Solo Rose is Coming!!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

I didn’t even intend on posting about rosie today but I log onto instagram and see this?!

I’m so excited and can’t wait for solo ROSE!!!! Yg I might finally give y’all some Rights,!!!!!!!!

Let’s go! Are you excited for more solo music from blackpink!? And which member do we want to see next?,

Kai Album Review

By :Shanise Lachelle

Now Kais Mmmh was my introduction to his group exo and we all know how I feel about exo. So all the thanks to my guy KAI. BUT it was his single Mmmh that caught my attention and made me curious about lips.

Now I’ll admit I’ve seen some of the bts/exo fan wars, and how everyone was comparing jimin and kai. And how bts stans called kai ugly and exo stans called jimin ugly. And before I branched out into other groups I was appalled that ANYONE could compare kai to THE PARK JIMIN.

Once I came out of my hole and realized there were other amazing kpop groups and bts wasn’t the ONLY one, I was able to fully embrace kai and enjoy his music. Not to mention kai and jimin are good friends, and remind me so much of each other. I literally call them lips and lips part two. And Kais not ugly at all. Can’t believe I used to feed into that fan garbage. I’m sorry kai.

Anyways his solo album is AMAZING!!! Kai is usually shown for his charisma and dancing, And I had no idea he could sing THIS well. His album is full of smooth R&B bops and I was honestly so shook. I’m fully a kai stan now. And there’s no going back. This album totally sold me on him.


1. Amnesia


3. Hello stranger

Give his album a listen!! You won’t regret it. I’m excited to order the hard copy and to be able to listen to it over and over in my home.

In this house we respect and stan KAI.

Solo JESY?

By: Shanise Lachelle

Now I know said I would completely support solo JESY, but now that she’s actually doing it I don’t know how to feel. It’s feeling a little zayn-ish if I’m honest.

What I got from her letter is that she was completely taking a step back from the spotlight to work on her mental health. But now she’s hinting and posting about music and I’m just confused.

It’s also concerning as the girls aren’t commenting on any of her posts anymore, and before jesy left they always did and always hyped her up. It this split was a mutal thing and they were still good, I feel like they would still be in touch.

Granted jesy wants nothing to do with little mix, so maybe they’re trying to publicly distant themselves from her and support her in private. Either way all of this seems very suspicious and makes me kinda side eye jesy. If she wanted to go solo , that’s all she had to say.

Writing a letter saying you’re leaving to protect your mental health and take a step back from the spotlight, but you’re constantly on social media then working on solo music?

I love jesy and will try and support her but I’ve seen this before. With zayn and camilla. I want her to be happy and successful, but this whole thing just feels messy to me.

What do you think mixers?! This isn’t hate towards jesy, I just wasn’t expecting solo JESY this soon.


By: Shanise Lachelle

I’m finally getting around to talking about my favorite songs off the absolute banger that is “OBSESSION”. You already know how Amazing the album was about to be when the first single was ” OBSESSION”. So here are my top 5 picks.

1. Yayaya- literally my favorite song at the moment and putting me in such a spring feel good mood. I wish D.O could’ve been on this song. He would have killed it.

2. OBSESSION- this song was my introduction to EXO and what an introduction it was. I was obsessed to say the least.

3. Groove- listen suho and CHEN LITERALLY MURDER THIS SONG. Omg!!! Chen’s vocals are just pure HEAVEN. He’s without a doubt my favorite male vocalist ever. No question, he’s the GOAT. And suhos angelic vocals are just perfect for this song. This whole song is just a BOP.

4. Jekyll- I should’ve known from the title of the song, it was gonna be a BOP.

5. Baby you are- another feel good spring/summer song. Perfect for car trips and rolling your windows down to get fresh hair. I feel like this song would be played alot on the radio during summer and in the malls.

This ENTIRE album is just such a vibe and puts you in a good mood. Which you wouldn’t get from the packaging and the concepts. This was “Dark Exo”, but most of the album was light and soft.

Overall, this was a great introduction to Exo and I can’t wait to dive into their other albums.

Next up: Exo the war


By : Shanise Lachelle

Here are my most listened too and absolute favorite songs at the moment- EXO EDITION.

* let me just say EXO is about to be right up there with bts and queen for my favorite bands/groups.*

1. EXO-, yayaya- exo didn’t have to go that hard, but they did. And they did it espically for the black exo fans. They’re officially invited to the cookout.

2. EXO- MONSTER- I’m still making my way through their songs and videos and this one is a recent Favorite. The choreo to this is INSANE. This video made me soft for lay.

