Shows I’ve recently finished and loved-Netflix

1. Sex education:season 2

2. End of the fucking world : season 2

3. You : season 2

4. Chilling tales of Sabrina : part 3

Black television shows

Here’s a list of some black tv shows for you to watch this month and get into for the future!

1. When they see us -Netflix

2. Blackish-abc

3.grownish- Freeform

4. Dear white people- Netflix leaf- Netflix

6. Black lighting -the cw

Lucy is on the rise.

Looks like we’re gonna be seeing more of ms. Hale, as she prepares to star in river dale spinoff- Katy Keene and star in the Valentine’s Day thriller “Fantasy island”. She’s cute as a button but more than that I think with the right material she’s a pretty decent actress. She was definitely more of the stronger ones on pretty little liars. I don’t know what it is about her but I wanna see her win. She’s quiet and stays out of Hollywood drama. And those big doe eyes COMEON! Katy Keene looks to be more interesting than riverdale- that’s turned into absolute garbage. So I’ll give it a go, and I’ll definitely be seeing fantasy island! And these photos are absolutely stunning. She’s 30 flirty and absolutely THRIVING BITCH🥂

Best Netflix shows of 2019☑️

  • Here’s my absolute favorite shows of 2019. All of them being Netflix shows. And I binged them all.
    1. Sex education
      The society- mind you before I watched it…I had a dream about this same exact plot and was like wow this would be a good show/movie🥴🙄
      You- no matter how creepy dan Humphrey was/is , it’s still a very good watch!
  • What shows have you been watching and loving this year?
  • Spooky shows to watch this Halloween season🧡🎃

    I generally start celebrating Halloween and fall in August so I’m way behind . Here’s some spooky shows to watch to get you in the spirit for HALLOWEEN🎃🎃

    1. The vampire diaries- Netflix/dvd/shoebox
    2. The originals-Netflix/dvd/showbox
    3. The walking dead
    4. Legacies
    5. Hemlock grove
    6. Izombie
    7. American horror story
    8. The haunting of hill house
    9. Supernatural
    10. Are you afraid of the dark-Reboot
    11. Goosebumps

    Stranger things 3

    Don’t worry this is super spoiler free! But man oh man was this season an very emotional ride. I woke up 7 am today and at freshly 2:45 finished this season. With only two bathroom breaks and eating twice. Can I just scream EL IS THAT BITCH OKAY. Sis is constantly saving EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. Like I hope she’s resting and taking a much needed break. She deserves it. Also NANCY is that bitch and is very handy with multiple types of guns. Also ms. BUYERS that MOM. The only mom we will acknowledge in this show. Dacre montgomery was BRILLIANT as billy. But we already knew what he was capable of acting wise. Out of all 3 seasons, this season by FAR was my favorite. I… just lost for words. Well done everyone. Well done.👏👏👏 the ending alone deserves all the EMMYS!!!!

    Top original Netflix picks📍

    Here’s some of my 🔈🗣absolute favorites on netttyflix. And their best films (🔈IN MY OPINION) which as we know is always the right opinion 😁

    1. To all the boys I’ve loved before
    2. Birdbox
    3. Sexy education
    4. Dumplin
      Set it up

    Shows I’m watching on Netflix ❤️

    I’ve watched the vampire diaries and the originals more times than I can count on Netflix recently. So I decided why not try something new and see where you end up ?!

    So here’s my two new current obsessions from Netflix

      Sex education-BEST SHOW EVER.
  • 2.You- dan humprey is back to being a CREEP.
  • What are you favorite Netflix shows?! And what have you been watching lately?
  • Why riverdale?

    The CWs riverdale has been renewed for a 4th season , and I’m just like….WHY!? Now don’t get me wrong, the first season was amazing and had me hooked after 1 episode. Season 1 was was truly their best season thus far, which is not great considering they’re 3seasons in. This show has just taken a turn for the worst and the bad and ugly and it’s staring to make no sense what so ever. Now if it was a magic/supernatural show like it’s cousin Sabrina , then I would get it. But this is a show that started off super strong as a murder mystery and now it’s about an “GoBlIn KiNg”. I just can’t, I don’t understand how this show keeps getting renewed when it’s writing is super cringyy and all over the place. The only thing saving this show is it’s AMAZING, SUPER TALNETED CAST. they delive these awful story lines with so much passion that you forget how much the show actually sucks. I mean it can’t possibly be any worst than this season…. can it?! The actors deserve to have a good season and a great story line. Season 4 we’re counting on you. Bring it back around!