Leave Jennie Alone!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Over the weekend BTS got Instagrams and the social media world went into a frenzy . While the majority of Bangtan seem genuinely confused by the app,( Tae, Jimin, suga, JK). The others seem to be flourishing, ( Rm, Hobi, and Jin).

While trying to figure out Instagram Tae ” accidentally” followed Jennie from blackpink and then immediately unfollowed her. Then Went to weverse to complain about Instagram recommending certain people. Calling the app “scary” . Fans of BTS/Tae then went on to harass Jennie on her Instagram and make tons of memes about tae not wanting Jennie etc.

First of all BTS personally knows blackpink and have worked with them. And support them. And vice versa, there is no hate between them, only the fandoms. Second of all of the boys are only following each other, so he probably freaked out because it was an honest mistake and he doesn’t want shipping rumors. Nothing to do with hating Jennie. Toxic fans took this golden opportunity to hate on her and blackpink, when it wasn’t even that deep. And as a huge fan of both groups, it’s so disappointing to see. Jennie literally gets hate for breathing at this point and it’s so ridiculous. Even if Tae did decided to follow her, how does that affect you all? None of you have a chance with him. And the idea that he might actually like Jennie bothers you all because you know you really don’t have a chance. Even though you never really did to begin with. It’s all a little childish and now I see why people look at the fandom like we are a bunch of little girls. Look at how the majority of you act, whenever they breathe around a pretty girl. My god , get OVER IT.

The hate between both fandom’s needs to stop, it’s honestly so pointless and draining to see.

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