Pink Venom Review


By: Shanise Lachelle

BLACKPINK is finally back with PINK VENOM and it’s something for sure. So let’s dig into it…

Now with teddy being their main producer and BLACKPINK having their “signature” sound, I think we all knew what it could possibly sound like. Still the teaser gave us hope it would sound like something they’ve NEVER done before.

And it gave us the same exact hardcore western mixed with the K-pop vibes BLACKPINK always does. Nothing new, nothing exciting!

Still I find myself rewatching PinkVenom and singing it around the house. So I guess Yg and Teddy know exactly what they’re doing! The song is fun and the choreography is sassy and easy to do. And the girls definitely pull out some of their best video looks to date!!!

Of course my absolute favorite moment was with our two rappers sharing some screen time. The last time they raped like this was KILL THIS LOVE. And I was so geeked and mind blown seeing them kill it! They look amazing and sound even better!

Jennie opens the song with a killer verse but Lisa’s verse was actually my favorite! Jisoo and rose also showed off their killer vocals and Jisoo looked PHENOMENAL!! She’s insanely gorgeous.

This is the problem with their singles, you often end up remembering their looks over the actual song itself!!!

But the great thing about PINK VENOM it’s jay an pre-single. Just to get them back out there after two years and create some buzz to let everyone know they’re BACK!!!

I’m intrigued to see what their actual album and singles sound like!

Overall I give the single 4/5, not memorable or anything spectacular. But for the looks, visuals, and overall grown confidence from each member! And the song no matter how MID , is still very catchy.

Have you seen PINK VENOM YET? Are you biting or wanting something new from black pink?! Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time Friends…..

Horror I’ve Watched Recently…


By :Shanise Lachelle

In the last two months, I’ve been preparing myself for spooky season! I know it may be too early for most but I start my Halloween celebrating every august. And this year I started in July. I saw a few new horror films so I’m going to be rating them in order that I liked them the most.

The Black Phone

Very surprised I liked this one as much as I did.


Very much enjoyed this from beginning until the very end! And can’t wait for pearl, keep your eyes peeled for a trailer reaction post coming this week!


Now out of all 3 of Jordan’s films, this was my least favorite of his. Still it was perfectly acted and casted. And I love how he always does something different and questions us to think for ourselves.

The Boy

I watched this film out of pure boredom and because I had seen the first one. Wasn’t great by any means but it did keep me entertained!

I look forward to this years horror!! I’ve seen a lot new commercials and I think we will have a good horror year!

Boo Bitch Review


By:Shanise Lachelle

Boo Bitch is the name of Netflix’s new comedy/horror. Odd name for an even odder show, let’s dig into it.

Boo Bitch starring Netflix darling Lana Condor, is about two best friends who want to end their senior year on a high note and live their last few months to the fullest. When tragedy strikes and Lana’s character “Erika”, dies.

The show then goes with everyone still being to see her and as her time is running out she’s trying to tie up loose ends , with her besties help, so she can peacefully cross over.

I will say the show had it’s funny and super cute moments. And the cast did what they could with the script. But it also had it’s super cringey moments and I had to look away at times because I simply could not take it seriously z. But alas I kept watching , and found myself kind of liking the show.

I will overall give the show 3/5 , it was pure Netflix comedy. So enjoyable but not the a cinematic masterpiece by any means.

Lana shines in everything she’s in and I can’t wait to see her in more films and shows ,OUTSIDE of Netflix.

How ever the real star of this mini series was Zoe Colletti ! She plays the best friend to Lana’s character and they played so well of each other on screen.

The one and only thing I liked about this show was the twist and I honestly didn’t see it coming. But once it came , it did make a lot of sense and added so much more to the show.

Boo Bitch is the perfect mini series for fall and upcoming Halloween season! It’s not scary at all and gets you right in the mood for spooky time.

It’s not the best show on earth, but you will have a great spooky time on the way.

BlackPink is Back!!


By:Shanise Lachelle

After two long years, BlackPink Is finally making their long awaited COMEBACK this august.

Blinks and fans alike are super excited to see what BlackPink has been cooking away for almost three years. BlackPinks “The Album” was a HUGE success all over the world, breaking records internationally!

Now the girls are gearing up to release their pre single titled “Pink Venom”. From the teasers alone it looks super good and I’m intrigued. I have no clue what it will sound like, but if their favorite producer Teddy has his hands In it , I’m somewhat sure of what it will sound like.

Pink Venom will be released this Friday and I’m on the edge of my seat to see what the girls will finally gift us!!

Let’s go Blinks, our time has finally COME!!!

The Issue With Cookie


Hybes new girl group is already facing a lot of scrutiny! But not for the reasons you might be thinking, so let’s get into K-pop’s latest scandal!

New Jeans just debuted last Friday and they’re already taking the K-pop world by storm with their fire singles “Attention and Hype Boy”.

But it’s their latest single COOKIE, that’s causing a lot of discussion about girl groups and them being taken advantage of.

