LGBTQ spotlight 🌈

Today’s LGBTQ spotlight is on Rowan blanchard. Former Disney actress and activist. I was a big fan of girl meets world and was super sad they canceled it. It dealt with and spoke about issues kids/teens deal with everyday. Disney missed out on a big opportunity by canceling.

Thank you , next

As an Ariana grande fan I was severely disappointed in sweetener. I only liked ntltc and god is a woman . So I was happy when I found out that she was doing another album, but was slightly nervous that it would follow the previous route. But as I sit here listening to the album in full, I’m BLOWN away by the vocals, vocals and vocals hunny. The production is simple and beautiful and it’s an entire bop! I haven’t found a song I dislike yet. I give this album a 5/5!! This sounds like it may be my favorite album of hers after dangerous woman. I think she should continue with the R&b route. It suits her voice more. And gives her vocals time to really to SHINE. She just proves with this album that she is that BITCH👏👏👏 I am living for this single super confident Ariana!! This album is SICKENING.

Favorites so far:

1. All in my head

2. Ghostin

3.7 rings

4. Needy


Velvet buzzsaw

For the last couple of weeks I’ve heard countless things (mostly bad) about this film and how awful and let down a lot of people were. I also saw the trailer and was like nah so I skipped it. Cut to a few weeks later and people are STILL bitching about it, so i decided to give it a go last night. And I mean how bad could it be with all the A-listers in it right?! Wrong… well kind of. To start off I give the film a 3/4 stars simply for the acting and story plot line alone. The rest did fall flat. As a horror film and a film released through Netflix the horror and gore should have gone all the way. But they barley touched the surface. Even the few sex scenes were lack luster. I will say jake gyllenhall( I’m sure I spelt that wrong) SOLD this movie and acted his ass off. And that’s saying a lot. The characters in this movie were ALL completely unlikeable and I found myself saying good when they died. The only good character in this movie was 22 year old art assistant coco. I did feel bad for her. And somewhat for jakes character towards the end when he realized what was going on and tried to stop it. But it was too late. As the only one who tries to right his wrongs somewhat, I think he should have lived. I completely HATED josephina, which I think was the point. She was cold, bland, fame/money hungry and ruthless. The actress played her to a T. Because I’m pretty sure if she’s ever in anything else I won’t like her. The film is about the LA ART SCENE. And how pretentious and snooty and money hungry they all (seem) to be. One day josephina discovers her neighbor has died and has left behind a collection of really depressing but really good art. Afcourse she decides to STEAL IT AND PROFIT FROM IT, cause that’s the moral thing to do right?! And all hell breaks loose. I don’t wanna spoil too much. But it’s a worth a watch just for a laugh or to be confused. Or to watch jake gyllenhall act his ass off( and stare at his amazing body). But either way it wasn’t as bad as everyone tried to make it. It just needed more, more gore and horror. I will say the last scene completely threw me and was the best scene of the whole film. so 3/4 for creativity and acting. But it could have been so much better!!

Favorite TWILIGHT series in order 🍎❤️

One day I sat down at work and this idea popped up into my head and I was like I wonder what order other twi-hard fans would put the films in and BOOM 💥 we’ve ended up here.

Although my personal opinion, I do believe this is the only correct order ( I said what I said).

1. Twilight- so many iconic one liners and moments! And for the low budget the cinematography was STUNNING.

2. Eclipse- over all my FAVORITE twilight of the series. Book and film.

3. Breaking dawn part 2: shit got real and we saw the human vampire baby grow super fast and win everyone over. Hello third favorite.

4.breaking dawn part 1- the wedding, the dress, Edwards hair finally not looking a mess. The bed breaking during their honeymoon. I could go on… but we all know.

5. New moon- last but last, new moon. Although I LOVED the spotlight being on the werewolf’s, this was the weakest book and film in my opinion. I still love it as part of the franchise. But it’s not one I pick up first. Hence the last place spot. (Sorry not sorry)

And there we are! Have you seen the twilight franchise?! What’s your favorite and least favorite?! (No twilight slander will be allowed here) !!!

🌈LGBTQ spotlight 🌈

Today’s LGBTQ spotlight isthe beautiful and multitalented amandla stenberg❤️🌈 she came out as BI in 2015 and last year came out as gay. She’s had 3 movies come out in the last year and is also working on new music. most recently seen in the hate you give.