The Art of starting over Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

DEMI LOVATO IS BACK!!!! This is just what I wanted from her new era, enough sadness but mostly healing and her love of writing shinning through in her songs.

She wants us to listen to the album in order and my first listen I did just that. The first 3 songs are the saddest and more about her overdose. Then we literally start over with the art of starting over and you can see how she sees life now and how much she appreciates it.

Her last two albums were great but I didn’t purchase them, they just didn’t seem like “demi” to me, but once I heard this entire album I was literally punching the air and on the verge of tears, my DEMI was back. This album is incredible and full of BOPS.

My only issue is the album is so long and they’re like 15 songs, and that’s alot to listen to in one sitting. But overall DEMI IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! She even has some hot collabs that I didn’t see coming, ( saweetie I’m talking about you sis).

Here are my favorites:

1. The way you don’t look at me: the sad sister to catch me. Such a beautiful song.

2. Icu- written for her baby sister and literally about when she came out of her overdose and couldn’t see her sister. Have tissues prepared when you listen to this.

3. Melon Cake: A bop about working to overcome her eating disorder and celebrating life. NO MORE FUCKING MELON CAKE!!!

4. Carefully- a song about loving her carefully. She’s been through so much, but that’s made her even stronger and a better lover.

5. Met him last night ft Ariana Grande: the VOCALS!!!!! I was a little worried about this collab, because they both have big voices and I didn’t want it to be a mess of them over singing each other. But its such a MASSIVE BOP. Yes girls!!! And they compliment each other well.

6. The kind of lover I am- a empowering song about demi ready for love, with a woman or man or non binary person. She’s ready, she doesn’t care who it is, she tells the person this is the kind of lover she is!! A true gem. A true road trip song.

7. My girlfriends are my boyfriend’s ft saweetie: the whole album is kind of a dreamy relaxing, healing vibe. But this kind of gives me slight twerk fun club vibes. (Only slightly)The only hype song on the album and that’s okay.

I really do enjoy this entire album, you can tell she basically scrapped the last era/album and only kept the 1st 3 songs from the last album and put them as the 1at 3 on this album. This is a journey of her healing and this is what I wanted for her and from her. I’m so proud of her. Listen to this album for healing.

Dancing with Demi

By : Shanise Lachelle

This new era has just started and it’s already starting with a bang. With her new critically acclaimed documentary and new album ,Demi is back and better than ever!!

I knew something was missing with the i love me era, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It seemed to safe, bland. It was Demi but it wasn’t. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew she was better than that. That she had more to give musically. In other words no matter how amazing, I love me was BORING.

This new era feels fresh and honest. And even though I was AGAINST demi ONCE again talking about her struggles and making it even more public, I feel like this is something she needs to do for herself. The documentary shows us what we already know plus even more, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. The horrible part is, we’re only two episodes in and I’m like- I cried all the way through the first two , I won’t be able to sit through any more sadness. I love demi with all my heart, and think she has more talent in her toenails than most artist today. I just HATE that she’s been reduced to this addict pop star, when she’s so much more! And I personally feel like the more documentaries she does on it, the more people will push that label on her and care nothing about her music. But if she needs to do this to heal, I’ll support her.

Anyways this era is SERVING us so much. I can’t wait to actually hear the entire album and see what else she has in store for us.

Look how healthy and radiant she looks. I approve.

Delight review/ Favorites

By: Shanise Lachelle

Ahh , I know this review is extremely late. Considering I’ve been listening to this album on repeat and having several dance parties for weeks now. I finally got around to listening to my little bacons second ep and as expected I LOVED IT. Exo members are just really exceptional at doing R&b music. It’s just facts, I don’t make the rules. If his label wanted to and if america wasn’t a giant racist pool, baekhyun would be extremely popular in the states. He’s adorable, he’s loud and funny, and he can dance/sing. Girls would eat him up for sure. And some men too. ANYWAYS, here’s my favorites off delight.

1. Underwater- just call me the number 1 underwater stan. I just LOVE this song. And it makes me fall even harder for baekhyun. His voice is just so damn good. Exo are lucky to have him.

