Next Level reaction!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Well Aespa has done it again. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to expect with this single. Even though I Loved the concept photos and the teasers, I was still like ehhh. Black mamba had to grow on me and so did forever. So I honestly knew I wasn’t gonna love it right away, no matter how much I loved the concepts.

But HOLY ENTIRE SHIT!!!! This song right here really is next level. I’ve never heard a song like it and it’s literally like 3 songs in one. Everytime you get used to the futuristic beat and “I’m on the next level “, they switch it up again. The 3 songs in one did catch me off guard at first and I was like ” what in the world is going on?” But then after watching the video a few times and as expected it grew on me and I loved it .

We FINALLY got our rapline showing the fuck out and it’s about time. I honestly don’t know why they waited two singles deep to let Gisele and Karina rap, but atleast we got it for NEXT Level. Better now than never. All the girls look amazing, but my standout is miss ningning.

I wasn’t a fan of the red hair and I’m never a fan when idols dye their hair red, but she’s rocking it and looks so FINE. Ningning coming for your ENTIRE bias list.

What did you think of NEXT Level? And which do you prefer, black mamba or next level?

Suga Rush

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night I had a real yoongi boyfriend dream. It was warm and fuzzy and felt so real I woke up confused. So alas here we are with my suga thirst reaching an all time high .

Mr. Min Yoongi is my favorite kpop rapper and my favorite rapper in BTS rapline. he’s just so vicious and cold and blunt when he’s rapping. Then you see him in interviews and he’s quiet and has this sort of calm humor and wit to him. I definitely didn’t notice him when I first got into bts and when I did all I saw was ” the quiet one with the gorgeous skin”. I did NOT think he’d be a rapping, producing BEAST. I also didn’t have an immediate attraction to him, it grew over time. And when it blossomed , I was left gasping for air. Not only is he humble and talented, he’s GORGEOUS. and anyone who says he’s not can GTFO. Join me on my downwards yoongi spiral .

Suga DEFINITELY has bias wrecker potential. Like y’all better wake the fuck up and stop sleeping on him. He’s like a quiet storm.
PS – this album is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solo Yoongi is such BDE.

Dancing with Demi

By : Shanise Lachelle

This new era has just started and it’s already starting with a bang. With her new critically acclaimed documentary and new album ,Demi is back and better than ever!!

I knew something was missing with the i love me era, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It seemed to safe, bland. It was Demi but it wasn’t. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew she was better than that. That she had more to give musically. In other words no matter how amazing, I love me was BORING.

This new era feels fresh and honest. And even though I was AGAINST demi ONCE again talking about her struggles and making it even more public, I feel like this is something she needs to do for herself. The documentary shows us what we already know plus even more, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. The horrible part is, we’re only two episodes in and I’m like- I cried all the way through the first two , I won’t be able to sit through any more sadness. I love demi with all my heart, and think she has more talent in her toenails than most artist today. I just HATE that she’s been reduced to this addict pop star, when she’s so much more! And I personally feel like the more documentaries she does on it, the more people will push that label on her and care nothing about her music. But if she needs to do this to heal, I’ll support her.

Anyways this era is SERVING us so much. I can’t wait to actually hear the entire album and see what else she has in store for us.

Look how healthy and radiant she looks. I approve.

Don’t call me review

By: Shanise Lachelle

It’s happened again, I’ve fallen into another kpop group black hole and this time it’s:SHINEE. I kept seeing aespa and superm react to don’t call me, so I got curious and now here I am a small FULL blown fan. I know they’ve been a group for over like 12 years and they sadly lost a member to suicide. And 3 of the four have already done their military duty’s. When I read about their tragic past it was hard for me personally to see past that and it was kind of a trigger for me. So I didn’t want to get into them, just knowing if I ever wanted to listen to their older music their lost member would in their music. But after hearing this entire album and watching live Performances and their interviews, I decided if they could push ahead and keep going, I could stan them. And not label them because of their tragic past.

So introduction aside, let’s get into this review. I was pleasantly surprised by shinee and I LOVED the entire album, so picking FAVORITES was very hard.

This entire album gives me spring vibes, like it’s something I’ll listen too on a road trip, on a picnic, a walk in the park, at the pool ect. It just feels so warm and comfortable and cozy and like fresh flowers. They officially got a fan out of me and this was such a good introduction to shinee for me.

Here are my favorites

1. Code- girl the intro alone with minho(bias wrecker) and key( other bias wrecker) is enough to make you stan shinee for life.

2. Don’t call me- I have to put their single on this list, only because it’s a bop and it’s what got me into shinee. Not to mention they all look AMAZING in this video. They’re only getting better with age. Onew with his nonchalant baby doll face and deep chocolate vocals got me hooked and I just knew he was gonna be my bias.

3 I really want you- a fun 80s themed BOP!!!!! It really gives me michael jackson vibes .

4. Body Rhythm- this is the only summer themed song on this album and rightfully so. Body rhythm has some Rights. And onew in this song….* Fights the air*

5. kind- as soon as the song started I stopped what I was doing and just listened. For some reason it just feels so personal and makes you feel so emotional. This song is personal for them and they wrote it for their fans , you can FEEL IT. It’s my favorite and one of the best on the entire album. I gotta shout out onew once again for those vocals… Because HOLY GOODNESS, his voice is magic.

