Favorite white boys of the decade ❤️🤤

Here’s a little silly but worthy list of ALL my white boys crushes this decade. the favorite white boys of the month in no real order.

  1. Logan lerman- we all started off the decade with Percy Jackson as our crush.
  2. Harry styles
  3. Chris Evans-human torch and captain america🤤
  4. Jamie dornan- fifty shades of FINE ASS DADDY MATERIAL.
  5. Hero fiennes tiffin
  6. Dylan sprouse
  7. Dylan Arnold
  8. Penn badgley
  9. Zany Malik-before he was a cheating scum
  10. Niall Horace
  11. Liam payne
  12. Gavin leatherwood
  13. Alex fitzalan
  14. Christopher wood
  15. Paul Wesley
  16. Robert Pattinson
  17. Shia labeouf
    Dacre montgomery
    Timothee chalamet
    Glenn Powell
  • Happy 10’years🥳👏!! Did your favorite make the list? Who on the list was your favorite white boy of the month?! And I KNOW, I have excellent taste.
  • Goodbye 2019

    Here’s the thing, the god honest truth, 2019 was the hardest year I’ve had in a long time. I went fresh into the new year with a new job and a new semester of school and full of hope(New website). Ended up succeeding in work but failed an entire semester of school. I dropped out temporally. I made new friends whilst keeping the old ones. New friends turned out not to be so good for my mental health. Old friends started new ventures and moved away. Cue my mental health taking another dive. My love life, completely toxic and full of drama. Cue my mental health taking ANOTHER dive. For the first time in years, I felt hopeless and just useless. I was working non-stop and was miserable. I felt like my life was going nowhere. In August I started pushing everyone away. And by November I could barley leave my bed unless I had to go to work. I wasn’t sleeping and my mind was in overdrive . Without getting to TMI on the god awful internet, I just want to say all of this sucked major ass and I’m going into 2020 hopeful. I’m making a lot of changes for the new year and I just hope I’m back here alive on December 27 ,2020 to tell you all about my amazing wonderful year. I’m rooting for myself for the first time EVER. Happy New Years 🥳

    Best Netflix shows of 2019☑️

  • Here’s my absolute favorite shows of 2019. All of them being Netflix shows. And I binged them all.
    1. Sex education
      The society- mind you before I watched it…I had a dream about this same exact plot and was like wow this would be a good show/movie🥴🙄
      You- no matter how creepy dan Humphrey was/is , it’s still a very good watch!
  • What shows have you been watching and loving this year?
  • One I’ve been missing review

    Little mix have finally done it, they’ve GIVEN US A BLOODY CHRISTMAS SINGLE🎄!!!!!! It’s very cosy and warm and every bit of Christmas MAGIC. And written by our very own miss Leigh Anne pinnock. One I’ve been missing is about being far away from a loved one for so long and counting down the days until Christmas when you can see them again. I did imagine it to be faster and fun. But I like that they did a Christmas ballad instead to showcase their vocals. Maybe now we can get a Christmas album?’!!!🎄🎄🎄🎄🤞🏾 I give it 5/5 . Give it a listen , you’ll love it.

    Happy holidays🎅🏼❤️

    Favorite albums of 2019🎶

    1. LM5- little mix

    2. Harry styles -fine line

    3. Fka twigs- Magdalene

    4. Clairo- immunity

    5. Ariana grande- thank you NEXT

    Netflix Christmas movies🎄🎅🏼🎄

  • The princess switch
    1. Let it snow
    2. The holiday calendar
    3. A Christmas prince
    4. Christmas inheritance
    5. A Christmas prince the royal wedding
    6. Klaus
    7. A Cinderella story: a Christmas wish
    8. The knight before Christmas
    9. The nutcracker and the four realms

    Christmas films to watch this holiday season🎄

    1. The grinch

    2. Home alone 1 and 2

    3. A Christmas carol

    4. This Christmas

    5. Four Christmases

    6. The holiday

    7.the nightmare before Christmas

    8. Love actually

    9. Elf

    10. The polar express

    Happy watching and happy holidays🎄🎅🏼🎄