Shinees Back!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

When I tell you I joined this fandom at the right time, I JOINED AT THE RIGHT TIME. Shinee have decided to re-release their 7th album and add 3 brand-new tracks.

One we heard at their concert (Atlantis), and their new promo pictures are so cute. I’m living for the peter pan/lost boy vibes. And all the boys look insanely GORGEOUS.

I know we only heard atlantis once, but I feel like it could really be a BOP! It is shinee of course!! I can’t wait for the video, from taemins and onews live, we’re getting Pirate vibes! I love me a good pirate’s of the caribbean moment.

I know onew is worried they will loose fans after atlantis, because tae is enlisting, but I know we will be here after. He has nothing to worry about.

Are you excited for atlantis!?!?

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