Redd Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

To be honest when I got into mamamoo last year, whee in was the last to catch my eye. I know she’s part of the vocal line and obviously can sing her ass off, but I feel personally she got overshadowed by my instant love for my queen HWASA. It wasn’t until she recently dropped her solo redd that I became OBSESSED with miss whee in and can now appreciate her talents more, because honey WHEE IN HAS MAJOR VOCALS.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, I feel like mamamoo is more r&b but still they’re a kpop girlgroup, so I wasn’t sure what her sound was. I was pleasantly surprised that she’s got more of a soft R&b vibe.

I love this entire album and I know I say this alot, especially about kpop, but this album is giving me picnic- spring time vibes. I just love her voice. I hate to be a “solo” stan, but I’m starting to love mamamoos solo projects more than their group music.( Don’t shoot me) they’re still of course one of my favorite girl groups, it’s just they shine more solo, in my opinion.

Here are my favorites

1. Trash ft pH-1 : when I say bop you say TRASH BY WHEE IN!!!! Such a dirty but fun twerking song. Yes whee in honey, we are all trash.

2. Butterfly ft Gsoul- at this point I feel like every kpop artist has a song called butterfly and they’re all BOPS. This song is so beautiful and their voices go so well together and it gives me total 90s r&b vibes. Whee ins voice is so flipping pretty.

3. Spring time- I just love this song. Simple as that. It’s a great song and she sounds amazing.

After hearing redd , I’m now gonna check out her other solo work. Solo whee in, you’ve got a new fan. Well done. Redd is beautiful!!!

Suga Rush

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night I had a real yoongi boyfriend dream. It was warm and fuzzy and felt so real I woke up confused. So alas here we are with my suga thirst reaching an all time high .

Mr. Min Yoongi is my favorite kpop rapper and my favorite rapper in BTS rapline. he’s just so vicious and cold and blunt when he’s rapping. Then you see him in interviews and he’s quiet and has this sort of calm humor and wit to him. I definitely didn’t notice him when I first got into bts and when I did all I saw was ” the quiet one with the gorgeous skin”. I did NOT think he’d be a rapping, producing BEAST. I also didn’t have an immediate attraction to him, it grew over time. And when it blossomed , I was left gasping for air. Not only is he humble and talented, he’s GORGEOUS. and anyone who says he’s not can GTFO. Join me on my downwards yoongi spiral .

Suga DEFINITELY has bias wrecker potential. Like y’all better wake the fuck up and stop sleeping on him. He’s like a quiet storm.
PS – this album is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solo Yoongi is such BDE.

What Bts means to me….

By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s been a total of 9 months and I’ve completely given myself over to BTS. Back in August, when I was just a curious little guy, I would HAVE never known how deep I would fall inlove with these 7 guys.

I was just curious, I just wanted to know their names, I didn’t think watching carpool karaoke and dynamite would be the start of something magical. I didn’t understand the super fandoms and how devoted army’s were until I became one. I didn’t think I would buy merch or online concert tickets, or collect photocards/albums. But here I am doing all the things I found insanely cringy.

These boys make me so happy. Their music is an instant mood lifter and theres songs for every mood I could ever be in. Their music videos show their passion and talent. Their interviews and behind the scenes footage shows their funny personalities . And their concerts show just how much they love ARMY. And when I say they love their fans so much, they REALLY ACTUALLY LOVE THEIR FANS. I’ve never seen ANYTHING LIKE IT.

I’ve been a part of many boy band fandoms: one direction, jonas brothers. But I never felt like THIS, never like this. Like if I had to lay my life on the line to defend them to the end, I most definitely would. With bts it’s just different, as a loner introvert 29 year old I feel SEEN WITH BTS. There is such a special connection between armys and bts that’s UNBREAKABLE. When they cry, we cry. When they win we win, when they’re angry, BITCH WE RIDE AT DAWN. I’m no longer ashamed to say I’m in this bts shit for LIFE. To the wheels roll off , forever. I wish I could fully put Into words how much they’ve changed my life and how happy they make me. how their videos help me with my depression and anxiety. And maybe it’s silly, but I know fellow armys understand. It’s special. Everytime I’m done watching a concert I miss them and I’m sad. And that’s never happened with me and ANY artists before. It’s like they’ve filled a hole I wasn’t aware I had, I love everything bts stands for and only hope they continue on being the best they can be. And I will be right here supporting them with everything in me .

PS. I love the dynamite era so much, we were truly blessed.