2. Poppin- I kid you NOT, one day I replayed this song like 12 times and NEVER got tired of it. Not once , that’s when you know a song is good.

3. Candy- sorry not sorry, I just love this song and the choreography. My man is truly so talented.

What’s your favorite off delight?! And do you prefer exo baekhyun or solo baekhyun!?

The most distinctive voices in kpop- Male edition

By: Shanise Lachelle

Happy Tuesday, last night an idea came to me, who’s voices would I able to pick out of any song in a heartbeat right now in kpop?! I’m talking one word and BOOM, I know who that is. Who’s got the most distinctive male voices right now?! Well here’s my list.

1.Onew -shinee

I’ve only been into shinee for a couple of weeks but onews tone and voice is so different and beautiful, I know for sure if a song came on with his deep sensual powerful voice, I would know it’s my beloved jinki! Without a shadow of a doubt. Noone in kpop sounds like him. I’m surprised he’s not more loved and popular based on his vocal abilities alone .

2. Chen- exo

Mr. Chen- holds the number one spot In my heart for Favorite male kpop vocalist,( which onew might be stealing soon). He has one of the biggest more versatile voices I’ve ever heard, not just in kpop but in music general. He’s definitely one of the best vocalist PERIOD and I could pick him out of any song. His voice caught my whole entire attention when I first saw OBSESSION. He’s so stable and controls his big voice very well. He knows what he’s capable of and never strains.

3. Baekhyun- exo

Baekhyun voice is without a doubt one of the most stable, versatile, consistent voice in kpop. Live or In a album he sounds the SAME. He even has this hight note he does alot that I’ve coined the : bacon high note. He sings so effortlessly, it’s like walking to him. You could put him in a western country song and I’d be like THERE HE GO . eating that country shit up. That’s my Baekhyun.

4. Jimin- bts

I’m not gonna lie to you, when I first heard him sing I thought it was a woman singing. He may not have the most powerful voice like the 3 up above him, but his voice is definitely WORTHY of being on this list. And his voice is powerful in other ways. Noone else could sing jimins solos the way jimin does with such confidence. And that’s the thing with park jimin. Anyone could sing baekhyuns songs or cover onews. But NOONE can cover jimins. Jimins tone is so distinctive and so light and rich you know it’s JIMIN. Not to mention he CHOOSES to sing in that light tone, jimin can also go deeper . In alot of their older songs jimin uses his lower register and sounds AMAZING.

There you have it, granted these are from the groups that I listen too and that are my favorite. There very well just might be some hidden gems in other groups and I’m not ignoring them. But I based this all on vocal abilities.

Ps- I originally forgot to add taehyung to this list. When his deep voice is always recognized and never mistaken for anyone else. When I first got into bts he was the only voice I could pick out of the singing line easy. I even gave him the nickname ” tae braxton”. In my opinion he doesn’t get enough credit for his voice. That intro to Dna is STILL the best thing V has EVER done.

Best to Worst Little Mix Albums

By : Shanise Lachelle

I know mixers, you’re reading my title and going ” WHAT THE HELL”?!? , truth is, little mix doesn’t have a “Bad Album” per say, but they definitely have weaker albums . Here are the best vs the worst. Keep in mind I LOVE ALL THEIR ALBUMS AND OWN THEM ALL . This is just my humble opinion.


1. Glory days- Glory days really put them on the map!! And it’s full of bops and glory days era had some of their best videos .

2. Salute- I will NEVER forget the industry and mixers for letting this masterpiece of an album FLOP HARD . Every single song could have been a single and every single song goes HARD. Salute will always rain supreme. She never ages.

3. Get weird- this was the start of something new for little mix. Black magic really took off and the promo and content we got out of this era was insane!!! Not to mention it’s just a fun random pop album. And hello it has lighting, love me or leave me, grown and omg on it. BOP NATION.

4. LM5- sadly this is when they decided to leave simons label , so LM5 got paid dust. But this album lyrically, is their best!! Had they had a stable management and label , this album would have made them MASSIVE.


