Happy International Women’s day!

It’s international women’s day and march is international women’s month, so all week I’ll be doing a few women loving posts. I LOVE being a woman/ girl/ female and everyday in my book is international women’s day. We should always be celebrated. My women’s month also includes my trans sisters and nonbinary pals.💗

By : Shanise Lachelle

Here’s my ultimate GIRLPOWER playlist- there are plenty more that should be on this list, but I drew a blank when planning. So here she is….

1. Salute- Little Mix

2. Gloves up- Little Mix
3. Wannabe- Itzy
4.Pretty Savage- Blackpink

5. Solo- Jennie Kim
6. Bicycle- Chungha
7. Stand down- little mix
8.7 rings- Ariana Grande
9. Just like magic- Ariana grande
10. God is a woman- Ariana Grande

11 . Independent Women- Destiny’s child
12 Beyonce – single ladies

13. Beyonce- who run the world
14. Power- little mix
15. Bitch- Bea Miller
16. Birds of prey soundtrack

17. Halsey- nightmare

What songs are on your ultimate girl power playlist!?

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