Top original Netflix picks📍

Here’s some of my 🔈🗣absolute favorites on netttyflix. And their best films (🔈IN MY OPINION) which as we know is always the right opinion 😁

  1. To all the boys I’ve loved before
  2. Birdbox
  3. Sexy education
  4. Dumplin
    Set it up

Favorite little mix albums in order

Here’s my favorites in order from favorite to least favorites. and when I say least favorite I mean the one i probably listen to the least lately. Because let’s be honest little mix don’t have any bad albums.🤷🏾‍♀️1. Glory days- sorry but this album is just full of bops!

2. Salute- the album the WORLD SLEPT ON. Which was a pity cause said album was also FULL of bops. Not one skip .

3 LM5- sucky name but one of their best albums with the worst ever promo.

4.get weird- the fun album that put them on the map after 2 years. Should’ve been salute but I’m not bitter.

5 . DNA- I truly listened to this album 270 million times in the year 2012. It was a great first album. Better than most first albums. I mean they had missy Elliot and t-boz as features on this album. They definitely started off in the music world with a bang

Ant-man stan❤️

Irony is when you skipped ant-man and ant-man and the wasp, because you THOUGHT they were the weakest (besides solo hulk films) marvel films. But you then sit down and watch them back to back and now you’re a SUPER HARDCORE ANTMAN STAN. point is NEVER judge a book or movie for that matter by it’s cover. Happy Saturday!

Favorite TWILIGHT series in order 🍎❤️

One day I sat down at work and this idea popped up into my head and I was like I wonder what order other twi-hard fans would put the films in and BOOM 💥 we’ve ended up here.

Although my personal opinion, I do believe this is the only correct order ( I said what I said).

1. Twilight- so many iconic one liners and moments! And for the low budget the cinematography was STUNNING.

2. Eclipse- over all my FAVORITE twilight of the series. Book and film.

3. Breaking dawn part 2: shit got real and we saw the human vampire baby grow super fast and win everyone over. Hello third favorite.

4.breaking dawn part 1- the wedding, the dress, Edwards hair finally not looking a mess. The bed breaking during their honeymoon. I could go on… but we all know.

5. New moon- last but last, new moon. Although I LOVED the spotlight being on the werewolf’s, this was the weakest book and film in my opinion. I still love it as part of the franchise. But it’s not one I pick up first. Hence the last place spot. (Sorry not sorry)

And there we are! Have you seen the twilight franchise?! What’s your favorite and least favorite?! (No twilight slander will be allowed here) !!!

Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.

  1. High school musical 1,2,3( sue me I was a child when I first fell inlove with musicals and these films introduced me to the theater world) and let’s not act like these films don’t have bops on all 3 soundtracks.
  2. Rent. LISTEN THIS SOUNDTRACK IS HEAVEN. Every single song is HEAVEN.
  3. Mamma mia. A whole film with abba songs!! How can you not love this musical!?!
  4. Hairspray. I sang “Good morning Baltimore” for a whole year straight when the remake first came out, even though I live in Florida.
  5. les miserables. I mean come on… Anne Hathaway in “I dreamed a dream” was so heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s one of those films I can’t watch too many times because of how sad it is. But the soundtrack be on repeat!

Favorite songs of LM5

Here are some of my current faves off LM5. (It changes everyday though tbh)

.monster in me

.think about us

.forget you not

.love a girl right

.more than words


.only you

Have you listened to LM5 yet?? What’s your favorite track off little mix’s latest album?