Shinee World review

By :Shanise Lachelle

Last night or this morning if you want to be technical, shinee gave us the Performances of their lives!! I’ve been to a few kpop online concerts, but I’ve NEVER been to a shinee concert. I am a baby fan and became a fan during don’t call me era.

These boys know how to put on a show!!! They really went all out and danced their little bums off, so much so they were dripping in sweat by the end of the first 5 songs. I like how you could tell most of it was live, unlike the other concerts were they pre-recorded a few Performances, A good 90% of shinees Performances were absolutely live. If you had any doubt, every time they finished a song you could hear their breathing. And a few times it looked like onew and tae were having mic problems.

I was bummed we didn’t get BODY RHYTHM, and yes I’m SALTY about it. And they didn’t perform kind live, also salty about it. But we got a major Performance of Don’t call me and I was introduced to chemistry and instantly fell in love!!!! Chemistry was definitely my favorite part, the choreography and the VISUALS… Big D energy for sure.

They all looked so happy to be back together and was all smiles every time the camera was on them. Especially minho and key, they were absolutely LIVING. Onew looked a little frustrated at times when his mic went out and when his voice cracked. And I just wanna tell my bias he still did absolutely AMAZING!!! And don’t be upset about it, no matter how much you practice and prepare, things will go wrong.

Overall I enjoyed every single PERFORMANCE and they truly ate that stage up. I’m proud to have become a stan when I did, even though apparently taemin is about to enlist so that means another break.

They also performed Atlantis for the first time, I feel like I could love it. I just need to watch the video and listen to it more.

I love you shinee and I’m so proud!!! You guys did so well.

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One thought on “Shinee World review

  1. So glad you enjoyed it! We also watched and it was such a great experience, we didn’t expect them to sing An Encore and Selene 6.23 so that was almost an out of body experience. ♡

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