Simping for JADE.

By : Shanise Lachelle

Y’all this is probably the most thirsty, simping post I’ll ever make and rightfully so it’s about the one and ONLY JADE THIRLWALL.

Now don’t get me wrong, jade HAS ALWAYS been beautiful. But LATLEY, jade has been so saucy, juicy, and giving me lead dancer, performer, leader of the group vibes.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s almost like she’s tapped into her other side( her Egyptian heritage) and bringing all the sauce. Or maybe Her new man is rubbing off on her . But miss THIRLWALL has been so fine since this Confetti era started and has only gotten finer.

HONESTLY, even though we all know jade is the most consistent vocally and Performance wise, she always just blended into the background for me personally. I loved her personality and always found her passion about little mix beautiful. But I would NEVER look at sweet dorky jade and go ” sis is fine” or “damn jade has the sauce lately”. That would usually go to jesy or Leigh.

I honestly think the more she’s embraced her other side and stopped being completely white-washed ( which she’s herself talked about) is why myself and others have started to take notice of jade.

Back in baby mix days, jade would have NEVER gotten braids . I’ve also noticed how alot of promo and paparazzi pictures of her are not being as white-washed anymore and we’re starting to see how tan jade really is. Back in the day, she looked as pale as perrie. I had no clue jade had all this melanin until recent.

She’s absolutely coming into her own and becoming even more comfortable in her heritage and skin. And she’s even more beautiful and GLOWING.

Jade is like wine, she’s just getting better and more talented with age. Jade I am simping BIG TIME OKAY. She is definitely understanding the assignment LATLEY.

It’s the big brown eyes, the nose ring, the braids and the melanin for me. Jade you’ve officially been casted as lead girl . Do the damn thing thirlwall. We’re awake now!!

New year new Jesy?

By : Shanise Lachelle

The fandom seems to be in a collective meltdown today. First Leigh announced she was pregnant, then jesy comes out with her solo cover. The timing does seem all a bit suspect , but I know magazine covers are planned months in advance.

There’s obviously some tension between the girls behind the scenes, and they’re trying very hard to keep it professional and under wraps. But as mixers we can tell.

They don’t hang out or support each other publicly anymore like they used too. And jesy is seeming like she just HATED being in little mix now. Which we definitely could see, in most interviews she looked like she hated her life, but in the next breath would say how much she loved being in little mix and couldn’t do this without the other girls. She genuinely hated being famous. But now it’s she hated being in little mix and being compared to the other girls .

I understand jesy has her own issues and we can’t fault her for that, but we also can’t blame the other girls for her issues.

This whole little mix / jesy dilemma is giving me MAJOR one direction/ Zayn vibes. It’s just messy and sloppy , and I just find it hard to celebrate solo jesy and be happy for solo jesy. I don’t trust this entire situation. And as a fan, we are due some answers. Like they’ve always been honest with us, so why stop now!?!

She does look happier and she’s glowing , but this whole thing is just frustrating.

Mummy Leighanne

By : Shanise Lachelle

I can’t believe I’m writing this but HUGE congratulations to miss leighanne pinnock!!! She just announced today that she is pregnant with her first child. These gorgeous pictures show just how far along she is and MIXERS had no idea. I’m so happy for her, first she got engaged and now she’s gonna be a mommy . And now we get auntie mix!!!

I can’t help but think that this is bad timing for little mix as a trio though. They will definitely have to slow down now that Leigh is pregnant and work around her . And especially when she gives birth , I can see her and little mix taking a huge break .

But a baby is always a blessing, NEVER a curse. She’s gonna be such a cute mommy.

Confetti review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Confetti ft saweetie was released into the world Friday and it’s a Bop. Perrie and jade take over jesys first verse, and they sound amazing. I have to be honest, when their producer/ friend tweeted that they remade confetti and said the song would have bigger production, I was super excited!! Confetti was already one of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do to improve it.

While the girls look GREAT AS A TRIO, and the wardrobe, setting , and choreography was AMAZING, it still felt empty. I wasn’t a big fan of man mix. And I’m kind of over the silly concepts in their videos . It would be fine if they were still baby mix and did it once in a while. But they’ve genuinely added silliness to every other music video. And I know it just makes it hard for people to take them serious as adult musicians. We already know from their interviews that they’re funny and silly, we don’t need to see that in the videos as well . Man mix just didn’t make much sense for the plot either . Saweetie verse does add a spark to the song and she eats it up. But the song in a whole sounds empty. I was waiting for that “,big” production and we honestly never got it. Not to mention they took out jades bridge from the original , which was superb. But the chorus was also just one girl at a time, and their wasn’t nearly enough backing vocals. Had it not been for saweetie, this version would be worse than the original. All they had to do was replace jesys part and add saweetie. But they redid the entire song and it just feels empty.

The video is still a 5/5* from me. It’s still one of their best, even with the flaws. And they look fresh and good as hell. Jade and Leigh completely ate up their solo parts,/choreography. Jade giving me main dancer and leader of the group vibes.

