It’s OFFICIALLY Christmas time!!!

And in celebration of the holiday season Netflix
has released a few new Christmas movies. Down below I’ll be rating them best to worst. Happy reading.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Without a DOUBT, this has been their best holiday release so far. I love emma roberts and how she seems to play the same sarcastic bitch blonde girl in every movie. And this new gorgeous aussie actor that I’ve never seen before. Seriously what’s in the water in australia!? How do they all look like this? It’s super funny, which I found surprising and very cute.
Of course my girl baby v is number 2. Because once a wildcat always a WILDCAT. BUT I liked this one even more than the first. And the fact that vanessa plays not one, not two but THREE characters on this film is INSANE. I’d definitely be down for a third princess switch, even with the crazy cousin.

Listen I love Kat graham, because vampire diaries is my jam and Bonnie was my girl. And I used to vaguely have a crush on this guy, because of hunger games( dark times). But this movie was my least favorite out of the three. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really pay it much attention, but it also just didn’t catch my eye at all. And I didn’t feel the chemistry between the two. I might watch it again just to give it another chance, but for now it was a miss.

I can’t wait to see what else Netflix has in store for us this holiday season! HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS. Be safe and be blessed. And stay positive. Don’t let covid get you down.

Have you seen any of the 3? And which was your favorite? Comment down below.

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