5. Dna sis I’m so sorry I had to do this to you. Compared to your sisters you just fall weak. Now dna was a super impressive debut, but alot of the songs now I can’t even take seriously . Now don’t get me wrong, DNA is still a BOP. Just like a cringey bop.

6. Confetti- Not a bad album at all, just not cohesive at all. And compared to her sisters , falls a little short. It’s like a drunk version of get weird. Remember that scrapped album before get weird, they threw away, I bet Confetti has some of it’s songs . Still confetti is an entire bop and it’s fun sure… But they could have done better. Break up song , holiday and gloves up don’t fit. And the songs were all super short. It’s almost like they rushed it . And with all the jesy drama, I can honestly understand why.

So there you have it mixers. This is my opinion and you can disagree, that’s okay. Sound off in the comments below if you agree or disagree. I would love to hear your reasons. Until next time.

Glamour Mix

By: Shanise Lachelle

Wow, I’ll admit it’s still a little weird only seeing 3 of them as “Little Mix”, but here they are looking just as good and fresh as ever. Even though little mix has not been consistent since glory days, I’m really excited to see what they will do as a 3 piece and I kind of feel like they should do it sooner rather than later. Jesy Is on fire posting almost everyday about her solo music and we have radio silence from littlemix. It’s definitely not a competition, but I can see jesy releasing her music before them and over shadowing them . If the girls want the fanbase to stay and the GP to care they definitely need to step it up. They seem to only do fan service when it suits them and they don’t really social network outside of their British famous friends. Either way you spin it, Lm7 could be their last era if they don’t change some things. People are slowly loosing interest in them…. And if they don’t step it up , it will be over for little mix.

I will always support them no matter what. I just want my girls to know their worth and I need the world to see it. They always ALMOST get there, always ALMOST. The media is waiting to see what they will do as 3, the time is NOW LITTLE MIX.

Bts were ROBBED!?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night the grammys aired and if you’re army, you were equal parts excited to watch them PERFORM and win the award they so rightfully deserve . Well to say we were disappointed was a understatement .

Not only did they keep fans up ALL night just to see bts PERFORM, they literally were the second to last Performance. But they snubbed them as well.

Now this wouldn’t be that big of deal, the grammys no matter how prestigious ,is rigged and the committee is full of white old people. It’s also been said by alot of artists that the grammys is basically a paid award for some artists and it’s not based on actual talent and numbers.

I’ve never really cared for the grammys personally, they never NOMINATED little mix or one direction. So I knew it was rigged. But to hype up army’s for like 3 months and use them as bait so people will watch this garbage ceremony that’s slowing dying is a low, smart tatic move, but low!!

The grammy ratings have been going down every year and they know how big bts fandom is and how much army’s support the boys. So why not hype them up to make it seem like they’re gonna win and save their Performance for last.

I love harry styles, but BTS should’ve opened the show. That dynamite Performance was way too big to be the second to last Performance of the night. And VISUALLY it was the coolest .

Now on to them loosing, yes it’s not that big of a deal or the end of the world( BTS HAS MANY AWARDS ALREADY), it’s the fact that they work their bottoms off and they actually love their job and fans. No one is working harder than BTS AND THATS A FACT!!! They really wanted this grammy and they deserved it. Dynamite was a smash hit and was eating up the charts and radios. The video almost has a billion views.

No shade to lady gaga and ariana, because I love rain on me, but it wasn’t the song of the summer and the grammys know that. If we’re going by Numbers it FOR SURE GOES TO BTS.

I’m an army so yes I’m SALTY. I don’t care about the grammys but I know they do. And if we’re really being honest it’s all because they’re asian. Had any other white artists had the numbers bts had, they would’ve gotten all the awards last night . So yes it’s a xenophobic thing. And hollywood needs to do better.

It’s the fact that you could tell how disappointed they were and sad, but tried to keep smiles on their faces for army. It’s the fact that they think they need to work harder, when in reality the business needs to change and be more inclusive. The world is not just 50 shades of white artist’s.

It’s also the fact that bts made history by being the ONLY kpop artist to be nominated and why? Kpop is MASSIVE, the numbers they bring in is INSANE . Yet the western industry keeps ignoring them and treating them like the latest fad .

