform it.

Grammys 2022 we COMING AND WE COMING IN HOTT!!!!!!

Favorite Jungkook Solos

By : Shanise Lachelle

This list was coming sooner or later, as he is my ultimate bias and number 1 kpop boy. Here’s my absolute favorite jk solo songs in order from favorite to least favorite.( But keep in mind they’re all my FAVORITES)

1. My Time- R&b Jungkook is my favorite and that live performance we got of it, I’ll never be over it.

2. EUPHORIA- such a nostalgic, beautiful song. Feels like your first love, a picnic in the spring and a road trip during summer time all wrapped in one. And he’s just happy when performing it.

3. Still with you- Jks love song to army’s. Man this boy already has a army tattoo and Now he has a love song dedicated to army. How lucky are we!?!

4. Begin- still a bop and the live performance is AMAZING.

I can’t wait for his solo album and more solo jk songs. He’s so talented and loves his job so much. We are so lucky to have him with Bts .

Which solo JK song is your favorite!? Sound off in the comments below.

Hello Twice

By : Shanise Lachelle

Welp here I am, falling madly, truly and deeply for another girlgroup!! But are we surprised?, the girl group in question is Jyps Twice.

Being into kpop for a while now, I’ve seen them posted numerous times but always ignored them. And now I’m so mad at myself, because I was missing out on all this greatness. They are also super girly and all so gorgeous and for a while that wasn’t my THING- that’s why originally i liked asespa and itzy more( they’re more laid back and cooler). But now that I’ve gotten in touch with my feminity , I can now appreciate and love twice for all that they are. I’m SO sorry for sleeping on y’all.

Of course it was their lastest single “Alcohol Free that got me curious and hooked, but it was also jade( from little mix), writing a song for their upcoming album “Taste of Love,” that got me to check them out. I also credit jade/ little mix for getting me into blackpink. So thankyou JADE once again, you’re a real one.

Taste of love is such a cute fun summer album, but it’s still growing on me. I’m currently obsessed with Can’t Stop Me Era and Eyes Wide Open is a Bibtty BOP!!!!

As I dive more into Twice , I’ll for sure be posting more and more. They’re becoming one of my ultimate groups very fastly. It also helps that they are super hilarious and normal girls .

I’ve been debating between these 3 as to who my bias is gonna be. Nayeon and jihyo caught my attention first, but Momo is a dancing beast and So fine. So I’m conflicted, but also I feel I may be ot9 because they all have charming personalities.

My next twice post will be on my Eyes Wide open favorites. Do you also Stan twice or have you never heard of them?! And if so what’s your favorite era/comeback and song from them!? Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll check them out as I work through all of their music.


I also vibe with the rapline , HELP. How does anyone really pick a bias with twice!?! They’re all so great.

Butter rains Supreme!

By :Shanise Lachelle

Well the boys are well and truly making history. They’ve gone and done it again, Butter has been number 1 on the Billboard charts for 7 WHOLE WEEKS. Let me paint that picture for you mentally, that’s almost two whole MONTHS!!! Making them the first Korean act to do so and If I believe correctly the first boyband to achieve this major success.

I think we all knew when we heard Butter for the first time it would be a smash hit, but none of us imagined it be on top for so long. Yoongi had made this prediction and we all know what yoongi wants yoongi gets .

Congratulations boys, noone deserves this success more than you!! Grammy 2021 we coming for you!!!!! Now covid go away so we can seem live again.