By :Shanise Lachelle

I will admit, I never EVER got the whole kpop craze until I got into BTS this past summer. Even then I still thought, ” I’m only gonna be into Bts so I should be fine”. But of course as soon as I got into kpop, I GOT INTO IT. And surprisingly enough( maybe not all that surprising) I got into the kpop girlbands and not the boybands. Here are some of my favorite kpop girl groups right now. My top 4!!! Of course this could change the further I get into kpop, but for the last few months these girlies have gotten me through the last remaining months of covid 2020.

1. BLACK PINK- the first kpop band i got into. Even way before BTS. My girl jennie is my bias.

2. ITZY- my asian version of little mix! Listening to their music just instantly puts me in a good mood and they’re some of the best dancers I’ve seen !! Ryujin is my bias.

3. Aespa- they’re a newer group but their first single BLACK MAMBA is my jam!! What a way to introduce yourself to the world with such a banger. I instantly became a fan
.ningning is my bias .

4. Mamamoo- the fist kpop girl group that I’ve seen that wasn’t all cutesy but actually sexy. I became a stan in a nano second . Hwasa is my bias and I love solo Hwasa so much.

Are you into kpop? And are you more into the girl groups or the boy groups?!

Favorite albums of 2020

Although this year has been so shitty and stressful on many levels, the music has been AMAZING. Here are my most listened too and top albums of 2020.

By :Shanise Lachelle

1. Fka twigs- mary magdalene!!! This album was robbed of a grammy. It is an emotional masterpiece from beginning to end . She is a Goddess!!

2. Cholexhalle- ungodly hour!! This album was rightfully nominated for grammys. This is their second time being nominated! Talk about talent and taste!! This album is full of bops and their vocals are HEAVEN SENT!!

3. Harry styles -FINE LINE! I’m so proud of harry and this album. Full of hippie bops and tunes. Also nominated for a grammy. Go on son!

4. Bts- map of the soul 7!! I’ve recently become a stan and let me tell you, even though this album is my favorite of 2020 it’s not my favorite bts album. I honestly could’ve put them all on the list. Be Is also worthy of my top albums of 2020.

5. Dua lipa- future nostalgia- Not a single skip was featured on this album. Miss Dua did THAT!!!

Jesy has quit little mix!

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’ve waited a bit to write about this, as my heart is broken. Broken for PERRIE, jade and leigh, broken for mixers but most importantly broken for jesy!! Her dream and passion has been ripped from her , because of cruel and disgusting human beings who thought it was their job to tear this gorgeous confident women down. Jesy LOVED being in little mix and owned the stage EVERY time she stepped on it. I’m so sad she couldn’t just ignore the hate and comments. But I understand her leaving and her mental health is more important!! I’m glad she decided to leave and not the other option ( knowing from her documentary she already tried that). I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Jesy has been absent from social media and little mix since holiday released ,in my opinion. She became more and more distant and you could just tell. The last few years you can watch interviews and just watch her light die out. The only time recently I’ve seen her glowing, was when her documentary was released and she was getting praise for it. Other than that I could see being in little mix wasn’t fun for her anymore. And as much as it sucks she’s leaving, I’d rather her leave and be happy then be depressed. I am also worried about PERRIE , jade and leigh!! I hope they are healing and doing okay. Although I feel like this decision has been made for a while and we’re just finding out about it.

I will continue to support jesy in whatever she does and hope she can return to music when she’s ready. She has too much talent to let the bullies win. I will also support the other 3 girls best I can . They will need us now more than ever.

Sidenote: I really honestly think the” mixers” bullying jesy about her tanning and accusing her of blackfishing was the final straw. There was no need for it and was a bit overboard!!! As a black CHOCOLATE stan, I didn’t find her tanning offensive at all and knew she did it to make herself feel good. There was just no need for all the hate she got from her own fans before leaving. I hope those toxic mixers know they’re part of the problem. You can’t educate someone on tanning!! Most white girls tan to be darker and I’ve never seen this much uproar about it except within the little mix fandom.

As a whole , I hope this fandom wakes up and realized they do the absolute most for the wrong reasons. Put that energy into streaming their music. Not hating on what they choose to do with THEIR BODY!!!

Jesy we love you girl and we got you!!! You will always be apart of little mix!!!

