Jennie on the Cover.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Another day, another slay. Koreas It girl Jennie Kim has graced yet ANOTHER magazine cover. I’ve actually lost count how many times she’s been on the cover of Vogue Korea . And she kills it every time. Let’s take a look….

I like the black and sensual concept she does up above. And then the girl next door concept in the Blue. Jennie always looks amazing and so comfortable in her skin, it’s not hard to see why they keep choosing her to be on the cover . Still fresh on BlackPinks world tour, and going to fashion shows on her downtime. Jennie continues to show why she’s the it girl of her time and the media just loves her so much. She’s fashionable yet kills it on stage every single time. She’s truly a icon in the making. And I’m here along the ride as she goes higher and higher.

Talk that Talk Or MoonLight Sunrise?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Tuesday, today we’re gonna be talking about the latest Twice singles and which one I favored more. Let’s get into it….

First things first Twice never had a bad single . I started to become a fan during Alcohol Free era and was hooked immediately after. And ever since then it’s been Bop and Bop .

Talk That Talk came first late last year and the K-pop fans all collectively LOVED it. It was typical twice, catchy song, the girls looked great and the vocals were top tier. Not to mention the choreography took over TikTok instantly, making many TikTok challenges. At the time I was like “ it definitely can’t get any better than this, this my favorite twice single EVER.

Of course now I’m eating my words and they’ve topped themselves once again with Moonlight Sunrise. With a catchy hook and chorus set to a early 2000s R&B beat, Twice are proving why they’re here to stay ! Not to mention it’s still the classic K-pop style just with that Twice twist.

Moonlight Sunrise is definitely my favorite single from them since I became a fan. And I LOVED Alcohol Free until the wheels came off. They’re well into their adulthood but we’ve never seen twice been this explicit without actually being explicit. And they did it all while keeping their cute and girly concept.

Moonlight Sunrise definitely wins this round. I can feel it being my spring time:Spring break song of 2023!!

Which single from Twice did you love more?! I personally LOVED BOTH, but Moonlight Sunrise just hit me in my BONES.

Twice are proving they’re here to stay and only getting better with time. They’re truly the girl group to beat.

Fashion Jimin

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, and today will be talking about Jimin at Paris fashion week.

This past week jimin was announced as the new global ambassador of DIOR. In the same week he attended the Dior Fashion Show in Paris and looked every bit of the Moment. He looks so handsome and beautiful at the same time. And he’s wearing the hell out of this suit.

The little peak of the turtleneck with the suit , Just compliments it so well. And jimin wears the entire ensemble well. I know jimin is into fashion and this was probably so exciting for him. Especially stepping out on his own and being the center of attention. Can’t wait to see him go to many more fashion shows in the future!

Movies I’ve Watched Recently

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy SUNDAY, and we’re back with another Movies I’ve watched Recently. Let’s gets into it.


Was constantly waiting for it to get better and go somewhere. The little twist was different but unexpected. Wouldn’t watch again.


Loved EVERYTHING about this movie so much I watched it TWICE. Such an original Concept and completely CAMP. A new take on “ Eat the Rich”


Very emotional, exceptionally acted! Manor is the best marvel villain I’ve seen in a while. Secretly wanted him to win. Ms. Basset acted her but off and gave EVERYTHING.


Another emotional release, great follow up to the first film. felt kind of like a filler film at some points. The ending was a MASTERPIECE. Not a fan of the character spider.

What’s some new movies you’ve seen recently?! Let me know in the comments down below. And as always friends…. Until next time.

Jimin On The Cover

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hello Army’s, our boy Jimin has finally started to branch out on his solo endeavors and in his true nature is killing it.

Jimin is on the cover of W Korea and looks so beautiful!! My favorite Jimin thing in the world is when he’s surrounded by flowers or made to look extra pretty in concepts. It’s totally reminds me of his concept photos for BE. And those to this very day are my favorite Jimin photos. fresh off his feature on the single Vibe and becoming the face of mega brand DIOR. Jimin is stepping out of the BTS. Shadow and becoming every bit of that IT BOY that we know he is . He is truly shining and I’m so proud.

Let’s all fall even more in love with Park Jimin.

Truly , this photo shoot is in my TOP 5. Can’t wait to see what Else he blesses us with.

MoonLight Sunrise Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Twice is back and with no surprise ANOTHER ABSOLUTE BANGER. Let’s get into it friends.

I don’t how JYP does it, but every time TWICE has a comeback it’s a HIT. Their k-singles always do well and the fans eat it up, but their American singles have been doing so well too. From THE FEELS now to Moonlight Sunrise , it’s been a loop of constant bops.

Moonlight Sunrise is a flirty and sensual song about having “FUN” all night with your partner and being absolutely obsessed with them. Not gonna lie, even though twice are all adult women half way into their 20s. I would have NEVER expected them to do a song this ALMOST freaky. I love it and I’m here for the twice girls have their CITY GIRL MOMENT.

Chaeyoung absolutely ATE DOWN WITH HER RAP. I’ve never heard her voice so deep and sensual and I was GAGGED!! She’s always quietly been a part of my bias line , but this here just gave my girl a permanent SPOT!!!

Of course ALL the girls look amazing and sound great, and special shout out moment for the choreography. It is AMAZING and looks so fun to do.

I really don’t know how the girls of Twice manage to keep coming out with hits after hits and ZERO misses. But they did it and continue to do it. And show why they’re one of the top K-pop girl groups OUT right now. NO-ONE is doing like twice or as flawless and consistently as TWICE. Each comeback is more polished than before, and it just shows how they perfect their vocals and craft each time. I’m so proud of my girls and dare I say THIS IS MY FAVORITE COMEBACK FROM TWICE SINCE I BEGAN STANNING.