The promo hasn’t started off great, although are we surprised at this point. And the promo is STILL being set mainly in the Uk, like they don’t have fans outside of England. And they’ve yet to get on the train and have an online concert , which would put them back on the map. I truly don’t have the slightest clue why they have a team at this point.

I really believe they just need to get over the confetti era, but they’re still talking about a tour next year so.

Little mix we want a new album, better promo, online concert, new era!!!

Confetti ft saweetie

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m going to keep this brief, as I feel like any real excitement is gonna lead to me being let down this Friday. I kind of want this era to be done with, jesy leaving ruined it. And it just puts a damper on this whole fun pop album , hearing jesy voice but knowing she wasn’t happy and eventually was going to quit little mix. It kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Putting that aside, confetti is one of my favorites off the album and I was curious what they were gonna do with jesy killer opening verse. Turns out they got saweetie on the track and I’m so excited.

On Monday April 26 they girls released a small snippet of the revamped single on tiktok, and I’m GAGGING. And from these set photos from the video I feel were getting some major looks. It’s giving me women like me vibes, I just hope it ACTUALLY does well and the girls actually promote it. Fingers crossed girls, this could actually be a proper hit.

Baby Mix

By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s nearly 10 at night and whilst I was in the shower singing old little mix tunes, i had this thought, ” fetus little mix was actually SUPER iconic”. So here I am to unleash my little mix truth on you.

Let’s start with they were the ONLY band ever to win the shit show xfactor!! Next let’s talk about how their xfactor single and debut single wings were both number one singles!! Let’s move on to their debut album, which was full of hard hitting BOPS. I’ve never known a girlgroup to debut and go as hard as little mix did. From their fun girl empowerment songs to the VOCALS AND HARMONIES. We were truly blessed, we had wings, how ya doing, DNA!!!!! I still haven’t heard anything as heavenly and insane as DNA, in 2021!!! They really broke the mold with that one. The entire Dna album was just a solid introduction into the music industry, so much so it landed them a number 3 spot on the Uk charts and number 4 on the US charts!! They were the highest rating girlgroup from the UK since the SPICE GIRLS!!!! Who was doing it like rookie Mix?! NOBODY!!! okay sorry for screaming, but I just can’t wrap my head around how amazing baby mix was and I lived through it.

Now let’s talk about the amazing covers they did, because baby they did PLENTY.

1. The end of time beyonce cover they did was * chefs kiss* AMAZING. The HARMONIES..MM .. it was like eating chocolate cake.

2. The we are young cover was INSANE and better than the original. Everytime I hear the song now I think of little mix.

3. The Don’t let go by envouge cover, WHICH LET’S BE HONEST, NOONE COULD HAVE DONE THAT SONG JUSTICE BUT LITTLE MIX. HATS OFF . And they’re were barley 21 then, just babies.

4. The I will wait cover- listen if I ever have to listen to anything on repeat and just cry my eyes out, that would be the song. And with the live orchestra….I will NEVER shut up about it.

Rookie Mix was just the moment and you can’t convince me otherwise. Even their fashion was iconic and super *british*.( Even though I know they probably hate some of their clothing choices from back then), I think they looked so cool and fresh. Now they look like everybody else,( with the exception of jade and jesy, who pretty much still do their own thing and dress cool- just with $designer). I think if they would have kept their cool sense of style and kept their cool old school vibes to their song they would have been even BIGGER.

I’ll always have a soft spot for baby mix, it was just a time to be alive I tell you. They were truly ICONIC and ahead of their time.

Best to Worst Little Mix Albums

By : Shanise Lachelle

I know mixers, you’re reading my title and going ” WHAT THE HELL”?!? , truth is, little mix doesn’t have a “Bad Album” per say, but they definitely have weaker albums . Here are the best vs the worst. Keep in mind I LOVE ALL THEIR ALBUMS AND OWN THEM ALL . This is just my humble opinion.


1. Glory days- Glory days really put them on the map!! And it’s full of bops and glory days era had some of their best videos .

2. Salute- I will NEVER forget the industry and mixers for letting this masterpiece of an album FLOP HARD . Every single song could have been a single and every single song goes HARD. Salute will always rain supreme. She never ages.

3. Get weird- this was the start of something new for little mix. Black magic really took off and the promo and content we got out of this era was insane!!! Not to mention it’s just a fun random pop album. And hello it has lighting, love me or leave me, grown and omg on it. BOP NATION.

4. LM5- sadly this is when they decided to leave simons label , so LM5 got paid dust. But this album lyrically, is their best!! Had they had a stable management and label , this album would have made them MASSIVE.


5. Dna sis I’m so sorry I had to do this to you. Compared to your sisters you just fall weak. Now dna was a super impressive debut, but alot of the songs now I can’t even take seriously . Now don’t get me wrong, DNA is still a BOP. Just like a cringey bop.

