Late 20s blues

Everyone has gone through it, it’s that time after 25 where you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing in your life or if you’re on the right path. You often feel like a waste of space and like you shouldn’t even be here. I’ve been having a lot of these moments lately. Which is weird cause I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere in my life and finally navigating towards my goals. But at the same time I feel like “shit I’m almost 30, I’m not doing enough”. Which then leads to me trying to find more hobbies and take on more social events than I can manage. Which then leads to me being overwhelmed with how much I’ve taken on, but also (I NEED TO DO MORE). It’s the pressure society puts on my generation to be “booked and busy”. It’s always, ” when I was your age I was in school and had two or three jobs” or the ” you don’t even do enough to be so tired “. When in reality Gretchen I’m probably doing way more than you ever did in 1802. Trying to work full time, while also be full time in college, while also trying to run a blog/website and have some sort of social life. And worry about the constant state of our country and planet. Although I do often have some late 20s blues, I do feel like I’m on the absolute right path. And as I enter my last two years of my twenty’s … I feel more confident and ready for my 30s. And more than ready to leave my late 20s blues behind.

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