3. EXO- KOKOBOP- as I sit here typing this out , it plays in my head. Truly a BOP.

Honorable mention: EXO – THE EVE. FOREVER on repeat.

What’s your favorite exo song? And are you a exo fan? They’re legit incredible and have some of the best vocalist I’ve ever heard.

The Problem with Little Mix and Blackpink

By :Shanise Lachelle

Little mix is my ULTIMATE Favorite girlgroup of all time!!! I’ve been with them since xfactor when they were just babies with GORGEOUS voices. And Blackpink was the first Kpop group I ever got into and that was all BECAUSE of how much little mix and jade talked about wanting to work with them. And they’re two of the biggest girlbands in the world!! ( It’s a fact, whether you like it or not).

But what kills me is how poor their labels and teams are. For one blackpink have been together since 2016 and only recently just made their first full length album! The thing with Yg and their producer teddy, is they like to make people wait and really anticipate Blackpink. They think the fans will be even hungrier when they finally release something. And although that tatic works every once in a while, it’s not good to do all the time. For one, you loose fans and the public’s interest!! And over in south korea there’s new kpop groups being born every second. Blackpink as talented as they are could easily be replaced. As a fan, the long waiting in between eras and comebacks is BORING and annoying. The girls don’t much as a group, and as soon as their little promo month is over, they go back into their caves. Not separate LATLEY with covid and all, they’ve been doing more solo things to keep the fans happy. (Lisa’s dance movies, being a mentor, jisoo working on her drama, rose solo is coming and jennie has her youtube channel)

But together, they don’t do enough, which causes the fans to be bored and get into useless drama. I believe if Yg held more fan live streams and let them perform more, even if it’s like little acoustic online sets, the girls and fans would be so much happier.

Now little mix, if you’ve followed me for a while you’d know how I feel about their management and team!! They switched labels two years ago and NOTHING has gotten better. Confetti didn’t do as well as it should have and we lost jesy. I honestly don’t think they have more than two more years left if they continue this way. And I just so desperately want them to succeed because they’re so talented , but it’s like at what point are they going to want change like they claim!?

Compared to every other album , honestly confetti is probably their weakest album and the songs feel empty and too short. That’s not to say it’s a bad album( I love it)!! It’s just a thrown together, random, party album with no theme. Little mix doesn’t have a bad album but Confetti definitely falls short and sounds like the album they should have made after Dna.

I really just hope Blackpink and Little mix get it together. Because they could honestly have really long successful careers if they changed a few things, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon.

Black Mamba vs FOREVER

By :Shanise Lachelle

Now that Aespa has TWO singles out , it’s time to compare and see which is the better single.

We have the absolute BOP Black Mamba and the soft angelic Forever. I personally like black MAMBA more, but forever is growing on me .

black Mamba for me was just the perfect introduction song and the perfect debut song. It REALLY PUT AESPA on the map. And had all the locals scared for their FAVORITES. It just goes hard with every listen and gets better and better. Not to mention the video is super cool and FULL of visuals!!! I’ll seriously never get tired of hearing it . And don’t get me started on that choreography!!! Amazing, bomb, GREAT. And the fact they can do it live and it matches with the video- ooof the flavor and the pure TALENT.

Now on to Forever, I don’t hate the song. And it’s growing on me so much to the point I walk around randomly singing it. But it just wasn’t what I expected from their first comeback. I really wanted to see Giselle and Karina rapping. But instead I got them both showing off their incredible vocals, which honestly I was surprised. Aespa literally has 4 vocals , 4 visuals and 4 dancers. Who’s doing like AESPA!? nobody!!!! Although I would have preferred a more upbeat song, forever is the healing song we all didn’t know we needed.

It’s hard to really compare two Amazing but different songs. I do overall prefer black mamba but I do love forever as well.

What’s your favorite of the two? And what are we expecting from their third comeback!? I just need the rapline to come through!!! I’m literally begging SM AT THIS POINT. Let my girls rap!!

Aespa Models

By: Shanise Lachelle

Aespa are now one of( if not the first), rookie kpop groups to become models for fashion brand ” GIVENCHY”. Aespa are already becoming one of the best rookie girlgroups to debut out of SM and they’re proving themselves to be a force to reckon with. This is huge news as it’s their first major brand deal and they got it as a group!!

It’s time you stan Aespa and stop sleeping on them if you have been. From black mamba to this, I just can’t wait to see what they have next in store!!!

But whatever it is, I’m sure it’s gonna be bomb!!!!