The Art of starting over Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

DEMI LOVATO IS BACK!!!! This is just what I wanted from her new era, enough sadness but mostly healing and her love of writing shinning through in her songs.

She wants us to listen to the album in order and my first listen I did just that. The first 3 songs are the saddest and more about her overdose. Then we literally start over with the art of starting over and you can see how she sees life now and how much she appreciates it.

Her last two albums were great but I didn’t purchase them, they just didn’t seem like “demi” to me, but once I heard this entire album I was literally punching the air and on the verge of tears, my DEMI was back. This album is incredible and full of BOPS.

My only issue is the album is so long and they’re like 15 songs, and that’s alot to listen to in one sitting. But overall DEMI IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! She even has some hot collabs that I didn’t see coming, ( saweetie I’m talking about you sis).

Here are my favorites:

1. The way you don’t look at me: the sad sister to catch me. Such a beautiful song.

2. Icu- written for her baby sister and literally about when she came out of her overdose and couldn’t see her sister. Have tissues prepared when you listen to this.

3. Melon Cake: A bop about working to overcome her eating disorder and celebrating life. NO MORE FUCKING MELON CAKE!!!

4. Carefully- a song about loving her carefully. She’s been through so much, but that’s made her even stronger and a better lover.

5. Met him last night ft Ariana Grande: the VOCALS!!!!! I was a little worried about this collab, because they both have big voices and I didn’t want it to be a mess of them over singing each other. But its such a MASSIVE BOP. Yes girls!!! And they compliment each other well.

6. The kind of lover I am- a empowering song about demi ready for love, with a woman or man or non binary person. She’s ready, she doesn’t care who it is, she tells the person this is the kind of lover she is!! A true gem. A true road trip song.

7. My girlfriends are my boyfriend’s ft saweetie: the whole album is kind of a dreamy relaxing, healing vibe. But this kind of gives me slight twerk fun club vibes. (Only slightly)The only hype song on the album and that’s okay.

I really do enjoy this entire album, you can tell she basically scrapped the last era/album and only kept the 1st 3 songs from the last album and put them as the 1at 3 on this album. This is a journey of her healing and this is what I wanted for her and from her. I’m so proud of her. Listen to this album for healing.


By :Shanise Lachelle

Just itzy casually being ICONIC, and becoming brand ambassadors for the cosmetics line, Maybelline no big deal.

Girl, I guess their team gets a few rights. And having this type of promo right before their comeback is such a power move. Itzy is coming for all your favs crown. They all look stunning and I’m SO happy to see they’re not completely white-washed .

Baby Mix

By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s nearly 10 at night and whilst I was in the shower singing old little mix tunes, i had this thought, ” fetus little mix was actually SUPER iconic”. So here I am to unleash my little mix truth on you.

Let’s start with they were the ONLY band ever to win the shit show xfactor!! Next let’s talk about how their xfactor single and debut single wings were both number one singles!! Let’s move on to their debut album, which was full of hard hitting BOPS. I’ve never known a girlgroup to debut and go as hard as little mix did. From their fun girl empowerment songs to the VOCALS AND HARMONIES. We were truly blessed, we had wings, how ya doing, DNA!!!!! I still haven’t heard anything as heavenly and insane as DNA, in 2021!!! They really broke the mold with that one. The entire Dna album was just a solid introduction into the music industry, so much so it landed them a number 3 spot on the Uk charts and number 4 on the US charts!! They were the highest rating girlgroup from the UK since the SPICE GIRLS!!!! Who was doing it like rookie Mix?! NOBODY!!! okay sorry for screaming, but I just can’t wrap my head around how amazing baby mix was and I lived through it.

Now let’s talk about the amazing covers they did, because baby they did PLENTY.

1. The end of time beyonce cover they did was * chefs kiss* AMAZING. The HARMONIES..MM .. it was like eating chocolate cake.

2. The we are young cover was INSANE and better than the original. Everytime I hear the song now I think of little mix.

3. The Don’t let go by envouge cover, WHICH LET’S BE HONEST, NOONE COULD HAVE DONE THAT SONG JUSTICE BUT LITTLE MIX. HATS OFF . And they’re were barley 21 then, just babies.

4. The I will wait cover- listen if I ever have to listen to anything on repeat and just cry my eyes out, that would be the song. And with the live orchestra….I will NEVER shut up about it.

