Baekhyun comeback !


This week label Sm announced that Mr. Baekhyun will be having yet another comeback this march! As a baekhyun bias, this is good news for me. I love me some baekhyun and he’s slowly working his way up my favorites and bias list. He’s been bias wrecking the hell out of me this week and I’ve come to the conclusion I’m OT9.

The news comes just a few days after announcing that CHANYEOL was enlisting. So march is gonna be a tough month for exols. On one hand we’re gonna get some bops, but on the other hand we’re loosing yet another member to the military.

I can’t help but think they’re pushing this comeback out so baekhyun can enlist by summer.

Either way I’m excited to see what he’s been cooking. Are you excited for another Baekhyun comeback?

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