Baby Mix

By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s nearly 10 at night and whilst I was in the shower singing old little mix tunes, i had this thought, ” fetus little mix was actually SUPER iconic”. So here I am to unleash my little mix truth on you.

Let’s start with they were the ONLY band ever to win the shit show xfactor!! Next let’s talk about how their xfactor single and debut single wings were both number one singles!! Let’s move on to their debut album, which was full of hard hitting BOPS. I’ve never known a girlgroup to debut and go as hard as little mix did. From their fun girl empowerment songs to the VOCALS AND HARMONIES. We were truly blessed, we had wings, how ya doing, DNA!!!!! I still haven’t heard anything as heavenly and insane as DNA, in 2021!!! They really broke the mold with that one. The entire Dna album was just a solid introduction into the music industry, so much so it landed them a number 3 spot on the Uk charts and number 4 on the US charts!! They were the highest rating girlgroup from the UK since the SPICE GIRLS!!!! Who was doing it like rookie Mix?! NOBODY!!! okay sorry for screaming, but I just can’t wrap my head around how amazing baby mix was and I lived through it.

Now let’s talk about the amazing covers they did, because baby they did PLENTY.

1. The end of time beyonce cover they did was * chefs kiss* AMAZING. The HARMONIES..MM .. it was like eating chocolate cake.

2. The we are young cover was INSANE and better than the original. Everytime I hear the song now I think of little mix.

3. The Don’t let go by envouge cover, WHICH LET’S BE HONEST, NOONE COULD HAVE DONE THAT SONG JUSTICE BUT LITTLE MIX. HATS OFF . And they’re were barley 21 then, just babies.

4. The I will wait cover- listen if I ever have to listen to anything on repeat and just cry my eyes out, that would be the song. And with the live orchestra….I will NEVER shut up about it.

Rookie Mix was just the moment and you can’t convince me otherwise. Even their fashion was iconic and super *british*.( Even though I know they probably hate some of their clothing choices from back then), I think they looked so cool and fresh. Now they look like everybody else,( with the exception of jade and jesy, who pretty much still do their own thing and dress cool- just with $designer). I think if they would have kept their cool sense of style and kept their cool old school vibes to their song they would have been even BIGGER.

I’ll always have a soft spot for baby mix, it was just a time to be alive I tell you. They were truly ICONIC and ahead of their time.

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