Redd Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

To be honest when I got into mamamoo last year, whee in was the last to catch my eye. I know she’s part of the vocal line and obviously can sing her ass off, but I feel personally she got overshadowed by my instant love for my queen HWASA. It wasn’t until she recently dropped her solo redd that I became OBSESSED with miss whee in and can now appreciate her talents more, because honey WHEE IN HAS MAJOR VOCALS.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, I feel like mamamoo is more r&b but still they’re a kpop girlgroup, so I wasn’t sure what her sound was. I was pleasantly surprised that she’s got more of a soft R&b vibe.

I love this entire album and I know I say this alot, especially about kpop, but this album is giving me picnic- spring time vibes. I just love her voice. I hate to be a “solo” stan, but I’m starting to love mamamoos solo projects more than their group music.( Don’t shoot me) they’re still of course one of my favorite girl groups, it’s just they shine more solo, in my opinion.

Here are my favorites

1. Trash ft pH-1 : when I say bop you say TRASH BY WHEE IN!!!! Such a dirty but fun twerking song. Yes whee in honey, we are all trash.

2. Butterfly ft Gsoul- at this point I feel like every kpop artist has a song called butterfly and they’re all BOPS. This song is so beautiful and their voices go so well together and it gives me total 90s r&b vibes. Whee ins voice is so flipping pretty.

3. Spring time- I just love this song. Simple as that. It’s a great song and she sounds amazing.

After hearing redd , I’m now gonna check out her other solo work. Solo whee in, you’ve got a new fan. Well done. Redd is beautiful!!!

Favorite Male idols

By : Shanise Lachelle

Now this has to be my favorite list I’ve ever put together. Here are (some,) of my favorite Male kpop idols . In no particular order, even though by now alot of you should know who my biases are. Everyone on this list is EXTRA talented, I just know if kpop was americanized , they’d also be popular over there as well.

1. Jungkook- I know I said no particular order, but my number 1 has to be number one. He’s after all the golden maknae. And my favorite person on this entire planet.

2. Baekhyun- my little bacon has quickly become one of my favorite people, not only his talent, but his hyper personality and humourous wit makes you instantly fall inlove with him. Let’s not forget those cheeks.


3. Suho- now we get into soft hours, if you would have told 14 year old Shanise that 29 year old Shanise would have a thing for soft men, she’d laugh in your face. I used to LOVE a bad boy/ dickhead, so the fact that I’ve now been introduced to soft gentle men, I love it here and im never leaving. From his soft spoken manner,to his soft singing voice, to his soft but firm leadership skills, suho instantly stole my heart.

4. Do- A insane POWERFUL R&b voice but the most simple, sweet and quiet personality. You almost forget he’s in one of the biggest kpop groups in the world or even forget he’s sitting there. He’s comfortable with blending in to the background and letting his members take the lead. Which I can relate to. He also never really talks unless he has something important to say, which I also love. It’s easy to look over him and think of him as boring. I don’t, I just think Do is the sweetest thing. And I wanna protect this little plump lip boy from the world. There’s something special about his quietness.

5 . Minho- I’ve just been introduced to Mr. Flaming personality , and thought ” oh my god he is so FINE” . I would have NEVER thought he was in the maknae line or so soft and cute outside the stage. He’s literally a big giant adorable baby. And I’m not offering my hand in marriage, but I’m also NOT offering my hand . Also didn’t realize he was this insane rapper. He literally loves his members so much and always dotes on them. And he’s GREAT with kids. Whoever marrys him is gonna be so lucky.

6. Onew- the president of Soft boy. He just makes my heart melt into a puddle and makes me wanna bake cookies and cakes for him. And listen to him quietly explain his day. And do puzzles together. Look I wanna live that cottage core life with onew.

now on to the kpop boys that eat up the stage every time and have me double question who my bias is- EVERY SINGLE TIME.

7. Taemin- truly the devil child of shinee. He’s so chaotic and a literal spoiler king. He’s hilarious but when he gets on STAGE, my son leaves NO CRUMBS. NONE!! And everyone is well fed.

8. Jimin- so much chaotic good in this little body. Jimin will get on stage and have you questioning your entire bias line. He’s so POWERFUL and mighty. If jimin asked for my first born- I’d happily hand it over. And you’d be wise to do the same.

9. Kai- man, kai gets on stage and performs like the rent is due EVERY DAMN TIME. He never lets you rest, and his solo album- FULL OF BOOTY POPPING BOPS. He would be on my soft boy list, If it wasn’t for all the times he gets on stage and looses his damn mind. DEMON. Mmh kai is the cultural reset kpop needed. And that’s FACTS.

