How I pick my Kpop Groups

By:Shanise Lachelle

Kpop has hundreds of Groups. Most of them are really good, alot of them tend to take the backseat to the more mainstream and popular groups, so you would never know about them unless you’re really into kpop.

I was introduced to BTS, and I only intended on fully stanning BTS and being done.

Then I fully got into Blackpink and became a full-time stan and after that I blacked out and ended up having 5 ultimate groups.



So how did I pick these groups to stan!?

I would say they picked me and it was all uphill from there, but I’ll break it down for you in this post.

1. If the music is good, you’ve peeked my interest.

2. If I can watch your interviews and find myself smiling the whole 15 min interview or laughing my ass off, you’ve pretty much got me. Personality is so important to me as you can be GORGEOUS but if you have the personality of a tree, it doesn’t work

3. If the talent is unreal, I’m sold from there on and I’ve become a fan!! Im talking dancing , singing and RAPPING!?!! Which alot of idols tend to do. It’s no wonder kpop is so huge and successful. Not to mention the hardcore training they have to go through to become an idol.

4. And last but not least, and I KNOW HOW SUPERFICIAL THIS SOUNDS, but hey !! Atleast I put it last on my list. If you’re goodlooking, I will stan UNTIL THE WHEELS ROLL OFF. I’m sorry, I know looks don’t matter, but I’ve personally never seen a ugly idol… Not my cup of tea- sure, but NEVER ugly.

I’m sure alot people who know me will roll their eyes and say I only like the popular groups and honestly I don’t care. Exo are some of the best vocalist I’ve ever heard , in a LONG TIME. BTS are super insanely talented in all departments. Blackpink are just little legends in the making. Itzy dance their little asses off like the rent is due every comeback and Aespa is coming for everybody’s wigs with vocals, dances, and VISUALS.

Kpop is honestly one of the best things to happen to me. I’m a artist myself and love music, dancing and films with a deadly passion. I’m also into being over the top and extra. And you get all of that and then some with kpop. They take their craft seriously and are very humble and love their fans with a passion I’ve never seen in western artist’s.

Get into kpop and watch it change your life!!

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