New year new Jesy?

By : Shanise Lachelle

The fandom seems to be in a collective meltdown today. First Leigh announced she was pregnant, then jesy comes out with her solo cover. The timing does seem all a bit suspect , but I know magazine covers are planned months in advance.

There’s obviously some tension between the girls behind the scenes, and they’re trying very hard to keep it professional and under wraps. But as mixers we can tell.

They don’t hang out or support each other publicly anymore like they used too. And jesy is seeming like she just HATED being in little mix now. Which we definitely could see, in most interviews she looked like she hated her life, but in the next breath would say how much she loved being in little mix and couldn’t do this without the other girls. She genuinely hated being famous. But now it’s she hated being in little mix and being compared to the other girls .

I understand jesy has her own issues and we can’t fault her for that, but we also can’t blame the other girls for her issues.

This whole little mix / jesy dilemma is giving me MAJOR one direction/ Zayn vibes. It’s just messy and sloppy , and I just find it hard to celebrate solo jesy and be happy for solo jesy. I don’t trust this entire situation. And as a fan, we are due some answers. Like they’ve always been honest with us, so why stop now!?!

She does look happier and she’s glowing , but this whole thing is just frustrating.

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