Who Am I Really

By :Shanise Lachelle

We’re nearly there babygirl, you’re almost the big dreaded 30. But who are you now and who will you be then? Ever since you can remember you’ve been different, marches to the beat of your own drums, a “weirdo”. If we are giving IT names. You loved yourself until they told you not to. Until you saw how the others were given attention and worshipped. Until you saw how media and your community built the others up. They didn’t know or maybe they did, but they were slowly killing your individuality. You swore once you pulled yourself together, you TOO would be just like the others. All the same, dull pretty vain. Then YOU would be worshipped, you would be loved, you would have ALL the attention. Life would be great, you will be full. But we’re nearly there babygirl, almost the dreaded 30 and all this playing (Baddie and boujie) has only left you empty and constantly searching for more. You convinced yourself name brand things and high society would bring you peace. But all it will ever be is a burden and a deep hole you will never get out of alive if you keep digging. Those things don’t matter and never WILL . There’s gotta be more to life….


It’s OFFICIALLY Christmas time!!!

And in celebration of the holiday season Netflix
has released a few new Christmas movies. Down below I’ll be rating them best to worst. Happy reading.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Without a DOUBT, this has been their best holiday release so far. I love emma roberts and how she seems to play the same sarcastic bitch blonde girl in every movie. And this new gorgeous aussie actor that I’ve never seen before. Seriously what’s in the water in australia!? How do they all look like this? It’s super funny, which I found surprising and very cute.
Of course my girl baby v is number 2. Because once a wildcat always a WILDCAT. BUT I liked this one even more than the first. And the fact that vanessa plays not one, not two but THREE characters on this film is INSANE. I’d definitely be down for a third princess switch, even with the crazy cousin.

Listen I love Kat graham, because vampire diaries is my jam and Bonnie was my girl. And I used to vaguely have a crush on this guy, because of hunger games( dark times). But this movie was my least favorite out of the three. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really pay it much attention, but it also just didn’t catch my eye at all. And I didn’t feel the chemistry between the two. I might watch it again just to give it another chance, but for now it was a miss.

I can’t wait to see what else Netflix has in store for us this holiday season! HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS. Be safe and be blessed. And stay positive. Don’t let covid get you down.

Have you seen any of the 3? And which was your favorite? Comment down below.

Not In this lifetime

Here’s the thing, I have spent my entire life until 29 catering to what a man likes and what a man needs. All because society and my community showed me that’s the only way to be happy. But here’s the thing that I’ve been fighting with lately…. I don’t have any connections to men anymore. And I’m not just talking physical, I’m talking mentally, and emotionally. It’s been nearly 4 years on this train of self love and men. For some reason they can’t be in the same room for me. From the times I decided to like boys they’ve ruined me in more ways than one. I let them because I didn’t love myself and I didn’t know myself. My body was no longer sacred as it was used just for a quick stint. he never cherished me, he never held me after. He NEVER loved me. I take full responsibility for inviting these type of creatures into my world. I didn’t know back then what I know now…. I have infinite galaxies inside of me. I am the creator of life, I bleed but get back up and keep going. I hold space and love in my heart for women. And most importantly for MYSELF. I no longer have any room for vapid, empty love from boys pretending to be men. I no longer hold space for boys who use my body for their own selfish needs. I no longer hold space for a boy who can’t hold an intelligent conversation and texts as a acceptable form of communication. I NO LONGER HOLD SPACE FOR HIM. BUT FOR SHE, BUT FOR HER AND FOR ME. No I don’t hate all men, but for the men who have abused me in more ways than one, this is for you. I forgive you for me but not for YOU. I OWE YOU NOTHING. I APOLOGISE FOR NOTHING. YOU’RE LUCKY YOU HAD ME EVEN IT WAS JUST FOR A MOMENT. BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ME AGAIN. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME NOT EVEN IN DEATH.


Title: Not in this Lifetime

If you love Asian Culture, you have to love Asian People as well…

By: Shanise Lachelle

Now I’ll be the first to say I’m not the slightest bit racist and I was raised to treat everyone fairly. And I think the majority of decent human beings would say the same. But it hasn’t occurred to me until recently how MUCH ignorance and racism occurs towards the Asian Community . I can talk for years about how being black in America and being a Black Woman period, is an everyday struggle and Everytime it feels like you take 1 giant step forward for black people by breaking the “loud, ghetto, stereotypes” you take 1,000 steps back. It’s an ongoing cycle. But what I’ve noticed about the Asian Community, especially this year with (Covid-19) , is that we’ve all been guilty of being a little ignorant, even if we didn’t mean to. We’ve all made fun of the nail shop women, we’ve all said chinese food is rats and bats, and some of us have made fun of the shape of their eyes. And yes all of that is RACIST. Am I racist? No!, Have I done those things? Yes and of course I’m shamed. Because I wouldn’t want anyone to make black jokes and think it’s funny, when it’s not. Why is it okay for us to constantly bash them ,joking or not, but CONSTANTLY TAKE FROM THEIR CULTURE? We wouldn’t have half of the coolest things if it wasn’t for Asian culture. I’m talking chinese food, kung-fu movies, those same amazing nail shop women hooking out nails up, sushi, sailor moon, and some of the most amazing artists in the world .

