2019 and beyond

My generation-the millennials is FULL of boys who don’t know how to treat women. And all this can boil down to is they were loved and the girls were actually being raised! Meaning we knew how to clean,cook, pay bills , etc. before we even turned 18, while the boys were getting spoiled and doing whatever they wanted and could barley make their beds. My wish for the future is that women stop loving their boys so hard to the point they can’t take care of themselves. To the point they constantly look for a “perfect” women like their mommy to take care of them. They need to do better and be better! And that starts with mom and dad. Raise your sons how you wish for them to go on. Independent, hardworking , respectful, selfless, good hearted men! Not lazy, video game playing can’t hold down a job no ambition having multiple baby mommas men. Trust me we are NOT trying to raise your grown baby sons!! That was your job. So do it right !

This has been my ted talk. Thankyou!

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