Solo Rose is Coming!!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

I didn’t even intend on posting about rosie today but I log onto instagram and see this?!

I’m so excited and can’t wait for solo ROSE!!!! Yg I might finally give y’all some Rights,!!!!!!!!

Let’s go! Are you excited for more solo music from blackpink!? And which member do we want to see next?,

Fashion Editor Jennie Kim

By : Shanise Lachelle

I wasn’t gonna let this moment pass without taking about it! Oh you know, just korea it girl things. Being fashion editor’s for vouge. No big deal.

Except it’s actually a huge deal . Jennie is out here just collecting brands and getting opportunities left and right. Really showing everyone how it’s done. There’s only ONE jennie kim and she’s killing it. All while remaining humble as ever.

And look how stunning she is, can’t wait for the other photos to be released.

The Category is: Aespa

By :Shanise Lachelle

The Category is FACE and Aespa is SERVING!!! just look at them, when these photos dropped I was speechless. The girls are covering this months Dazed Korea and they look amazing.

Can you believe how MY stays winning?! Aespa really is THAT rookie girl group. I keep saying it and they keep raising the bar and proving it. It’s just facts at this point.

I do have to point out my honorable mentions from this shoot: NINGNING AND GISELLE ARE KILLING IT!!! Ningning looks like a legit high fashion model. That’s my GIRL. THIS makes me even more excited for that comeback and the album. Come on through AESPA!!!!

Introducing ME

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hello! I’ve gotten a few new followers in the past few weeks, So I thought I should finally get around to doing one of these.


1 . My name’s Shanise but my internet handle is AsToldByShanise.

2. I’ve had this blog for two years now!! And I love it

3. I love to write and read. I have two bookshelves full of stories I’ve written and books I’ve read .

4. I own two small businesses. Both of them selling jewelry and accessories. (AvecAmourByShanise and SHANISE-QUE)

5. I’m in multiple fandoms.

6. I also have a youtube!!

7. My day time job is working with kids!! I love kids but I’m 99.9% sure I don’t want any.

8. I’m pretty introverted and I do enjoy my solitude

9. I’m actually quite nerdy but you wouldn’t know because I’ve hidden that part of me for years out of shame.

10. For the past year and half I’ve been getting to know myself better and relearning who I actually am and what I actually want out of life.

11. I’m about to be 30 but I look freshly 18.

12. I’m super sensitive but put on a bitchy front to protect myself.

13. I LOVE all holidays. (I’m pretty sure I get this from my mother)

14. I’m pretty laid-back and goofy .

15. I absolutely HATE talking about myself. It makes me cringe to be the center of unwanted attention.

I’m gonna end it there…lol this was much harder than I thought it would be. But hello nice to meet you, let’s be pals.

I don’t bite and would love to chat on here or any of my socials.

And especially if you’re a kpop stan, HIT ME UP.

Black Mamba vs FOREVER

By :Shanise Lachelle

Now that Aespa has TWO singles out , it’s time to compare and see which is the better single.

We have the absolute BOP Black Mamba and the soft angelic Forever. I personally like black MAMBA more, but forever is growing on me .

black Mamba for me was just the perfect introduction song and the perfect debut song. It REALLY PUT AESPA on the map. And had all the locals scared for their FAVORITES. It just goes hard with every listen and gets better and better. Not to mention the video is super cool and FULL of visuals!!! I’ll seriously never get tired of hearing it . And don’t get me started on that choreography!!! Amazing, bomb, GREAT. And the fact they can do it live and it matches with the video- ooof the flavor and the pure TALENT.

Now on to Forever, I don’t hate the song. And it’s growing on me so much to the point I walk around randomly singing it. But it just wasn’t what I expected from their first comeback. I really wanted to see Giselle and Karina rapping. But instead I got them both showing off their incredible vocals, which honestly I was surprised. Aespa literally has 4 vocals , 4 visuals and 4 dancers. Who’s doing like AESPA!? nobody!!!! Although I would have preferred a more upbeat song, forever is the healing song we all didn’t know we needed.

It’s hard to really compare two Amazing but different songs. I do overall prefer black mamba but I do love forever as well.

What’s your favorite of the two? And what are we expecting from their third comeback!? I just need the rapline to come through!!! I’m literally begging SM AT THIS POINT. Let my girls rap!!

