Forever Reaction

By: Shanise Lachelle

Forever is the Newest promotional single from my girls Aespa. Now when I saw the promo pictures last week, I knew it would be soft. And then I saw the snippet and I still had hopes for a full out choreography video .

But it’s just what it looked like and perhaps something we all needed. It’s a soft , warm, and romantic love song that I can see playing on kdramas in the future.

EVERY girl has her vocal moment to shine. Proving that Aespa may be coming for every girlgroups neck, I’ve yet to see a girlgroup(kpop wise) WHERE EVERYONE can actually sing, if need be.

They said black mamba we showed you all we can dance, now with forever we’re gonna give you vocals bitch!!

They look so GORGEOUS and sound amazing, and miss ningning with that high note, that’s my girl!! AFCOURSE it’s not what I expected, but I read somewhere this is just a promo single, and the actual comeback will be coming soon. They still all sounded great and it’s such a cute song you don’t realize the video is over 5 mins long.

Aespa is really setting themselves up to be THAT ROOKIE GROUP.

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