I just know bts are bigger than the scammys. And I hope they truly know that! They’ve had two record smashing albums back to back. You don’t need some white-washed rigged award to know how great you are . BTS ARE THE GRAMMYS AT THIS POINT. AND they will continue to work hard and outsell every western artist. And that itself is the biggest payback you could ever get .

First On the Ground Performance review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Rosie has had her first solo Performance this weekend and she did amazing . Even though the song is called “ON THE GROUND”, I didn’t think the choreo would be on the ground.

I honestly didn’t think the live Performance would have choreo at all considering the video didn’t have any .

So imagine my surprise this morning while watching rosie slay the stage with her vocals and beauty then she busts out some moves as well . Not to mention the floor choreography was so smooth and intricate . It could easily kook messy if someone else was doing it, but rosie managed to pull it off gracefully. After all she is the queen of floor choreography, boomboombya anyone?!

I keep saying this, but I’m just so proud of her!!!! And she’s glowing and seems so happy. I nearly cried at her ending fairy. I can’t wait to see her other stages. Well done little miss rosie posie .


By: Shanise Lachelle

I feel like such a proud mum and blink to see our little music machine rosie doing the damn thing!! I know how much she loves music and how serious she takes it. And I know, after watching their netflix documentary, just how long this solo has been in the making and how close to her heart it is. And I’m just sooooo PROUD AS PUNCH.

On the ground was released this past Friday and it was nothing like I expected. From what I’ve seen about black pink, rose is one of the younger members and she absolutely adores every part of music and being an artist. And I always gathered from her personal style , she was the little rocker/emo one. So even though I knew all of this, I still wasn’t expecting on the ground to sound like this.

Honestly it had to grow on me, but so did JENNIE’S solo . But now that I’ve heard it a few billion times ,I can safely say it’s a BOP and so rosie it’s ridiculous . I loved the emo vibes to GONE and the little video snippet we got to that(hopefully they release the full version), but on the ground works better as the title single.

The video is full of beautiful visuals and she looks amazing on her own. The song is about her pre debut days as a trainee working super hard to be in blackpink just to realize everything she really needs is the ground ( family, friends, self love). And she needs nothing more . There’s a touching scene where blackpink rosie is singing to pre debut rosie and it just shows how far she’s come!!! She’s in the biggest girlgroup in the WORLD, and now she’s finally ready to showcase her solo music.

I’ve grown to appreciate rosie more since becoming a full time blink and watching their netflix documentary. She’s very stable while performing live , she’s the main vocal and lead dancer, and she plays the piano and guitar. She’s also very hilarious when you watch their interviews. It’s easy for her to get overshadowed by jisoo who’s korea’s little bunny. Then Jennie is korea’s it girl and always in the tabloids. Then Lisa who’s miss long legs and dances like the rent is due everytime she performs. Rosie is just the little talented blonde aussie . But she’s finally coming out of the shadows if her band mates to show you, she’s here to stay and she’s got the star power!!

Happy International Women’s day!

It’s international women’s day and march is international women’s month, so all week I’ll be doing a few women loving posts. I LOVE being a woman/ girl/ female and everyday in my book is international women’s day. We should always be celebrated. My women’s month also includes my trans sisters and nonbinary pals.💗

By : Shanise Lachelle

Here’s my ultimate GIRLPOWER playlist- there are plenty more that should be on this list, but I drew a blank when planning. So here she is….

1. Salute- Little Mix

2. Gloves up- Little Mix
3. Wannabe- Itzy
4.Pretty Savage- Blackpink

5. Solo- Jennie Kim
6. Bicycle- Chungha
7. Stand down- little mix
8.7 rings- Ariana Grande
9. Just like magic- Ariana grande
10. God is a woman- Ariana Grande

11 . Independent Women- Destiny’s child
12 Beyonce – single ladies

13. Beyonce- who run the world
14. Power- little mix
15. Bitch- Bea Miller
16. Birds of prey soundtrack

17. Halsey- nightmare

What songs are on your ultimate girl power playlist!?