Forever Reaction

By: Shanise Lachelle

Forever is the Newest promotional single from my girls Aespa. Now when I saw the promo pictures last week, I knew it would be soft. And then I saw the snippet and I still had hopes for a full out choreography video .

But it’s just what it looked like and perhaps something we all needed. It’s a soft , warm, and romantic love song that I can see playing on kdramas in the future.

EVERY girl has her vocal moment to shine. Proving that Aespa may be coming for every girlgroups neck, I’ve yet to see a girlgroup(kpop wise) WHERE EVERYONE can actually sing, if need be.

They said black mamba we showed you all we can dance, now with forever we’re gonna give you vocals bitch!!

They look so GORGEOUS and sound amazing, and miss ningning with that high note, that’s my girl!! AFCOURSE it’s not what I expected, but I read somewhere this is just a promo single, and the actual comeback will be coming soon. They still all sounded great and it’s such a cute song you don’t realize the video is over 5 mins long.

Aespa is really setting themselves up to be THAT ROOKIE GROUP.


By :Shanise Lachelle

BlackPink had their turn at a online concert on January 31st and it was brilliant!!!!

First off, it started on time and we didn’t have to wait hours from the said started time. Second every performance was AMAZING AND THE GIRLS ATE EACH PERFORMANCE UP!!

They opened the show with kill this love and crazy over you and it was just what we needed to get us hype. I loved that they had a live band and the choreo to alot of the performances was INSANE. I didn’t know what to expect from them concert wise, I’m a baby blink and this was my first black pink concert and they did NOT let me down.


Rosie’s solo: I LOVED the little snippet of the video and how it went straight into the live performance. I need to know who hurt my girl though!? I just wanna talk I promise…

Lisa’s dance break she added to dojas cat “Say So” cause damn it just made the song 1000 times better.

Lisa’s singing PERIOD!! She needs to sing more.

Jisso looking STUNNING!!

All the new choreography and dance breaks!!!


They looked amazing and sounded amazing!! And they looked so grateful and happy to be performing again. Even if blinks couldn’t be there in person. They all did a great job and the sets were incredible!!! Not once did blackpink let me breathe and I’m so happy I bought tickets and got to experience the show. What was your favorite part?!


By :Shanise Lachelle

I will admit, I never EVER got the whole kpop craze until I got into BTS this past summer. Even then I still thought, ” I’m only gonna be into Bts so I should be fine”. But of course as soon as I got into kpop, I GOT INTO IT. And surprisingly enough( maybe not all that surprising) I got into the kpop girlbands and not the boybands. Here are some of my favorite kpop girl groups right now. My top 4!!! Of course this could change the further I get into kpop, but for the last few months these girlies have gotten me through the last remaining months of covid 2020.

1. BLACK PINK- the first kpop band i got into. Even way before BTS. My girl jennie is my bias.

2. ITZY- my asian version of little mix! Listening to their music just instantly puts me in a good mood and they’re some of the best dancers I’ve seen !! Ryujin is my bias.

3. Aespa- they’re a newer group but their first single BLACK MAMBA is my jam!! What a way to introduce yourself to the world with such a banger. I instantly became a fan
.ningning is my bias .

4. Mamamoo- the fist kpop girl group that I’ve seen that wasn’t all cutesy but actually sexy. I became a stan in a nano second . Hwasa is my bias and I love solo Hwasa so much.

Are you into kpop? And are you more into the girl groups or the boy groups?!

She’s sorry…

If you’ve been living under a very huge rock then you wouldn’t know that Doja cat was being cancelled YET AGAIN, but this time for being a racist. The rumor spread pretty quickly and within hours the Star was being cancelled for being in chat rooms being weird and racist with fans. Doja posted last night that she’s sorry and didn’t mean to offend anyone. She also said she’s not racist and loves her black heritage! She did admit to being in those chat rooms and that she probably shouldn’t have been. My thing with this whole debacle is , 1. Canceling someone never solves anything. And more than half the time it makes them more popular and people tend to sweep whatever offensive thing the star did under the rug(Camilla cabello). And 2. If she admits to being in the chatrooms who’s to say she hasn’t said those things?! What on earth are you doing in those type of chat rooms that hate everything you are? I believe she’s sorry? But I also believe she may have said a racist thing or two and tried to mask it as a joke. What do you all think?! Is Doja really sorry? Or just sorry she got caught?