What I miss

If corona has taught us anything it’s to appreciate the little things in life we would take for granted. Here’s some of the simple things I miss terribly that I took for granted because I though “ I’ll just do it next weekend”.

1. Friends- I use to cancel and back out of so many things with my friends. After this is all over I won’t turn down a single plan

2. Bars/clubs- I used to HATE going out to clubs . And only tolerated bars because they can be chill. But since being on lockdown for about a month and going crazy.. I can’t WAIT to go out and let loose and have fun.

Restaurants. Parks. THE MALL. And just being around other people in general. I miss it all so much and can’t for it all to over. What do you miss ?! What did you take for granted?!

What I’ve been doing during “RONA”

I know times are hard for most and uncertain for us all, but here’s what I’ve been doing to keep me sane!


2.working out

3.doing facials

4.watching the same Netflix shows over and over(brings me comfort)

5. Everyday I start with the mantra “I’m grateful, I’m thankful, I’m blessed” it helps to put things into perspective.

I know things suck right now and everything is closed and people are dying rapidly, but we have to remember to follow what the surgeon general is telling us and to stay inside and wash it hands!! If everyone follows he rules set in place this will be over much sooner. It blows my mind how some governors aren’t taking this serious and letting people go out and crowd places. This will never be over if everyone doesn’t all come together.

Stay positive and stay inside!

Covid-19 update

How’s everyone doing?! This seems like it isn’t real and the future is so uncertain. I know I personally was so excited to go into this year and had so many things planned. And now it’s like that’s all been put on hold because of this virus. It’s weird, it’s like we watch all these end of the world movies but we never thought we’d be anywhere close to it. I personally think this is a wake up call for us all! I think the universe is trying to correct what we’ve done wrong to each other and the planet. We literally was living so reckless and careless and this is our wake up call. We have time to think and change our actions. There’s nothing else to do but to think and change. I will admit this whole thing is so stressful to me and gives me anxiety. I laugh at all the memes about it being the end of the world but I’m so scared that it is. And I have so much I still want to do, it almost doesn’t seem fair. But I know it’s not about me, we’re all in this together. There’s nothing any. Of use can do but stay and home and wash our hands. I do think the government has failed us and they’re not telling us everything. This happened too fast and is too big of a situation for it not to have more to the story. I’m super anxious but hopeful for our future. I hope this isn’t the end. And I hope you’re all well and taking care of yourselves! Let’s come out of this stronger and better humans.

I cut my hair and have been living my BEST LIFE💥

I have been attached to my hair for as long as I can remember. And always had long nice healthy hair. And in the black community when you have long hair it’s a big deal. I’ve always loved short hair and thought it was really sexy for women to cut it all off. I just never thought I could pull it off. Well let me tell you honey, I’ve been bald headed since March and I’m LIVING. I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident. I don’t stress over what to do with my hair on a night out or before work. I just put some curl stuff in it and go. I feel like I’ve finally reached my best level.💥 I feel free.

Why it’s okay to have high standards .

When I was younger women with high standards were always talked about so badly and how they needed to be softer with less standards if they wanted to find a man and have a family. And it’s still the same thing now. Most men hate when women have high standards and respect themselves. It’s much easier to manipulate a girl who doesn’t know who she is or have standards and will let them do whatever they want. They want a girl they can use and use and always have them on the sidelines. Girls with high standards are harder to manipulate afcourse and then are branded stuck up bitches. When in reality men SHOULD feel need to step up more. Women make the world go round. We are the beginning and the end. Court us, chase us, romance us, and spoil us. It’s not that hard. Honestly think about your mother, grandmother or little sister. Would you let a guy like you date them or disrespect them?! Girls it’s okay to have high standards. Keep them HIGH. It weeds out the fuckboys. Fuckboys be BETTER and aim higher.

Why I’ll never settle in my love life again❤️

I’m 27 soon to be 28 in a couple of weeks and boy have I learned a lot about myself and what I DESERVE. Flashback to my teen years and early 20s where I was desperate for love and let me tell you when I mean desperate I mean DESPERATE. I took anything and any one who showed any type of interest in me. Flash forward to MANY failed relationships and my interest in love and men-dying down. I had such bad luck with men that I even tried to convince myself I was a lesbian for a while and that’s why my choices in men suck. But the truth is my previous sucky choice in men was attached to how I felt about myself and how I treated myself. And I never knew that until NOW. I was a very insecure and shy and uncertain teenager/young adult which meant I attracted men who knew they could manipulate and use me and then push me to the side. Let’s recount some of the horrors-I’ve given men money, paid for their Uber’s, and given them my time and my mind. Only for them to turn around and spit in my face. Back then I was okay with it because I thought “everyone has sucky relationships ” . But that’s not how a real man treats a queen. And I know now not to settle for a joker when I can have a king. I’m not chasing behind anymore men! I’ve done that enough circa years 16-25. I’ve asked boys out , planned the dates , kept up the contact and it wasn’t until I got older that i realized those boys weren’t really interested and were using me. I made myself an easy target and boys smell that and THEY POUNCE. I will never settle again! I’m no longer chasing a grown man. If he’s interested he’ll do the courting and chasing. I’ve settled enough in life and I REFUSE TO EVER DO IT AGAIN. I know what I’m worth and what I bring to the table. I’ll never second guess myself ever again or let a 99 cent dick make me loose myself again. I’m a queen and if you can’t reach my high standards, you’re not the one.


