Favorite songs of May

By: Shanise Lachelle

Happy Monday, I’m back with a new post all about my most played Kpop songs of May.

May was a BUSY month for me. I moved, turned 30 and took a two week vacation off my job. It was stressful and peaceful and these were the absolute bops that got me through it.

1.Advice- Taemin

2. In the morning (mafia)- ITZY

3. After school- weekly

4. Butter- Bts

5. Ateez- I’m the one

6. Trash- whee in

7. Next level – Aespa

What were some of your favorite kpop songs of May? It’s been comeback season since like April and I’m a multi-Stan, I haven’t been able to catch a damn break since. Everybody came back so hard this comeback season. I’m LEVITATING.

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