Where are we now review

By : Shanise Lachelle

My girls mamamoo are back and this comeback they’ve decided to show off their softer sides.

I admit when I heard about mamamoo Coming back this summer I was PUMPED. I just knew they were gonna come back with a girl power banger. I was OBSESSED with dingga dingga and Aya. And their album travel was very good and full of summer jams.

But I wasn’t expecting where are we now to be so soft and beautiful and FULL of vocals. Mamamoo just casually showing everyone why their famous in the first place and letting everyone know they’re STILL that group with the amazing vocalists. We all know I’m a slut for hwasas vocals, but there’s a moment when whee in and solar harmonize and I swear I go straight to heaven. This song is full of emotion and seems very personal. It almost feels like a goodbye. Especially since news just broke that whee in possibly won’t be renewing her contract.

The video is GORGEOUS AND EVERYONE IS A VISUAL. I know some people are let down and this isn’t really what any of us were expecting, but where are we now is still AMAZING and beautiful. And deserves all the hype and love. They all love well rested and healthy. Whatever the future holds for mamamoo, I know it will be bright.

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