I’m glad I decided to give them a chance. Not only are they Legends, and continue to get better with age. They are SUPER talented and HILARIOUS . What they went through could have and should have broken them, but they continue on and decided not to let that be shinees story, just part of it. I just know he’s watching from heaven so proud of his brother’s.

Happy International Women’s day!

It’s international women’s day and march is international women’s month, so all week I’ll be doing a few women loving posts. I LOVE being a woman/ girl/ female and everyday in my book is international women’s day. We should always be celebrated. My women’s month also includes my trans sisters and nonbinary pals.💗

By : Shanise Lachelle

Here’s my ultimate GIRLPOWER playlist- there are plenty more that should be on this list, but I drew a blank when planning. So here she is….

1. Salute- Little Mix

2. Gloves up- Little Mix
3. Wannabe- Itzy
4.Pretty Savage- Blackpink

5. Solo- Jennie Kim
6. Bicycle- Chungha
7. Stand down- little mix
8.7 rings- Ariana Grande
9. Just like magic- Ariana grande
10. God is a woman- Ariana Grande

11 . Independent Women- Destiny’s child
12 Beyonce – single ladies

13. Beyonce- who run the world
14. Power- little mix
15. Bitch- Bea Miller
16. Birds of prey soundtrack

17. Halsey- nightmare

What songs are on your ultimate girl power playlist!?

Fashion Editor Jennie Kim

By : Shanise Lachelle

I wasn’t gonna let this moment pass without taking about it! Oh you know, just korea it girl things. Being fashion editor’s for vouge. No big deal.

Except it’s actually a huge deal . Jennie is out here just collecting brands and getting opportunities left and right. Really showing everyone how it’s done. There’s only ONE jennie kim and she’s killing it. All while remaining humble as ever.

And look how stunning she is, can’t wait for the other photos to be released.

The Category is: Aespa

By :Shanise Lachelle

The Category is FACE and Aespa is SERVING!!! just look at them, when these photos dropped I was speechless. The girls are covering this months Dazed Korea and they look amazing.

Can you believe how MY stays winning?! Aespa really is THAT rookie girl group. I keep saying it and they keep raising the bar and proving it. It’s just facts at this point.

I do have to point out my honorable mentions from this shoot: NINGNING AND GISELLE ARE KILLING IT!!! Ningning looks like a legit high fashion model. That’s my GIRL. THIS makes me even more excited for that comeback and the album. Come on through AESPA!!!!

Introducing ME

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hello! I’ve gotten a few new followers in the past few weeks, So I thought I should finally get around to doing one of these.


1 . My name’s Shanise but my internet handle is AsToldByShanise.

2. I’ve had this blog for two years now!! And I love it

3. I love to write and read. I have two bookshelves full of stories I’ve written and books I’ve read .

4. I own two small businesses. Both of them selling jewelry and accessories. (AvecAmourByShanise and SHANISE-QUE)

5. I’m in multiple fandoms.

6. I also have a youtube!!

7. My day time job is working with kids!! I love kids but I’m 99.9% sure I don’t want any.

8. I’m pretty introverted and I do enjoy my solitude

9. I’m actually quite nerdy but you wouldn’t know because I’ve hidden that part of me for years out of shame.

10. For the past year and half I’ve been getting to know myself better and relearning who I actually am and what I actually want out of life.

11. I’m about to be 30 but I look freshly 18.

12. I’m super sensitive but put on a bitchy front to protect myself.

13. I LOVE all holidays. (I’m pretty sure I get this from my mother)

14. I’m pretty laid-back and goofy .

15. I absolutely HATE talking about myself. It makes me cringe to be the center of unwanted attention.

I’m gonna end it there…lol this was much harder than I thought it would be. But hello nice to meet you, let’s be pals.

I don’t bite and would love to chat on here or any of my socials.

And especially if you’re a kpop stan, HIT ME UP.

Black Mamba vs FOREVER

By :Shanise Lachelle

Now that Aespa has TWO singles out , it’s time to compare and see which is the better single.

We have the absolute BOP Black Mamba and the soft angelic Forever. I personally like black MAMBA more, but forever is growing on me .

black Mamba for me was just the perfect introduction song and the perfect debut song. It REALLY PUT AESPA on the map. And had all the locals scared for their FAVORITES. It just goes hard with every listen and gets better and better. Not to mention the video is super cool and FULL of visuals!!! I’ll seriously never get tired of hearing it . And don’t get me started on that choreography!!! Amazing, bomb, GREAT. And the fact they can do it live and it matches with the video- ooof the flavor and the pure TALENT.

Now on to Forever, I don’t hate the song. And it’s growing on me so much to the point I walk around randomly singing it. But it just wasn’t what I expected from their first comeback. I really wanted to see Giselle and Karina rapping. But instead I got them both showing off their incredible vocals, which honestly I was surprised. Aespa literally has 4 vocals , 4 visuals and 4 dancers. Who’s doing like AESPA!? nobody!!!! Although I would have preferred a more upbeat song, forever is the healing song we all didn’t know we needed.

It’s hard to really compare two Amazing but different songs. I do overall prefer black mamba but I do love forever as well.

What’s your favorite of the two? And what are we expecting from their third comeback!? I just need the rapline to come through!!! I’m literally begging SM AT THIS POINT. Let my girls rap!!