6. Confetti- Not a bad album at all, just not cohesive at all. And compared to her sisters , falls a little short. It’s like a drunk version of get weird. Remember that scrapped album before get weird, they threw away, I bet Confetti has some of it’s songs . Still confetti is an entire bop and it’s fun sure… But they could have done better. Break up song , holiday and gloves up don’t fit. And the songs were all super short. It’s almost like they rushed it . And with all the jesy drama, I can honestly understand why.

So there you have it mixers. This is my opinion and you can disagree, that’s okay. Sound off in the comments below if you agree or disagree. I would love to hear your reasons. Until next time.

Glamour Mix

By: Shanise Lachelle

Wow, I’ll admit it’s still a little weird only seeing 3 of them as “Little Mix”, but here they are looking just as good and fresh as ever. Even though little mix has not been consistent since glory days, I’m really excited to see what they will do as a 3 piece and I kind of feel like they should do it sooner rather than later. Jesy Is on fire posting almost everyday about her solo music and we have radio silence from littlemix. It’s definitely not a competition, but I can see jesy releasing her music before them and over shadowing them . If the girls want the fanbase to stay and the GP to care they definitely need to step it up. They seem to only do fan service when it suits them and they don’t really social network outside of their British famous friends. Either way you spin it, Lm7 could be their last era if they don’t change some things. People are slowly loosing interest in them…. And if they don’t step it up , it will be over for little mix.

I will always support them no matter what. I just want my girls to know their worth and I need the world to see it. They always ALMOST get there, always ALMOST. The media is waiting to see what they will do as 3, the time is NOW LITTLE MIX.

Solo JESY?

By: Shanise Lachelle

Now I know said I would completely support solo JESY, but now that she’s actually doing it I don’t know how to feel. It’s feeling a little zayn-ish if I’m honest.

What I got from her letter is that she was completely taking a step back from the spotlight to work on her mental health. But now she’s hinting and posting about music and I’m just confused.

It’s also concerning as the girls aren’t commenting on any of her posts anymore, and before jesy left they always did and always hyped her up. It this split was a mutal thing and they were still good, I feel like they would still be in touch.

Granted jesy wants nothing to do with little mix, so maybe they’re trying to publicly distant themselves from her and support her in private. Either way all of this seems very suspicious and makes me kinda side eye jesy. If she wanted to go solo , that’s all she had to say.

Writing a letter saying you’re leaving to protect your mental health and take a step back from the spotlight, but you’re constantly on social media then working on solo music?

I love jesy and will try and support her but I’ve seen this before. With zayn and camilla. I want her to be happy and successful, but this whole thing just feels messy to me.

What do you think mixers?! This isn’t hate towards jesy, I just wasn’t expecting solo JESY this soon.

The Problem with Little Mix and Blackpink

By :Shanise Lachelle

Little mix is my ULTIMATE Favorite girlgroup of all time!!! I’ve been with them since xfactor when they were just babies with GORGEOUS voices. And Blackpink was the first Kpop group I ever got into and that was all BECAUSE of how much little mix and jade talked about wanting to work with them. And they’re two of the biggest girlbands in the world!! ( It’s a fact, whether you like it or not).

But what kills me is how poor their labels and teams are. For one blackpink have been together since 2016 and only recently just made their first full length album! The thing with Yg and their producer teddy, is they like to make people wait and really anticipate Blackpink. They think the fans will be even hungrier when they finally release something. And although that tatic works every once in a while, it’s not good to do all the time. For one, you loose fans and the public’s interest!! And over in south korea there’s new kpop groups being born every second. Blackpink as talented as they are could easily be replaced. As a fan, the long waiting in between eras and comebacks is BORING and annoying. The girls don’t much as a group, and as soon as their little promo month is over, they go back into their caves. Not separate LATLEY with covid and all, they’ve been doing more solo things to keep the fans happy. (Lisa’s dance movies, being a mentor, jisoo working on her drama, rose solo is coming and jennie has her youtube channel)

But together, they don’t do enough, which causes the fans to be bored and get into useless drama. I believe if Yg held more fan live streams and let them perform more, even if it’s like little acoustic online sets, the girls and fans would be so much happier.

Now little mix, if you’ve followed me for a while you’d know how I feel about their management and team!! They switched labels two years ago and NOTHING has gotten better. Confetti didn’t do as well as it should have and we lost jesy. I honestly don’t think they have more than two more years left if they continue this way. And I just so desperately want them to succeed because they’re so talented , but it’s like at what point are they going to want change like they claim!?

Compared to every other album , honestly confetti is probably their weakest album and the songs feel empty and too short. That’s not to say it’s a bad album( I love it)!! It’s just a thrown together, random, party album with no theme. Little mix doesn’t have a bad album but Confetti definitely falls short and sounds like the album they should have made after Dna.

I really just hope Blackpink and Little mix get it together. Because they could honestly have really long successful careers if they changed a few things, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon.