Little Mix is Live.

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last week Little Mix started their Confetti/Farewell Tour, and it’s been very emotional for fans and the little mix girls.

Jade has already broken down at the majority of the shows and I believe they’ve only had 4 shows so far. I was interested to see them fully as a 3 piece and they did not disappoint. They sound GREAT and look even BETTER. Perrie and Leigh are brand new mum’s and it hasn’t even been a year yet since them giving birth to their babies. And they look healthy and they’re thriving.

Wasn’t sure if I was Honestly a fan of the tour looks at first, but it truly does fit the confetti theme and it fits little mix. I love how the girls are always up to try something different and they can pull off anything.

This set list isn’t my favorite, only because it’s more of a farewell tour setlist and NOT a confetti tour setlist. Where’s rendezvous, a mess( happy 4 you) , nothing but my feelings? All of the truly great confetti songs they left out. I understand not every song can make the cut , but if it’s a CONFETTI TOUR, shouldn’t the songs reflect that!? I do love however how they included a LOT of fan favorites like: LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME.

I’ve been keeping up with the shows through social media and it’s making me super emotional. I can’t believe they’re going on “BREAK” , after this. I’ve been here since X-factor and never thought we’d be here so soon . I’m as always so proud of my girls, but will miss them Bunches. That last show footage is SurE to break all of us mixers down.

Are you a fan of LITTLE MIX? What do you think so far of the Confetti Tour? What do you think of the hiatus?! Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends…


By: Shanise Lachelle

Last night wrapped up the Permission to Dance Vegas shows and the end Bangtan had a little announcement themselves….


Honestly was hoping for more CONCERT dates, but I’m Soo good with this news too. since the last album we got from the boys was BE.

Are you excited for a Bts comeback?? Honestly don’t know what to expect… Kind of nervous, but knowing them it will be amazing.

Let me know how you feel about it all in the comments below, let’s chat about all the possibilities.

And as always until next time friends…

Rolling Dice

By: Shanise Lachelle

We’re back with a DICE music video review and reaction.

First things first, LOVED the entire vibe and aesthetic of the video. It totally fits who onew is even more so who lee jinki is. it’s fun, catchy, colorful and quirky.

The chorus of the song has been stuck in my head since I watched the video. And I’m just so proud of onew, he’s finally getting his shine. I even loved his little choreography part and how he showed everyone just why he’s an SM idol.

And can I just say, I’m INLOVE with orange hair jinki. He also seems more at ease and confident with this mini album and all the promo surrounding it.

Have you checked out DICE YET?! And if not, what are you waiting for?!? Go give my bias his streams.

Let me know what you think of Dice in the comments down below.

And as always until time friends…

Orange Jennie

By: Shanise Lachelle

Miss Jennie Kim is just the gift that keeps of giving. I woke up this morning to this chaos and still haven’t recovered.

This morning, Jennie posted these selfies of her new orange hair , and as she’s my blackpink bias, I am loosing my mind. She looks so good and so amazing. I never thought I’d like the orange on her as much as I do. It’s DEFINITELY my new favorite Jennie look. Sorry blonde tips Jennie.

This also COULD mean a blackpink or Jennie solo is coming….. They only seem to change their hair when something big is happening. Us blinks are starved, so I hope it’s a comeback. I’ve ALSO noticed Miss Lisa is blonde…. I’m not saying a comeback is upon us..but I’m also NOT not saying it’s not.

Do you like Jennies new hair? And are you excited for a blackpink comeback?! Let me know the comments down.

And as always until time friends….


By : Shanise Lachelle

My official SHINEE bias onew is FINALLY releasing his much anticipated second mini album on APRIL 11, 2022!!

I’m so excited for him because from the voice to dice, you can see such a major shift in his confidence and the production.

To go from the top to the bottom and from the teaser of his mini album and the dice video, I simply can not wait to watch onew blow everyone away!!!

I’ve noticed since getting into shinee, he’s a little bit of the underdog and goes unnoticed alot. Maybe it’s his quiet, laid-back attitude, but he’s definitely not as hyped as the other 4 members. And I can see that changing after Dice drops. As the leader ,it’s their job to take care of their members and let them get all the shine if need be. But it’s now ONEWS time to shine. And I hope you are all ready….

I’ve always known onew had it in him, now the rest of the kpop world will see it too. He’s more than just a golden voice….

Check back tomorrow to see my honest first reaction of Dice…

Are you a shinee fan?! And are you excited for ONEWS new music? Let me know in the comments down below…

And as always until next time friends….

Favorite Demi Songs.

By: Shanise Lachelle

In Honor of Rock Demi Coming back, I’ve decided to list my favorite punk rock Demi singles . In NO particular order….

1. Quiet

2. Until your mine

3. Falling over me

4. Heart Attack

5. The middle

6. trainwreck

7. U got nothin on me

8. Got dynamite

9. Get back

10. La la land

11. Everything your not

12. Catch me

13. Remember December

14. Stop the World

I can’t wait to get new music from demi. It really seems like they’re excited about this new era!!

Are you a fan of demi?! What’s your favorite song/album from them? Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends….

As It Was First Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m not sure what I expected but it definitely wasn’t this at all!! HARRY EDWARD STYLES, you continue to outdo yourself Everytime.

The video is very artsy and shot really beautifully. We even get some very “harry” choreography, and I’m just so happy and proud of him. To be this comfortable in his skin and his art. To do what HE, wants is so beautiful and powerful. I’m sure labels and such would much Rather him be a Hollywood cringe heartbreaker, but he didn’t want that for himself and didn’t go down that road. And he could have EASILY done so.

I can see this song playing in the background of a feel good movie or coming of age film. And I can also see it becoming a sleepy summer hit. I just love how much he’s growing through his music and none it sounds the exact same.

I am SO EXCITED FOR HS3!!!. Well done Harry , we are so proud of you!

What did you think of As it was?! It might be my favorite lead single he’s done so far. Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends…

Boyfriend First Reaction!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Dove, Dove DOVE!!!! I’ve been OBESSED with this song since you dropped a sneak peak on TikTok. Then you released the full version and it’s an entire bop, and my queer heart is just so full.

The entire video is sensual, dark and just GAY . Never in my wildest dreams did I think liv and Maddie would be making a super badass queer anthem. The video is so mature and sexy and DOVE GIRL, YOU GOT ME SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. I’m so proud of her , coming out to make a song like this couldn’t be easy and must have been so nerve wrecking. Considering her previous music is NOTHING like this.

I’m sorry Queer Brunette Dove is my favorite Dove ever . I have a feeling summer 2022 is about to belong to the G I R LS.

Do me a favor and go stream BOYFRIEND, and also watch the video !!! You won’t be disappointed. Dove Cameron I’m so proud of you and the women you’re becoming. Boyfriend is that GIRL.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think.

And until next time friends….

Solar is full of Honey.

By : Shanise Lachelle

When it comes to mamamoo solo’s , I’ve only really paid attention to hwasa. However I always said I liked their music better solo.

This the first comeback of solar I’ve actually paid attention too and liked. It makes me want to go back and check out their previous solo works and give it a try.

She looks phenomenal and the RAP?! Okay solar I see you girl. The song is super catchy and one I’ll be humming around to for a while. I can see it becoming alot of people’s spring/ summer song of 2022.

The girls of mamamoo have just been pushing out bop after bop this year. I’m so proud of them. I feel they shine best individually, and as you can see it shows in their solo work.

Are you a mamamoo fan?! Are you enjoying their solo comebacks?! Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always , until next time friends….

As it Was

By : Shanise Lachelle

Buckle in Harries, Harry’s new single As It Was is coming to us fresh on April 1.

Today he released a teaser and it already sounds so different from HS1 and HS2. I’m so excited for new Harry music. But if I’ve learned anything from Harry in the past, is it’s to expect the unexpected.

There was rumors of pole dancing and choreography in As It Was, so I guess we will just have to wait to see what’s true or not.

Either way, I’m sure it’s going to be an absolute bop. And I’m so proud of him!! 2022 is sure to be a huge year for Mr. Styles!

Are you excited for Harry’s new music?! Let me know in the comments down below.

And as always until next time friends….