10. Taehyung- would also be on my soft boy list, but have you seen tae perform?!? He gives off this grandpa vibe in everyday life then gets on stage and becomes a whole entire hoe, and for that reason alone, I will stan for LIFE. I love me a grandpa acting hoe.

These are my favorite kpop boys, just off the top of my head and the ones I’m most invested in. did any of your favorites make the list? And which do you prefer more? The demon line? Or soft boy line?

Don’t call me review

By: Shanise Lachelle

It’s happened again, I’ve fallen into another kpop group black hole and this time it’s:SHINEE. I kept seeing aespa and superm react to don’t call me, so I got curious and now here I am a small FULL blown fan. I know they’ve been a group for over like 12 years and they sadly lost a member to suicide. And 3 of the four have already done their military duty’s. When I read about their tragic past it was hard for me personally to see past that and it was kind of a trigger for me. So I didn’t want to get into them, just knowing if I ever wanted to listen to their older music their lost member would in their music. But after hearing this entire album and watching live Performances and their interviews, I decided if they could push ahead and keep going, I could stan them. And not label them because of their tragic past.

So introduction aside, let’s get into this review. I was pleasantly surprised by shinee and I LOVED the entire album, so picking FAVORITES was very hard.

This entire album gives me spring vibes, like it’s something I’ll listen too on a road trip, on a picnic, a walk in the park, at the pool ect. It just feels so warm and comfortable and cozy and like fresh flowers. They officially got a fan out of me and this was such a good introduction to shinee for me.

Here are my favorites

1. Code- girl the intro alone with minho(bias wrecker) and key( other bias wrecker) is enough to make you stan shinee for life.

2. Don’t call me- I have to put their single on this list, only because it’s a bop and it’s what got me into shinee. Not to mention they all look AMAZING in this video. They’re only getting better with age. Onew with his nonchalant baby doll face and deep chocolate vocals got me hooked and I just knew he was gonna be my bias.

3 I really want you- a fun 80s themed BOP!!!!! It really gives me michael jackson vibes .

4. Body Rhythm- this is the only summer themed song on this album and rightfully so. Body rhythm has some Rights. And onew in this song….* Fights the air*

5. kind- as soon as the song started I stopped what I was doing and just listened. For some reason it just feels so personal and makes you feel so emotional. This song is personal for them and they wrote it for their fans , you can FEEL IT. It’s my favorite and one of the best on the entire album. I gotta shout out onew once again for those vocals… Because HOLY GOODNESS, his voice is magic.

I’m glad I decided to give them a chance. Not only are they Legends, and continue to get better with age. They are SUPER talented and HILARIOUS . What they went through could have and should have broken them, but they continue on and decided not to let that be shinees story, just part of it. I just know he’s watching from heaven so proud of his brother’s.

Best to Worst Little Mix Albums

By : Shanise Lachelle

I know mixers, you’re reading my title and going ” WHAT THE HELL”?!? , truth is, little mix doesn’t have a “Bad Album” per say, but they definitely have weaker albums . Here are the best vs the worst. Keep in mind I LOVE ALL THEIR ALBUMS AND OWN THEM ALL . This is just my humble opinion.


1. Glory days- Glory days really put them on the map!! And it’s full of bops and glory days era had some of their best videos .

2. Salute- I will NEVER forget the industry and mixers for letting this masterpiece of an album FLOP HARD . Every single song could have been a single and every single song goes HARD. Salute will always rain supreme. She never ages.

3. Get weird- this was the start of something new for little mix. Black magic really took off and the promo and content we got out of this era was insane!!! Not to mention it’s just a fun random pop album. And hello it has lighting, love me or leave me, grown and omg on it. BOP NATION.

4. LM5- sadly this is when they decided to leave simons label , so LM5 got paid dust. But this album lyrically, is their best!! Had they had a stable management and label , this album would have made them MASSIVE.


5. Dna sis I’m so sorry I had to do this to you. Compared to your sisters you just fall weak. Now dna was a super impressive debut, but alot of the songs now I can’t even take seriously . Now don’t get me wrong, DNA is still a BOP. Just like a cringey bop.

6. Confetti- Not a bad album at all, just not cohesive at all. And compared to her sisters , falls a little short. It’s like a drunk version of get weird. Remember that scrapped album before get weird, they threw away, I bet Confetti has some of it’s songs . Still confetti is an entire bop and it’s fun sure… But they could have done better. Break up song , holiday and gloves up don’t fit. And the songs were all super short. It’s almost like they rushed it . And with all the jesy drama, I can honestly understand why.

So there you have it mixers. This is my opinion and you can disagree, that’s okay. Sound off in the comments below if you agree or disagree. I would love to hear your reasons. Until next time.

