Fine line review🎶

Its finally here, harry styles sophomore album fine line dropped Friday December 13, and what an album it is!!!! He took two years to make this album and I was kinda of nervous to see how he would step it up from the first album. Artists generally struggle with their second albums and it’s usually their make or break to see if they’ve STILL GOT IT. But Mr. Styles has proved his longevity and his creativity in this business!!! If I dare say fine line is miles ahead of his first album and one of the best albums of 2019! Fine line is full of Woodstock/hippie vibes and I’m all for it. Harry really has leveled up with his vocals and range! I had no idea Harry’s register could go that low or that high for that matter. There was a couple times on different songs I had to rewind and go ” wait harry, no YOU JUST DID THAT SIS”. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and how comfortable he’s gotten in his fluidity and music. I think he’s finally found his lane. I can’t WAIT to see him in concert in August. Favorite songs off the album

  1. Tpwk
  2. Cherry
  3. Canyon moon
  4. Sunflower vol.6
  5. Watermelon sugar
  6. Fine line
  7. Falling
    To be so lonely
  • Give it a listen, I’m not being bias it’s a great listen! Happy holidays 🎄🎄
  • Favorite albums of 2019🎶

    1. LM5- little mix

    2. Harry styles -fine line

    3. Fka twigs- Magdalene

    4. Clairo- immunity

    5. Ariana grande- thank you NEXT

    Netflix Christmas movies🎄🎅🏼🎄

  • The princess switch
    1. Let it snow
    2. The holiday calendar
    3. A Christmas prince
    4. Christmas inheritance
    5. A Christmas prince the royal wedding
    6. Klaus
    7. A Cinderella story: a Christmas wish
    8. The knight before Christmas
    9. The nutcracker and the four realms

    Christmas films to watch this holiday season🎄

    1. The grinch

    2. Home alone 1 and 2

    3. A Christmas carol

    4. This Christmas

    5. Four Christmases

    6. The holiday

    7.the nightmare before Christmas

    8. Love actually

    9. Elf

    10. The polar express

    Happy watching and happy holidays🎄🎅🏼🎄

    Harriet review

    Wow. I mean I knew the story behind Harriet tubman, but seeing it on the big screen was another story! What an incredible woman from beginning to end. Staring newcomer Cythina Erivo, the story follows Harriet upon helping over 70 slaves become free from slavery. Like I said to read about Harriet and her journey is one thing but to see how far she walked and how much faith she had is another. The acting across the boards was AMAZING. I know we all are saying ” no more slave movies” , but this is so much more than just a slave movie, it’s a freedom movie! Harriet is nothing short of a hero. To be that fearless and Led that many people to freedom with only your faith guiding you is a big thing. She was an amazing women and should be talked about more in schools so kids know about her and she’s not forgotten!!! She deserves to be on a 20 dollar bill and hell every fucking bill. Take them white cis men off and put my HARRIET ON!!!


    ” Jamie. Jameson. James. Is warmth. Like literally happiness and warmth wrapped in a blanket. Is protection feeling so safe and protected against all that is wrong . Is bad jokes and even more so -inappropriate jokes at the wrong times. Is being ever so patient when you’re in a mood ( which is a lot) is the best hugger and cuddle man boy on the PLANET. Like I said he feels like home and warmth. It’s 1000 stupid nicknames and still having the ability to come up with more. Is inside jokes- dirty inside jokes. Is breakups and makeups and breakups again. (One day we’ll get it right) is the most gentle soul I’ve ever known. Also maybe the sweetest soul I’ve ever known. Sometimes you meet people who are like real life angels and you don’t deserve them at the moment. But you just know they’re crossing your path for a reason. He’s warmth and happiness wrapped in a blanket. He’s home💔”

    Autumn playlist 🍁🍂🧡

    A few of my favorites to put you in the autumn mood.🍁 happy listening.

    1. I follow rivers- lykke li
    2. Neutron star collusion-muse
    3. Fireproof-one direction
    4. Autumn leaves-Ed Sheehan
    5. Monster mash
    6. Happily-one direction
    7. Olivia-one direction
    8. Only you(acoustic version)- little mix
    9. No more sad songs (acoustic version)-little mix
    10. Pumped up kicks-foster the people
    11. Use somebody-kings of Leon
    12. Dance to this- troye Sivan ft Ariana grande
    13. Flightless bird, american mouth- iron and wine
    14. Keone- somewhere only we know
    15. Set the fire to the third bar- snow patrol

    Little mix

    I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes with little mix and their record labels. But what I do know is bounce back could have been an American HIT. It’s right on wave with the sexy twerk music we have on our radios right now. It’s more tame but fits right in with my type, twerk and big ol freak. Had their label promoted them right in AMERICA and not just London. This could’ve blew them the fuck UP. I just don’t get it. They’ve switched labels and still only getting promoted in the uk. Not to mention the girls seem bored because they’ve all been on about 30000 holiday vacations. And now are getting ready for their Europe/UK tour. I’m just so confused as to why they pushed the Australian tour dates back for “promo” and then didn’t do any promo. What is going on with little mix!!?