Last year I stepped outside of my “artist” box and started a photography art series titled (BLOOM). I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would and got to experience a different type of fullness that I’ve never gotten before. I titled it bloom because it was me opening up to a different sensual/artistic side of me that I kept locked away for so long. I was “blooming”. Long story short I don’t claim to be a life changing amazing ARtIST okay. I’m doing my best here and in general think my art is pretty basic and shit. But doesn’t every artist think that? Here’s my new project titled (sex). Hope you enjoy. Please be kind. Or don’t, sis doesn’t really care either way.

Why it’s okay to have high standards .

When I was younger women with high standards were always talked about so badly and how they needed to be softer with less standards if they wanted to find a man and have a family. And it’s still the same thing now. Most men hate when women have high standards and respect themselves. It’s much easier to manipulate a girl who doesn’t know who she is or have standards and will let them do whatever they want. They want a girl they can use and use and always have them on the sidelines. Girls with high standards are harder to manipulate afcourse and then are branded stuck up bitches. When in reality men SHOULD feel need to step up more. Women make the world go round. We are the beginning and the end. Court us, chase us, romance us, and spoil us. It’s not that hard. Honestly think about your mother, grandmother or little sister. Would you let a guy like you date them or disrespect them?! Girls it’s okay to have high standards. Keep them HIGH. It weeds out the fuckboys. Fuckboys be BETTER and aim higher.

LGBTQ spotlight 🌈

Today’s LGBTQ spotlight is on Rowan blanchard. Former Disney actress and activist. I was a big fan of girl meets world and was super sad they canceled it. It dealt with and spoke about issues kids/teens deal with everyday. Disney missed out on a big opportunity by canceling.


so very excited for this!! Have you seen the trailers?! Ready for a new cheesy love saga to obsess over?! After is about a super innocent girl who goes off to college and has her world turned upside down by the mysterious bad boy and his group of emo friends . Who oddly enough has a secret love for old classic literature. Now if you’re saying to yourself this story sounds very familiar, it’s because it was once a very popular one direction fanfic era 2013. But since becoming published and being bought for a movie deal, it’s been completely changed around a bit. (Gotta avoid those lawsuits). Anyhow it’s generated ALOT of online hate from fake feminists and the 11 year old 1D fan base. To which is making the film and books more popular. Check

It out come April 12. It may surprise you.

Captain marvel. Part 2

So as I predicted captain marvel has not gotten the hype as her fellow marvel films. People are simply just not excited for it and it’s projected to have a low opening weekend. I know I also said I wasn’t really sure about it, but as a feminist and a supporter of anything with a badass female lead ,I personally can’t not let this film FLOP. Let’s wait until the movie drops to judge. But even if it’s not your cup of tea, we have to support this film to get a franchise!!!! WE CANT LET CAPTAIN MARVEL FLOP!!!! I mean she is gonna save us from thanos after all! We STAN. Take little girls to see captain marvel!! This is important!!!!


Why are girls raised different from boys?! Why do we have to be polite and smile and keep our legs closed and put on a bra when male relatives come around and also in general cover up when male relatives come around. And why are we basically breed to know how to take care of a home by 12 and boys still don’t know how to do laundry or make their beds?! Why do we have to be wholesome and virgins and hardworking but not more hardworking than our husbands but have to have it all, we have to be perfect and they get to be mediocre and barley meet any of our requirements?! Why do we settle?! Cause having a man( even a sucky one) is better than not having one at all. Why is a sexually free single women a whore,slut,home wrecker?! Why do we constantly let men call us bitches and whores and cheat on us and give us stds…. yet we stay and pretend it’s okay and love them anyway. Why?! When will this end!? I’m not for it, and I’m not sorry about it. I’m not gonna be quiet and fold over in the corner. I’m not that type of female. I’m strong and loud and everything I’m not suppose to be. So If that bothers society or a “man”, then society and those type of men are not for me.

Assassination nation….

I had to watch this film TWICE just to wrap my head around this masterpiece. This movie came out around September 2018 and I’d saw many ads on social media about it and even saw the trailer but it looked like nonsense, so I skipped it. Holy shit what a HUGE mistake that was. This film is EVERYTHING! It calls out so many things, from racism, transphobia, sexism etc. for a modern day film to hit all those notes and to hit them perfectly and effectively is RARE. If you watch this film and feel absolutely NOTHING after, you’re broken and what’s wrong with the world. This film made me so ANGRY at so many points i then realized how good and effective of a film it was! This film was definitely slept on all 2018 and was a sleeper hit. All because of the marketing. If it had been marketed better , it definitely would had been recognized more and nominated for so many awards. The film is basically a modern day retelling of the Salem witch trials. A massive leak of everyone’s personal internet history and texts have leaked in Salem causing everyone in the town to loose their mind and go absolutely bananas!!! And at the height of the craziness it is all blamed on one girl and her group of friends. This movie goes from 0-100 real quick. And you’re left feeling all types of emotions but most importantly ready to take down the patriarchy!! This is such an important film for women and young girls to see, as it highlights everything we go through in this society. The last monologue delivered by Lilly played by actress Odessa young is magnificent and definitely drives the film home. I could go on and on. But all I will say is watch this film and watch it again and then spread the word and tell your friends about it. THIS MOVIE IS THE GOAT.