Female Heroes

By : Shanise Lachelle

In honor of International Women’s Month, here are some of my favorite most inspirational women that I look up to.

1. Lupita- the first dark skin actress I saw in hollywood , who got major movie roles and won many Awards.

2. Oprah- a self made black billionaire. Who gives back just as much as she makes.

3. Harriet tubman- saw her film last year and became OBSESSED!! She should definitely be talked about more and taught to kids more in schools. What a WOMAN!

4. Michelle Obama- what’s not to love about michelle, she smart, classy and always looks so graceful.

Who are some of the women who inspire you the most? They don’t have to be famous.


Women I Love…

Happy International Women’s Month. Today’s post is all about my favorite women that I absolutely adore.

By : Shanise Lachelle

1. Hwasa

2. Jennie kim

3. Tati gabrielle

4. Jaz sinclair

5. Lizzo

6. Leighannepinnock

7. Chloe x halle

8. Willow smith

9. Jade thirlwall

10. Zendaya

11. Zoe kravitz

12. Fka twigs

Who’s your favorite female celebrity!? And did she make my list? These are just my top tier women, not even close to all the women I adore and love.


By: Shanise Lachelle

I’m finally getting around to talking about my favorite songs off the absolute banger that is “OBSESSION”. You already know how Amazing the album was about to be when the first single was ” OBSESSION”. So here are my top 5 picks.

1. Yayaya- literally my favorite song at the moment and putting me in such a spring feel good mood. I wish D.O could’ve been on this song. He would have killed it.

2. OBSESSION- this song was my introduction to EXO and what an introduction it was. I was obsessed to say the least.

3. Groove- listen suho and CHEN LITERALLY MURDER THIS SONG. Omg!!! Chen’s vocals are just pure HEAVEN. He’s without a doubt my favorite male vocalist ever. No question, he’s the GOAT. And suhos angelic vocals are just perfect for this song. This whole song is just a BOP.

4. Jekyll- I should’ve known from the title of the song, it was gonna be a BOP.

5. Baby you are- another feel good spring/summer song. Perfect for car trips and rolling your windows down to get fresh hair. I feel like this song would be played alot on the radio during summer and in the malls.

This ENTIRE album is just such a vibe and puts you in a good mood. Which you wouldn’t get from the packaging and the concepts. This was “Dark Exo”, but most of the album was light and soft.

Overall, this was a great introduction to Exo and I can’t wait to dive into their other albums.

Next up: Exo the war


By : Shanise Lachelle

Here are my most listened too and absolute favorite songs at the moment- EXO EDITION.

* let me just say EXO is about to be right up there with bts and queen for my favorite bands/groups.*

1. EXO-, yayaya- exo didn’t have to go that hard, but they did. And they did it espically for the black exo fans. They’re officially invited to the cookout.

2. EXO- MONSTER- I’m still making my way through their songs and videos and this one is a recent Favorite. The choreo to this is INSANE. This video made me soft for lay.

3. EXO- KOKOBOP- as I sit here typing this out , it plays in my head. Truly a BOP.

Honorable mention: EXO – THE EVE. FOREVER on repeat.

What’s your favorite exo song? And are you a exo fan? They’re legit incredible and have some of the best vocalist I’ve ever heard.

My Top 3 Favorite jimin looks.

By :Shanise Lachelle

I would just like to start off by saying this was incredibly hard, as there are MANY jimin hairstyles that deserve love, maybe I will do a part two. But for now here are my absolute favorite jimin looks.


2. Blonde jimin- Blonde jimin is like a sin. He just looks so damn good with platinum blonde hair.

3. Pink Jimin- look at pink hair jimin and tell me he’s not the most beautiful pink haired fairy you’ve ever seen.

This post was inspired by my random jimin thirst I had today. Like the bias wrecker he is, it just HIT ME out of nowhere. And he had me asking myself was kook really my ultimate!? That damn park jimin. He really is lokey my bias though. He caught my eye first when I was introduced to BTS. And I called him ” LIPS” FOR a month straight before I got into them.


Which jimin hairstyle is YOUR FAVORITE? Let’s discuss….


By: Shanise Lachelle

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to listen to this ALBUM. I just wasn’t ready for another ariana album and I wasn’t hyped for one. She had just released two albums back to back and the lead single positions seemed so bland as a title track. But I caved and listened to the entire album and miss grande has done it again!! And like I said, I don’t how positions was chosen as the lead single when the entire album is FULL of bops. Anyways I give positions 5/5. She really doesn’t miss when it comes to making a great pop/rb album.

It was hard to pick a top 5, but here she goes.

1. 34+35

2.just like magic the table

4.six thirty

5 nasty

Honorable mention: safety net
Have you listened to positions yet? And what’s your favorite?