Rookie Mix was just the moment and you can’t convince me otherwise. Even their fashion was iconic and super *british*.( Even though I know they probably hate some of their clothing choices from back then), I think they looked so cool and fresh. Now they look like everybody else,( with the exception of jade and jesy, who pretty much still do their own thing and dress cool- just with $designer). I think if they would have kept their cool sense of style and kept their cool old school vibes to their song they would have been even BIGGER.

I’ll always have a soft spot for baby mix, it was just a time to be alive I tell you. They were truly ICONIC and ahead of their time.

Atlantis Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Now that I’ve had a chance to listen to Atlantis in it’s entirely, let’s get into this review.

First things first, I LOVE the concept and the color schemes. And the boys all look beautiful. Second Atlantis is still growing on me, and that’s the honest truth.

From what I’ve seen from other fans, they’re saying this song is more shinee than don’t call me, and even MINHO himself said noone could sing this song but shinee. But since I got into shinee during don’t call me, that’s how I see them. I LOVE don’t call me, but Atlantis has to grow on me.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic song, just not what I was expecting. And little by little I’m starting to love it more and more.

The choreography is cute, and MINHOs rap is my favorite part . Onews high note is miraculous and key eats up the choreo. And you know taemin, just being the gorgeous king of pop that he is. I think I could really love it, I’m just giving it time to grow on me.

On to my favorite song off the repackaged album- HANDS DOWN AREA IS MY FAVORITE. My favorite thing that kpop artists do is make twerking sounding songs that are actually sad. Area is that SONG period. Noone is coming for sis and onew sounds heavenly.

Have you listened to the repackaged Album yet? And what’s your favorite new song?

Guess Who?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Finally the time has come, ITZY is making a comeback. I feel like it’s been forever and a day since we got a new itzy era, even though we just got not shy in August. This will be my first official itzy comeback, I became a fan during the not shy era, so I’m SUPER excited.

I noted a few months back that when the girls changed their hair color that a new era was pending and I was so RIGHT!!!

Which songs are you excited about? And which song do you think will be the single?! I’m claiming sorry not sorry and kidding me!!!

I love the promo pictures we’ve gotten so far and the girls look AMAZING. If itzy is known for anything though it’s their amazing choreography. So ya girl can’t wait to be fed!! Itzy let’s do this!!!

Shinees Back!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

When I tell you I joined this fandom at the right time, I JOINED AT THE RIGHT TIME. Shinee have decided to re-release their 7th album and add 3 brand-new tracks.

One we heard at their concert (Atlantis), and their new promo pictures are so cute. I’m living for the peter pan/lost boy vibes. And all the boys look insanely GORGEOUS.

I know we only heard atlantis once, but I feel like it could really be a BOP! It is shinee of course!! I can’t wait for the video, from taemins and onews live, we’re getting Pirate vibes! I love me a good pirate’s of the caribbean moment.

I know onew is worried they will loose fans after atlantis, because tae is enlisting, but I know we will be here after. He has nothing to worry about.

Are you excited for atlantis!?!?

Shinee World review

By :Shanise Lachelle

Last night or this morning if you want to be technical, shinee gave us the Performances of their lives!! I’ve been to a few kpop online concerts, but I’ve NEVER been to a shinee concert. I am a baby fan and became a fan during don’t call me era.

These boys know how to put on a show!!! They really went all out and danced their little bums off, so much so they were dripping in sweat by the end of the first 5 songs. I like how you could tell most of it was live, unlike the other concerts were they pre-recorded a few Performances, A good 90% of shinees Performances were absolutely live. If you had any doubt, every time they finished a song you could hear their breathing. And a few times it looked like onew and tae were having mic problems.

I was bummed we didn’t get BODY RHYTHM, and yes I’m SALTY about it. And they didn’t perform kind live, also salty about it. But we got a major Performance of Don’t call me and I was introduced to chemistry and instantly fell in love!!!! Chemistry was definitely my favorite part, the choreography and the VISUALS… Big D energy for sure.

They all looked so happy to be back together and was all smiles every time the camera was on them. Especially minho and key, they were absolutely LIVING. Onew looked a little frustrated at times when his mic went out and when his voice cracked. And I just wanna tell my bias he still did absolutely AMAZING!!! And don’t be upset about it, no matter how much you practice and prepare, things will go wrong.

Overall I enjoyed every single PERFORMANCE and they truly ate that stage up. I’m proud to have become a stan when I did, even though apparently taemin is about to enlist so that means another break.

They also performed Atlantis for the first time, I feel like I could love it. I just need to watch the video and listen to it more.

I love you shinee and I’m so proud!!! You guys did so well.