Shinees Back!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Guess who’s living their best life and going to Shinees concert this Saturday/Sunday?! MEEEEEE. I was hesitant to buy tickets, because I’m a baby stan and I won’t know any of their older songs ( but REPLAY), SO I thought it would be pointless. But then I thought it would just give me a reason to get into their older music if I hear it live! And I figured they’ll Mostly PERFORM don’t call me and maybe a new song from atlantis…

Either way, I’m super excited and can’t wait. This will be my 3rd online concert experience, and can I just say as an Taurus INTROVERT ,I prefer online concerts. And don’t know why we had to wait for covid to get this brilliant idea. The idea of watching your favorite band from your BED!?! Groundbreaking!!

Catch me back on Monday for a full concert review!!!!! I’m so excited to see my babies.

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