Twice this is a song I didn’t know I wanted or needed from you until now!! Can’t wait for TOUR and to see what the album will sound like.

How Heteronormativity Ruined My Creativity.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Happy Monday Friends, and today we’re back with another Queer Post. Talking about how my experiences with heteronormativity ruined me in the biggest way. Make sure you’re subscribed and following for more content . And as always Thank you for all your support.

Ever since I was young , I was a very imaginative and creative being. I wrote a lot of stories, poems , and songs. I loved fashion and dressing differently. I LOVED music and films, and would completely devour any and all art content.

Over my adult life and especially during my 20s I’ve noticed a H U G E decline in my favorite hobbies and interests. And I found it so difficult to keep up with things that I used to find so soothing and easy to do. Yes adult life has become busy and hectic, but it’s always been busy . So why have I let my creativity die and be get lost along the way?!

I blame it in huge parts to me struggling with my sexuality and The Heteronormative collective. I spent a lot of my 20s wanting to be accepted by my straight peers and friends. And changing most of my thoughts and beliefs to match theirs. I didn’t realize in doing that I was essentially killing everything I was. I found it hard to keep liking things I liked because my likes were changing to meet theirs. I became less like me and more like them. With only tiny shreds of the real me left over but getting buried so deeply over time.

I don’t blame my friends for their ways or being straight. I know no one CHOOSES to be attracted to M*N. But I do blame myself for pushing myself to fit inside boxes that weren’t made for me at all. They were never comfortable and it always felt suffocating. And for that my creativity suffered.

It took me two years to finish my second book, when all the material was there. I have several short stories unfinished. And I’ve completely neglected my painting hobbies and my vlogging. My small business is temporarily closed and I don’t know when it will reopen. And I have such a burning desire to create and make new pieces but no urge to get up and just DO IT.

I do believe if I surrounded myself with more Of the lgbtq community and MORE Poc queer folks, I would have 1. Came out sooner and 2. Took my sexuality seriously and 3. My creativity would have BLOSSOMED.

It’s true when they say, the people you surround yourself with , will impact you in ways you would never believe.

Knowing what I know now, I’m learning to forgive myself and not be so angry and at how far I’ve fallen untrue to myself. I’m working my way back one step at a time. And I’m dedicating 2023 to getting back to myself and to surrounding myself with more POC queer folks. Even if that means I have to start some clubs or organizations myself!! It will be done and I will be comfortable and finally happy.

I just have to remember to take it one day at a time.

Dear younger me, I’m so sorry . But I will make it up to you immediately and fully.

I’m here and I’m Queer

By :Shanise Lachelle

Happy New year , and this year I’m all about stepping into my true identity and allowing my space to be open and safe for other POC queer folks! As a baby queer myself , I still have so much to learn and can’t wait to change the heteronormative agenda that’s been implanted in my head for all of my 31 years of existence!

It’s truly been a journey for as long as I can remember but especially since 2017 when I finally started questioning myself and what I actually wanted.

2019 I cut my hair off and “playfully” stared experimenting with different pronouns . I also started talking to a few different girls. But it wasn’t until 2022 that I had I my first lesbian situation-ship , that I knew I was actually a lesbian. And could never, go back to dating a M*N. Even though the situation was toxic and nearly put me in grippy socks, it confirmed everything in me that I had been wondering about for years secretly.

All the “ AM I GAY QUIZZES”, and secretly obsessing over Lesbian themed shows, and my ever growing disgust with the male gender, being the happiest during pride month, started to make so much more sense!

I had found myself and when I tell you a WEIGHT was lifted off my shoulders and I felt so free for the first time ever. I know the LGTBQIA was where I was supposed to be and felt the most ME.

My blog will still be 50% K-pop , but it will also be incorporating MORE queerness, and so much more. If that isn’t to your liking, kindly unfollow me now.

It’s only about to get GAYER from here=]

To my she’s, theys, and Gays, let’s do this!! And let’s embark on the safest and healthiest 2023 we can manage babes!!

Ditto vs Omg

By: Shanise Lachelle

Happy Friday and we’re back with another New Jeans post. Let’s get into it!

New Jeans have now released two hott new singles and it’s time to rank them in order of which one is my favorite!

1. Omg– from the flow and the way it switches into a different song for the chorus. To the super cute early 2000s outfits with the bunny hats. New Jeans has done it again!! And this may be my favorite song of theirs. Not to mention the video is super fun and let’s the girls get into a bit of acting.

2. Ditto– Also a super fun but interesting video with two different povs. The choreography is another memorable one and the girls look so happy and like they’re having the time of their lives when they perform it.

The girls and hybe have definitely knocked it out of the park this comeback!! I can’t wait to see what else they surprise us with.

Which New Jeans song is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below and as always …. Until next time….

Yoongi What?

By: Shanise Lachelle

Happy First Thursday of 2023 Friends! Today I woke up bright and early and was snaked with these beautiful concept photos of Mr. Min Yoongi, and I think I speak for the whole of the fandom when I say we are left SPEECHLESS.

These stunning photos could very well be from his upcoming photo-book, ( each bts member has released a solo photo-book with different themes). Or for an upcoming solo music project. Either way these photos prove just how beautiful and versatile yoongi is.

Part of the Hyung line , yoongi is Not seen as the most attractive member , by Korean standards. But just looking at him and these photos I feel they should revises their standards. Maybe he’s not typical male beauty standard, but he’s certainly gorgeous. His soft features and pale skin makes him look every bit of an sweet animation character. Match that with his passion for music and fiery lyrics, what’s NOT to love about Yoongi?!?

I am in constant awe of yoongi and how much his confidence has grown over the years and even the two years since I’ve been into BTS.

I can’t WAIT to see what these are for and to get more pictures from this concept.