Who Am I Really

By :Shanise Lachelle

We’re nearly there babygirl, you’re almost the big dreaded 30. But who are you now and who will you be then? Ever since you can remember you’ve been different, marches to the beat of your own drums, a “weirdo”. If we are giving IT names. You loved yourself until they told you not to. Until you saw how the others were given attention and worshipped. Until you saw how media and your community built the others up. They didn’t know or maybe they did, but they were slowly killing your individuality. You swore once you pulled yourself together, you TOO would be just like the others. All the same, dull pretty vain. Then YOU would be worshipped, you would be loved, you would have ALL the attention. Life would be great, you will be full. But we’re nearly there babygirl, almost the dreaded 30 and all this playing (Baddie and boujie) has only left you empty and constantly searching for more. You convinced yourself name brand things and high society would bring you peace. But all it will ever be is a burden and a deep hole you will never get out of alive if you keep digging. Those things don’t matter and never WILL . There’s gotta be more to life….

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A writer who’s also a blogger.

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