Chloe and Normani

By: Shanise Lachelle

I know you’re looking at this title and thinking “ SHANISE I KNOW YOUR NOT ABOUT TO COMPARE THEM” and yes I am, But not in the way you think.

Both girls have established themselves in young Hollywood from a young age. With Chloe being apart of the dynamic sister duo ChloexHalle, and Normani being apart of the now broken up girl group Fifth Harmony.

But as solo artist’s, one seems to have the upper hand and the better roll out plan. Normani has been solo a few years ahead of Chloe. Yet she’s been met with mixed reactions and LOTS of features on her songs or being featured on someone else’s songs. And you have Chloe blowing up and dropping fire single after fire single.

Chloe is always promoting herself on every social media platform and going live to talk to fans and sing covers.

Then you have Normani who only seems to engage with her fans when she has music dropping. Normani drops a single once every year with the constant promise of a amazing album. And then you have Chloe who hasn’t even been solo a full year yet, and we have 3 different singles from her.

I know it’s also down to their management teams and their label’s. Normani’s label seems to suck and not fully believe in her talent. Where as Chloe’s label is fully behind Chloe and promoting her.

It’s makes me sad for Normani, because it’s not a competition, but pretty soon Chloe will surpass her and people will grow bored with Normani and the empty promises of a album.

They’re both extremely talented girls and both have super bright future’s! I could even seen the two girls doing a collab and it blowing up!!

I honestly just think Normani needs a new management at this point. It’s taking way to long for her debut album to come out and people are starting to get bored with the waiting.

I really hope for the best for Normani and know she can do it, just needs the right team behind her! And Chloe girl, keep doing what you’re doing!! You’re flourishing as a solo artist!

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