Bye Baekhyun

By : Shanise Lachelle

My loud ,talented, CHAOTIC cheekies is going off to the military. And I’m so sad, it’s also his birthday Tommorow and I just feel like it’s such a sucky Bday gift. I wish him happiness, health, sanity and a very big safe return .

We will be waiting right here for you when you get back, two years will fly on by . And in NO time at all you will be right back with us. Please be safe my cheekies and take care of yourself. Have as much fun as possible and stay strong. I’ll miss you!!!!! Thankyou for giving us BAMBI before you left.

New year new Jesy?

By : Shanise Lachelle

The fandom seems to be in a collective meltdown today. First Leigh announced she was pregnant, then jesy comes out with her solo cover. The timing does seem all a bit suspect , but I know magazine covers are planned months in advance.

There’s obviously some tension between the girls behind the scenes, and they’re trying very hard to keep it professional and under wraps. But as mixers we can tell.

They don’t hang out or support each other publicly anymore like they used too. And jesy is seeming like she just HATED being in little mix now. Which we definitely could see, in most interviews she looked like she hated her life, but in the next breath would say how much she loved being in little mix and couldn’t do this without the other girls. She genuinely hated being famous. But now it’s she hated being in little mix and being compared to the other girls .

I understand jesy has her own issues and we can’t fault her for that, but we also can’t blame the other girls for her issues.

This whole little mix / jesy dilemma is giving me MAJOR one direction/ Zayn vibes. It’s just messy and sloppy , and I just find it hard to celebrate solo jesy and be happy for solo jesy. I don’t trust this entire situation. And as a fan, we are due some answers. Like they’ve always been honest with us, so why stop now!?!

She does look happier and she’s glowing , but this whole thing is just frustrating.

Mummy Leighanne

By : Shanise Lachelle

I can’t believe I’m writing this but HUGE congratulations to miss leighanne pinnock!!! She just announced today that she is pregnant with her first child. These gorgeous pictures show just how far along she is and MIXERS had no idea. I’m so happy for her, first she got engaged and now she’s gonna be a mommy . And now we get auntie mix!!!

I can’t help but think that this is bad timing for little mix as a trio though. They will definitely have to slow down now that Leigh is pregnant and work around her . And especially when she gives birth , I can see her and little mix taking a huge break .

But a baby is always a blessing, NEVER a curse. She’s gonna be such a cute mommy.

Confetti review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Confetti ft saweetie was released into the world Friday and it’s a Bop. Perrie and jade take over jesys first verse, and they sound amazing. I have to be honest, when their producer/ friend tweeted that they remade confetti and said the song would have bigger production, I was super excited!! Confetti was already one of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do to improve it.

While the girls look GREAT AS A TRIO, and the wardrobe, setting , and choreography was AMAZING, it still felt empty. I wasn’t a big fan of man mix. And I’m kind of over the silly concepts in their videos . It would be fine if they were still baby mix and did it once in a while. But they’ve genuinely added silliness to every other music video. And I know it just makes it hard for people to take them serious as adult musicians. We already know from their interviews that they’re funny and silly, we don’t need to see that in the videos as well . Man mix just didn’t make much sense for the plot either . Saweetie verse does add a spark to the song and she eats it up. But the song in a whole sounds empty. I was waiting for that “,big” production and we honestly never got it. Not to mention they took out jades bridge from the original , which was superb. But the chorus was also just one girl at a time, and their wasn’t nearly enough backing vocals. Had it not been for saweetie, this version would be worse than the original. All they had to do was replace jesys part and add saweetie. But they redid the entire song and it just feels empty.

The video is still a 5/5* from me. It’s still one of their best, even with the flaws. And they look fresh and good as hell. Jade and Leigh completely ate up their solo parts,/choreography. Jade giving me main dancer and leader of the group vibes.

The promo hasn’t started off great, although are we surprised at this point. And the promo is STILL being set mainly in the Uk, like they don’t have fans outside of England. And they’ve yet to get on the train and have an online concert , which would put them back on the map. I truly don’t have the slightest clue why they have a team at this point.

I really believe they just need to get over the confetti era, but they’re still talking about a tour next year so.

Little mix we want a new album, better promo, online concert, new era!!!

Mafia!!!! Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Bitch you know I’m HYPE!!!! I just can’t believe itzy decided to go this HARD. Now let’s start with the opening with my bias ryujin, I really feel she’s gonna take off and be such a it girl. She just oozes coolness and was the perfect person to start off the song.

Yeji giving me cardi b vibes during her verse and bias wrecking the heck outta me. All 5 girls look amazing this comeback and everybody got their chance to shine.

I do feel like this single goes to Yuna, Yeji, and Ryujin though. Their parts were the most bomb and eye-catching, and they had the most camera time. Lias bridge was bomb though, were not gonna sleep on my girl.

Yuna, YUNA!?!??!! DAMN GIRL, she absolutely demolished her parts. She’s another it girl in the making. She’s super stunning with her big eyes and she’s a whole package performer. You heard it hear first, she’s coming for your faves necks. She was just so fierce.

Now those transitions!!!!!, I’m a sucker for a good transition in a music video and these transitions were spectacular! Literally the best part of the video.

