It vs it🤡

Celebrating the upcoming release of IT:chapter 2 and because I’m SO EXCITED,Here’s a question that’s been on mind since the remake in 2017. What’s the general public’s favorite? It the original or the remake?! Mines is the remake 100%. Even though the original scared me as a child and made me afraid of clowns, the remake blew it out of the water! So which is it…. original or remake?

It chapter:2

“I died and you lied”-George

Please tell me why George always gets the best one-liners?! Anywho we’re back in gear and on our way to derry once again to defeat pennywise🤡. This being a remake and there being a whole BOOK out, there’s not too many new surprises for hardcore it fans. But newcomers might be wondering, (whose bloody hands ) and (why is Richie crying and who is he holding)?! To answer all your burning questions…. I won’t 🤷🏾‍♀️. If you haven’t seen the first version or read the books or had a sneaky peek at tumblr then it’s best you wait until September 6. But let’s just say have your tissues ready . It’s gonna kill you…. literally. We all know the premise, the losers head back to Derry to finish it off once and for all ! But before pennywise tortures and murders a lot of people( losers included). Part 2 promises to be much darker and WAY scarier and MUCH BLOODIER. Part 1 was from a child’s perspective and what a child would find horrifying. Part 2 is aimed at what grownups find scary and terrifying. So buckle in you’re gonna be in for a wild ride and I can’t wait🤡🎈. And just in time for Halloween 2019. Were all gonna float🎈


it’s hard to review this film without posting spoilers. And as people are still seeing it I won’t say too much . Was it a good film? Yes absolutely! Did it leave you with a lot of unanswered questions? Yes . Was it better than get out?! In my personal opinion, NO. I preferred get out more. Not to say this film wasn’t great it just wasn’t better than get out. I give it 5/5 for originality and because LUPITA is an acting angel who carried this movie on her back!! The plot is about how a family goes to their vacation home and one night are attacked by their doppelgängers who hold dark secrets. I did catch ONE of the many twists in the first 15 mins. But the others caught me off guard. It’s definitely worth a watch!! Would I see it a second time? No. Was it worth it the first time? Definitely. Check it out! And also liked that Jordan Peele said he would NEVER cast a white man as his leading actor ” cause I’ve seen that movie” and yes we have all the damn time! Good for him!

Velvet buzzsaw

For the last couple of weeks I’ve heard countless things (mostly bad) about this film and how awful and let down a lot of people were. I also saw the trailer and was like nah so I skipped it. Cut to a few weeks later and people are STILL bitching about it, so i decided to give it a go last night. And I mean how bad could it be with all the A-listers in it right?! Wrong… well kind of. To start off I give the film a 3/4 stars simply for the acting and story plot line alone. The rest did fall flat. As a horror film and a film released through Netflix the horror and gore should have gone all the way. But they barley touched the surface. Even the few sex scenes were lack luster. I will say jake gyllenhall( I’m sure I spelt that wrong) SOLD this movie and acted his ass off. And that’s saying a lot. The characters in this movie were ALL completely unlikeable and I found myself saying good when they died. The only good character in this movie was 22 year old art assistant coco. I did feel bad for her. And somewhat for jakes character towards the end when he realized what was going on and tried to stop it. But it was too late. As the only one who tries to right his wrongs somewhat, I think he should have lived. I completely HATED josephina, which I think was the point. She was cold, bland, fame/money hungry and ruthless. The actress played her to a T. Because I’m pretty sure if she’s ever in anything else I won’t like her. The film is about the LA ART SCENE. And how pretentious and snooty and money hungry they all (seem) to be. One day josephina discovers her neighbor has died and has left behind a collection of really depressing but really good art. Afcourse she decides to STEAL IT AND PROFIT FROM IT, cause that’s the moral thing to do right?! And all hell breaks loose. I don’t wanna spoil too much. But it’s a worth a watch just for a laugh or to be confused. Or to watch jake gyllenhall act his ass off( and stare at his amazing body). But either way it wasn’t as bad as everyone tried to make it. It just needed more, more gore and horror. I will say the last scene completely threw me and was the best scene of the whole film. so 3/4 for creativity and acting. But it could have been so much better!!