New Jeans is a group of young girls ranging in ages from 18-14. So it’s understandable why fans and Stan’s don’t want the girls to be sexualized . The girls made a video for their fandom and explained the new song COOKIE and how it’s for the fans. But if you listen to the song is clearly a song with innuendos about the guy wanting a girls “cookie”.

While the song is a very catchy song and a for sure bop, I did think it was kind of inappropriate upon first listen. I had to go look up their ages because of the outrage on TIKTOK.

The song is a hit, but I do think this raises the question of how far the K-pop industry will go? And why would they think this song was appropriate for young girls who are barley legal?

The song would have been better suited for Itzy or Aespa ,even BlackPink. as they’re are all young adults. Even through all the outage the song is blowing up and making the girls even more popular.

I do hope the label takes notice of the outrage and moving forward makes better judgement on what the girls put out. I will say their promotion is very age appropriate. And their stage looks are appropriate as well with the girls wearing long safety shorts under their skirts!

I see New Jeans having a long and successful career, they’re very talented. I just hope it’s a safe environment for them to thrive and grow up slowly and not force them to be sexual too soon.

Girls vs Sneakers

By: Shanise Lachelle

Two of the most popular girl groups of the 4th generation are having a little friendly competition. So who had the better comeback? Let’s dig into it.

I really like both groups and enjoyed both comebacks, but I’m going to have to give this one to Itzy.

Just the whole roll out and promoting of Sneakers. From us hating it at first to us now loving it! I loved the whole idea of the video and the many different looks we got! The choreography is super fun and cute! And if it’s one thing Itzy is known for, its Their Choreography! the girls all look great and I loved how we got royal then sporty Itzy all in one video.

Not to mention all of the live performances have been so much fun as well! And the girls all look like they’re having so much fun on stage.

Now on to Aespas GIRLS. Now it wasn’t a BAD comeback, and I actually like the song. It’s just there wasn’t much buildup besides the usual and we only got a few performances then it was all over. Kind of lack luster in my opinion. Now the video is probably one of the coolest videos they’ve ever done!! And the song as usual for Aespa is a slow burn. It takes a while to grow on you but once it does it’s a ForSURE Bop!!! It just wasn’t as strong of a comeback as ITZY.

Both groups are smashing it right now and I know they’re friends and support each other! Aespa still has a long way to go, but they will get there in the end because they’re super talented. Itzy on the other hand are getting better with time and age. they top themselves each comeback!

Can’t wait to see them on your this November, I’m so excited I can hardly wait!!

Which comeback was your favorite?

Between Twice 1&2

By: Shanise Lachelle

Once’s it’s almost our time to SHINE, twice is back with another mini album!!

Imagine my shock as i logged in and saw that twice was having yet another comeback!! A part of me is super excited and can’t wait to see what my girls have cooked up. Another part of me is like “damn didn’t they just have a comeback earlier this year?!” I know JYP is known for overworking the girls , I just hope they’re all well rested and are actually okay.

To be honest I’m still jamming out to Nayoens POP, and I kind of thought another member would go solo before we got another twice comeback! The girls are truly the most hardworking girls in K-pop right now. We get at least two comebacks a year, where as most groups only do ONE! They’re unstoppable right now, they even did two tours back to back this year! 2022 is truly the year of TWICE.

What do you think it will sound like!? I’m so excited and can’t wait to watch my girlies eat it up!

Favorite New Jeans Singles

By: Shanise Lachelle

By now hybes new girl group NEW JEANS, has released a few new singles to introduce themselves to the K-pop music industry. And here are my favorite singles in order.

1. Hype Boy

2. Cookie


I can quickly see them becoming everyone’s favorite 4th generation girl group. We don’t know much about them yet personally and they’re really young,But they have the looks and charms. and every single song they’ve released has been a outright BOP!

Can’t wait to see them debut and hear more from NEW JEANS.

Stuck In My Head

By: Shanise Lachelle

Hi friends, we’re back with a new segment titled “STUCK IN MY HEAD” where I’ll be talking about all the new music that I just can’t get enough of. Todays STUCK IN MY HEAD is all about the K-pop music I just can’t enough of lately. So let’s get into it!!


New Jeans- Hype Boy

Ever since they’ve caught my attention two weeks ago, I’ve been OBSESSED with their songs!! And they haven’t even officially debuted yet! Hype boy is SUCH A BOP.


Nayeon- Pop

It’s no secret that Nayeons Pop as been ALL over TikTok and I’m living for it. It’s not my favorite song off her new album but it’s definitely one of my favorites and it’s constantly in my head!


Itzy- Sneakers

It’s funny because I absolutely hated this song before it came out and didn’t think I would vibe with it at all! And now even though it’s not their best single by a LONGGGG shot, it’s super catchy and fun!! And I just can’t help myself, not to mention it’s a fun summer comeback when everyone else is being edgy! Love Itzy for always going against the crowd!

What’s some of your favorite K-pop songs that have been stuck in your head lately?!