Dancing with Demi

By : Shanise Lachelle

This new era has just started and it’s already starting with a bang. With her new critically acclaimed documentary and new album ,Demi is back and better than ever!!

I knew something was missing with the i love me era, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It seemed to safe, bland. It was Demi but it wasn’t. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew she was better than that. That she had more to give musically. In other words no matter how amazing, I love me was BORING.

This new era feels fresh and honest. And even though I was AGAINST demi ONCE again talking about her struggles and making it even more public, I feel like this is something she needs to do for herself. The documentary shows us what we already know plus even more, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. The horrible part is, we’re only two episodes in and I’m like- I cried all the way through the first two , I won’t be able to sit through any more sadness. I love demi with all my heart, and think she has more talent in her toenails than most artist today. I just HATE that she’s been reduced to this addict pop star, when she’s so much more! And I personally feel like the more documentaries she does on it, the more people will push that label on her and care nothing about her music. But if she needs to do this to heal, I’ll support her.

Anyways this era is SERVING us so much. I can’t wait to actually hear the entire album and see what else she has in store for us.

Look how healthy and radiant she looks. I approve.

Bts were ROBBED!?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night the grammys aired and if you’re army, you were equal parts excited to watch them PERFORM and win the award they so rightfully deserve . Well to say we were disappointed was a understatement .

Not only did they keep fans up ALL night just to see bts PERFORM, they literally were the second to last Performance. But they snubbed them as well.

Now this wouldn’t be that big of deal, the grammys no matter how prestigious ,is rigged and the committee is full of white old people. It’s also been said by alot of artists that the grammys is basically a paid award for some artists and it’s not based on actual talent and numbers.

I’ve never really cared for the grammys personally, they never NOMINATED little mix or one direction. So I knew it was rigged. But to hype up army’s for like 3 months and use them as bait so people will watch this garbage ceremony that’s slowing dying is a low, smart tatic move, but low!!

The grammy ratings have been going down every year and they know how big bts fandom is and how much army’s support the boys. So why not hype them up to make it seem like they’re gonna win and save their Performance for last.

I love harry styles, but BTS should’ve opened the show. That dynamite Performance was way too big to be the second to last Performance of the night. And VISUALLY it was the coolest .

Now on to them loosing, yes it’s not that big of a deal or the end of the world( BTS HAS MANY AWARDS ALREADY), it’s the fact that they work their bottoms off and they actually love their job and fans. No one is working harder than BTS AND THATS A FACT!!! They really wanted this grammy and they deserved it. Dynamite was a smash hit and was eating up the charts and radios. The video almost has a billion views.

No shade to lady gaga and ariana, because I love rain on me, but it wasn’t the song of the summer and the grammys know that. If we’re going by Numbers it FOR SURE GOES TO BTS.

I’m an army so yes I’m SALTY. I don’t care about the grammys but I know they do. And if we’re really being honest it’s all because they’re asian. Had any other white artists had the numbers bts had, they would’ve gotten all the awards last night . So yes it’s a xenophobic thing. And hollywood needs to do better.

It’s the fact that you could tell how disappointed they were and sad, but tried to keep smiles on their faces for army. It’s the fact that they think they need to work harder, when in reality the business needs to change and be more inclusive. The world is not just 50 shades of white artist’s.

It’s also the fact that bts made history by being the ONLY kpop artist to be nominated and why? Kpop is MASSIVE, the numbers they bring in is INSANE . Yet the western industry keeps ignoring them and treating them like the latest fad .

I just know bts are bigger than the scammys. And I hope they truly know that! They’ve had two record smashing albums back to back. You don’t need some white-washed rigged award to know how great you are . BTS ARE THE GRAMMYS AT THIS POINT. AND they will continue to work hard and outsell every western artist. And that itself is the biggest payback you could ever get .

Rain on me

Lady gaga and Ariana did what they had to do PERIOD!!! “I rather be dry but at least I’m alive”, I’m so happy Gaga has returned to the gaga we all know and fell in love with!! I understand she wanted to try other things and genres but this music is truly her lane!!! I LOVE this song and it’s video. I’m living for the robotic/alien early 2000s looks. It was perfect with gaga but you add Ariana and IM BALD HONEY!!! The looks, the choreography , the vibes , the message! This is the song we all needed but didn’t know we needed. It’s been on repeat since its debut! I can just imagine this song during pride and it makes me so GIDDY but sad that ms. Rona came and ruined our summer. I was surprised to see Ariana keep up with Gaga’s routines and happy gaga didn’t out-dance her and she stayed on the same pace with Ariana. This is an entire summer BOP. 5/5, check it out! I’m LOVING ALL these female features all the girls have been doing and I’m LIVING for this era GAGA!

Vanessa hudgens is smart.

Let’s talk about how smart Vanessa hudgens team is. Every year Vanessa pops up and is all of a sudden everywhere for a bit before she disappears again. Her team is smart , they keep her jobs and appearances selective and don’t drop her just anywhere. Is she the best actress or singer ever?! No but the girl is talented and she has RANGE. So what I’m not gonna let y’all do is continue to sleep on my girl like she’s not
Talented or relevant! First of all she’s the one and only GABRIELLA MONTEZ from the HIGHSCHOOL
MUSICAL! That alone makes her the SHIT. Did Troy Bolton Star of the basketball team , change his whole life around for you!? No , I didn’t think so. But let’s talk about what she’s done in the last few years alone. First of all she’s been on 3 broadway shows. Not 1 but 3. She’s done Gigi on broadway, rent , and grease!! And for rave reviews from rent live, due to the fact she gave a brilliant performance after her dad had passed away just hours before! Say it with me(SUPERSTAR)! She’s also become a Christmas Netflix movie actress! Which y’all can say what you want about them being bad or whatever, but that’s part of the Christmas movie charm! She’s not in one but two hugely successful Netflix movies. And has already worked on a sequel for one. Vanessa is in her modest bag hunney! Let’s also talk about the fact the she was just in a little film called BAD BOYS 2!!! Which smashed the box office and was number 1 for multiple weeks. But yea by y’all standards she’s “flopping”. I don’t see that at all and I know she doesn’t. She does just enough to pay her bills, stay relevant, and actually enjoy the jobs she gets. AND not to mention she’s a red carpet favorite and ALWAYS looks good-PERIOOD. I’m simply not here for the Vanessa slander. She’s aging like fine wine and stays out of drama. She’s lokey and winning and y’all hate to see it! Not to mention homegirl is recently single and has been living her BEST LIFE. I see you Vanessa. Keep doing you girl!

Black magic✊🏾

Today our black artist spotlight is on miss Anna Diop. Anna plays starfire on the hit Dc web series- Teen Titans!! She faced a lot of racism and ignorance for portraying starfire, fanboys were not happy about a black chocolate actress playing a fictional character. Which in the cartoon she’s purple or grey…. so I don’t know what the problem is. For what I can tell they have seem to accepted her now as starfire, as they see she’s not going anywhere and her cast stand by her and support her fully!!