okay so as we all know this LM5 era has been a MESS. To make matters worse they have decided to just be done with this album

And start another one. Which I can understand, but there were so many great songs on this album that deserved attention and videos(FORGET YOU NOT /monster in me I’m so sorry sis). I mean they’re still touring this album later on this year so yay( they won’t be coming to America most likely or anywhere near Florida so cool I guess). I just wished they would’ve switched labels before this album or waited until after the album dropped. Then we wouldn’t have all this drama and mess. Alas LM5 is still a great album and you should still listen to it and stream it and support the best girl group on the planet.

Little review

Now I’ve been excited about this film Ever since I’ve seen the trailer. And did it live up to the hype?! It most certainly did. It was really good and really cute . The movie stars marsai Martin , Regina hall and Issa Rae. 14 year old marsai is the executive producer and the whole movie was her idea! Making her the youngest ever to achieve this! Let’s talk about black girl magic. You have 3 leading black actresses, the producer is black and the director and writers are all black women!👏👏👏 marsai May be little but she has big goals and is accomplishing more than most adults ever do. It’s truly history in the making. Especially for little chocolate girls to see someone like them on the big screen. I never had anyone that looked like me growing up on tv. Maybe if I did I would’ve turned out different and much more confident in my skin. This movie is definitely worth a watch! I give it 5/5. Go see it and take your friends and family to see it. She deserves to have this film do extremely well!! Hard working little big boss. Go ahead girl. Do your thing.

After review ❤️

After started off as an harry styles fanfiction on watt pad many moons ago. Not even a legit harry styles fanfic she just used his face for the character. Cut to many many set backs and years later and we finally have our movie!! The after books were number one bestsellers. Every single one of them and recently became bestsellers again upon releasing the movie. That’s just how powerful the after fandom is! Now they did TONS of promo across the pond and in tons of Spanish countries. And the movie seems to be swimming well over there and is to others surprise doing super well stateside too. Performing much better than people thought. So hello after 2.3.4. The story is the classic coming of age story with a twist. Girl goes to college, meets bad boy and is taught many life lessons. First things first I LOVED the film adaption. I understand that the film and books can’t be the same. Especially since the books are over 600 pages. There’s no way you can fit every minor detail in a hour and 45 min. Movie. So I get it. The changes were necessary because the entire one direction fandom was determined to keep this movie from happening and being successful because of the lead characters attitude and connection to harry styles/one direction. So they made Hardin a big softie and he wasn’t an asshole like in the books. So realistically the films will do better like this. I could only imagine the backlash if they kept Hardin the same, especially in the wake of (me too) and the feminist movement. Asshole Hardin would’ve been destroyed. I see a lot of after fans trashing the movie cause of the changes and it’s like they’ve never seen an film adaptation before. No movie can be just like the book. And from what the producers and actors are saying the next few will be more closely true to the books. We will get our mean Hardin and more sex scenes hopefully. I also kinda get why they cut the sexy scenes. I mean they had to keep it pg13 to get more viewers and it wouldn’t be realistic to have them going at it like that the whole first movie. All in all it’s a really cute and great film. Definitely surprised me even having seen ALL the spoilers posted by official after social media. I still loved it. I can’t wait for after 2! I give it 4/5 only because they did cut a lot of things I wanted to see and the scenes were cut weird. Khadijah red thunder and innana were standouts! Liked them more than I thought I would. Dylan Arnold was adorable as Noah and his part with Josephine made me cry. Josephine was AMAZING. I can definitely see her career taking off after this! And hero’s acting and confidence got better as the film got on. Go see it and support it. Especially if you love teen/romance drama films. The story definitely gets better in the next book. Like you have no idea what’s in store. GO SEE IT!!!

Favorite little mix albums in order

Here’s my favorites in order from favorite to least favorites. and when I say least favorite I mean the one i probably listen to the least lately. Because let’s be honest little mix don’t have any bad albums.🤷🏾‍♀️1. Glory days- sorry but this album is just full of bops!

2. Salute- the album the WORLD SLEPT ON. Which was a pity cause said album was also FULL of bops. Not one skip .

3 LM5- sucky name but one of their best albums with the worst ever promo.

4.get weird- the fun album that put them on the map after 2 years. Should’ve been salute but I’m not bitter.

5 . DNA- I truly listened to this album 270 million times in the year 2012. It was a great first album. Better than most first albums. I mean they had missy Elliot and t-boz as features on this album. They definitely started off in the music world with a bang