Only love

since the media has basically stopped caring ,I’ll bring it up again. Last week empire star Jussie smollett was attacked in hate crime. Not a “possible” hate crime an actual hate crime. These men had a plan and were full of hate and used it on an out and proud BLACK actor. Not to mention they were trump supporters!! When does this end!? Who cares what color your skin is or who you choose to love?!! What does it even matter? The media needs to call this what it was and bring home justice for Jussie. This was an hate crime and was absolutely wrong and disgusting. The so called president is fueling these morons with fuel and they feel untouchable. But they’re not and we have to show them that their actions have consequences!! Also in regards to both the lgbtq community and the black community refusing to acknowledge that he got attacked for being both… do better. He’s a openly out proud black man. Not just an openly out man or a black man, he’s both.

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