When covid happened , Everyone became extremely racist against Asians. Because they didn’t want to catch the” chinese virus”. Which in itself is ignorant, because as soon as they found out about it ,they tried to contain it. And not all Asians are chinese . These people started to loose business in their shops and even asian Uber drives couldn’t get work.

It’s also extremely racist and WEIRD to be OBSESSED with asian culture, especially if you’re not ASIAN. You can appreciate the culture without going overboard and being offensive. Meaning ,if you are gonna wear certain symbols, know the actual meaning. Same goes for tattoos, if you don’t know what it really means, don’t get it tattooed. And DON’T befriend or only date someone because they’re asian then proceeded to only talk to them about karate and sushi etc., I can NOT stress enough how offensive that is and RACIST. and will make them highly uncomfortable. Not all Asians like karate or eat sushi, just like not all black people like fried chicken and watermelon.( I HATE watermelon). Just be considerate and be NORMAL. Don’t be creepy.

Before I got into Bts and K-pop, I was one of THOSE people who bashed it . Not ruthlessly, but I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the hype around the “pasty Asians”, ( trust me I cringe now when I think about it). It wasn’t until I took all the underlining xenophobic thoughts out of my head ,was I able to fully enjoy a whole new genre of music and TALENT. Because oh man, Asian artist’s are just on a whole different level ENTIRELY. But I think that goes for the entire of Asia. They just seem to be living in future. Back to the point , I’m now made fun of for liking Bts and Those “Asians”. And people are constantly telling me they ” DON’T GET IT” and asking me”you really like Asians?”or just recently I said I wouldn’t mind dating an Asian guy/girl and my coworker said” okay where do they hang out at?” , as if they’re entirely a different species. Whether you know it or not, you contribute to xenophobia when you say things like that, even if you don’t necessarily mean it that way. Asians are people too. Hate to break it to you, but they bleed blood, poop out of their bum holes and walk around on like normal people just like Americans. This could also be the reason why alot of them are not fond of foreigners and americans and trust me I get it. But I think americans as a whole need to do better. You are HUMANS first and americans next. You can’t love a entire culture but hate the community it comes from and treat them like shit. ( Much how people hate black people but CONSTANTLY steal from black culture). This is not coming from a korea-boo ( I don’t want to move to korea) , or a weeaboo( I don’t watch anime). This is coming from a human who’s made alot of those same mistakes but has learned from them and grown to love and appreciate the Asian culture. I’m writing this to say, if you love Asian culture, you have to love Asian people as well. You can NOT have one without the other.

Ps. It is not lost on me how the industry treats Asians as well. We rarely get any all asian cast films, or tv shows and the Asian artist’s get treated like crap when they come to America and not taken seriously. And They rarely get nominated for big awards( grammys, oscars). America as a whole is extremely XENOPHOBIC AND THAT NEEDS TO END ASAP!!

Confetti review

Can you believe it? The girls have done it again and made another smash pop album. And dare I say it’s in my top 3 favorite little mix albums ever!!!!

After hearing the entire album a billion times now , I have my favorites picked out and ready to share! Have you gotten your copy of confetti yet?! If not, go and do yourself a favor and buy one of the best pop albums of 2020!! Seriously , it’s super fun and such a mood lifter!! It’s just a party in a album. My only issue with confetti is that the songs are so short and there is only one real ballad. Ballads are little mix strong point and they chose to do only one. I’ll never understand that decision, but overall the album is FANTASTIC AND it serves bop after bop!

Top 3.

1. Rendezvous

2. Confetti

3. Sweet Melody

Honerable mention: a mess( Happy 4 u)

It’s time for another Comeback

THE BOYS ARE BACK!! Be Is the official title of Bts new album and life goes on is the title track! Over the last two weeks, we have gotten a sneak peak into the new concepts and artworks. And i am digging vintage BTS. They all look so good and well rested, so I know this covid break did them so good. The official track list was released yesterday and I’m buzzing!!! Are you excited for Bts new comeback!? This is my first comeback and I’m being fed so well, I know I will loose my mind when the album Actually comes out. I will also loose my mind when the video and single comes out. I’m just gonna be loosing my mind all month long.