Favorite Jungkook Solos

This list was coming sooner or later, as he is my ultimate bias and number 1 kpop boy. Here’s my absolute favorite jk solo songs in order from favorite to least favorite.( But keep in mind they’re all my FAVORITES) 1. My Time- R&b Jungkook is my favorite and that live performance we got ofContinue reading “Favorite Jungkook Solos”

Favorite Kpop Songs of june

June went by pretty fast and before I knew it ,it was July. So here are the songs I was absolutely OBSESSED with last month and played repeatedly. 1. Yoongi entire d-2 album, from start to finish. It helps wake me up in morning and start my day. 2. Bts- butter, I’ve gotten my entireContinue reading “Favorite Kpop Songs of june”

Redd Review

To be honest when I got into mamamoo last year, whee in was the last to catch my eye. I know she’s part of the vocal line and obviously can sing her ass off, but I feel personally she got overshadowed by my instant love for my queen HWASA. It wasn’t until she recently droppedContinue reading “Redd Review”

Favorite Male idols

Now this has to be my favorite list I’ve ever put together. Here are (some,) of my favorite Male kpop idols . In no particular order, even though by now alot of you should know who my biases are. Everyone on this list is EXTRA talented, I just know if kpop was americanized , they’dContinue reading “Favorite Male idols”

Don’t call me review

It’s happened again, I’ve fallen into another kpop group black hole and this time it’s:SHINEE. I kept seeing aespa and superm react to don’t call me, so I got curious and now here I am a small FULL blown fan. I know they’ve been a group for over like 12 years and they sadly lostContinue reading “Don’t call me review”

Best to Worst Little Mix Albums

I know mixers, you’re reading my title and going ” WHAT THE HELL”?!? , truth is, little mix doesn’t have a “Bad Album” per say, but they definitely have weaker albums . Here are the best vs the worst. Keep in mind I LOVE ALL THEIR ALBUMS AND OWN THEM ALL . This is justContinue reading “Best to Worst Little Mix Albums”

Female Heroes

In honor of International Women’s Month, here are some of my favorite most inspirational women that I look up to. 1. Lupita- the first dark skin actress I saw in hollywood , who got major movie roles and won many Awards. 2. Oprah- a self made black billionaire. Who gives back just as much asContinue reading “Female Heroes”

Women I Love…

Happy International Women’s Month. Today’s post is all about my favorite women that I absolutely adore. 1. Hwasa 2. Jennie kim 3. Tati gabrielle 4. Jaz sinclair 5. Lizzo 6. Leighannepinnock 7. Chloe x halle 8. Willow smith 9. Jade thirlwall 10. Zendaya 11. Zoe kravitz 12. Fka twigs Who’s your favorite female celebrity!? AndContinue reading “Women I Love…”


I’m finally getting around to talking about my favorite songs off the absolute banger that is “OBSESSION”. You already know how Amazing the album was about to be when the first single was ” OBSESSION”. So here are my top 5 picks. 1. Yayaya- literally my favorite song at the moment and putting me inContinue reading “FAVORITE SONGS OFF OBSESSION”