The choreography was just what I wanted and smooth and insane. I told y’all if it’s one thing itzy is gonna do , is EAT UP SOME CHOREOGRAPHY. I do see some fans saying they were let down with mafia and they don’t like it and it’s not “ITZY”. and my response to that is, artist’s grow up and they change. It’s boring to stay the same, but to me personally this felt very much itzy, just more grown up. I loved everything and the VISUALS were top notch. I can’t wait to see what us they have in store for this era.

ASHAMED of kpop?

By: Shanise Lachelle

Since I’ve become a multi-Stan of kpop I’ve been living my best life. I’m truly the happiest I’ve been in a really long time, and I love my kpop boys/ girls and will stan/protect them until the end of time.

But what I’ve noticed over the last 7 months or so is how MOST kpop stans feel the need to hide the fact that they stan *insert kpop group*. They have separate social medias for their kpop and get anxious when they post it on their main. They also hide the fact that they’re stans. And I just don’t understand.

Honestly who gives a CRAP. I’m grown and I’m not gonna let anyone make me feel like I can’t like something or shame me for it. Like grow up, it’s 2021. And when kpop stans act ASHAMED of kpop it adds to the stigma that there’s something wrong with liking korean music.

And to younger kpop stans, like your kpop music and don’t let ANYONE bully you for it. It’s literally not that serious. Liking kpop doesn’t make you weird, it just means you have exceptional taste in music.

Let’s stop making liking kpop music something to be ashamed of. You’re adding to the xenophobic problem not helping it. Post about it on your mains, blast it from your car, and talk about them regularly like you do any western popular artist. Kpop/Korean music has some of the most talented artists I’ve seen in a while, let the world know what they’re missing out on. IM A KPOP STAN AND IM PROUD AS PUNCH.

Guess Who Preview

By: Shanise Lachelle

So itzy has released an Album Sampler and I am SO excited. Every single song sounds like a BOP.

In the morning, kidding me and sorry not SORRY!!!!! I THINK ITZY IS GONNA MAKE A FEW POINTS. And they’re truly coming for everyone’s wings.

Just from the promo pictures alone, I knew I was gonna love this era!!! Now after hearing how the songs sound… I just know this will be my favorite comeback from them!!! I’m so excited. I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t think they were gonna go this hard. Oof I can’t wait for the videos and the CHOREOGRAPHY!!! bitch you know itzy is about to absolutely kill it. Let’s do this!!!

Confetti ft saweetie

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m going to keep this brief, as I feel like any real excitement is gonna lead to me being let down this Friday. I kind of want this era to be done with, jesy leaving ruined it. And it just puts a damper on this whole fun pop album , hearing jesy voice but knowing she wasn’t happy and eventually was going to quit little mix. It kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Putting that aside, confetti is one of my favorites off the album and I was curious what they were gonna do with jesy killer opening verse. Turns out they got saweetie on the track and I’m so excited.

On Monday April 26 they girls released a small snippet of the revamped single on tiktok, and I’m GAGGING. And from these set photos from the video I feel were getting some major looks. It’s giving me women like me vibes, I just hope it ACTUALLY does well and the girls actually promote it. Fingers crossed girls, this could actually be a proper hit.

Time to melt with Bts

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Monday and even HAPPIER Monday to army’s as we’ve woken up to News of a new Bts single titled “Butter”. The new single is the sister to dynamite as it’s their second all english single and is dropping on may 21!!! I’m really intrigued and can’t wait to see what our boys have in store for us.

Personally I feel they’re doing another english song to make the Western Gp happy and I can support that, I just don’t think the Western industry deserves them. But I know they want the grammys next year, so I can see what they’re doing. I also feel like their pushing out another Album with all this new content so they can enlist sooner rather than later and get it over with.

I personally think that’s the smartest move and for them to do it together. That way 7 go in and 7 come out. I can’t imagine them being (BTS) without jin or suga.

So are we excited for butter army’s!?! I’m tired of the comforting songs to be honest, we’ve had a year of it with Be and I loved it. But now I need turn up Bts back!! I need that grammys diss song.

Redd Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

To be honest when I got into mamamoo last year, whee in was the last to catch my eye. I know she’s part of the vocal line and obviously can sing her ass off, but I feel personally she got overshadowed by my instant love for my queen HWASA. It wasn’t until she recently dropped her solo redd that I became OBSESSED with miss whee in and can now appreciate her talents more, because honey WHEE IN HAS MAJOR VOCALS.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, I feel like mamamoo is more r&b but still they’re a kpop girlgroup, so I wasn’t sure what her sound was. I was pleasantly surprised that she’s got more of a soft R&b vibe.

I love this entire album and I know I say this alot, especially about kpop, but this album is giving me picnic- spring time vibes. I just love her voice. I hate to be a “solo” stan, but I’m starting to love mamamoos solo projects more than their group music.( Don’t shoot me) they’re still of course one of my favorite girl groups, it’s just they shine more solo, in my opinion.

Here are my favorites

1. Trash ft pH-1 : when I say bop you say TRASH BY WHEE IN!!!! Such a dirty but fun twerking song. Yes whee in honey, we are all trash.

2. Butterfly ft Gsoul- at this point I feel like every kpop artist has a song called butterfly and they’re all BOPS. This song is so beautiful and their voices go so well together and it gives me total 90s r&b vibes. Whee ins voice is so flipping pretty.

3. Spring time- I just love this song. Simple as that. It’s a great song and she sounds amazing.

After hearing redd , I’m now gonna check out her other solo work. Solo whee in, you’ve got a new fan. Well done. Redd is beautiful!!!