Ot3 Mix

By:Shanise Lachelle

Now it’s been like a month, a full 4 weeks since our dear jesy decided to leave little mix for her mental health. It was hard for many of us mixers and still is hard for some to process. I on the other hand , had a feeling she was leaving and we hadn’t see her with the other girls doing promo for weeks. So I had gotten used to seeing Ot3 no matter how weird it looked. The girls are moving forward and seem happy and genuinely positive about their future as 3. Their next moves as a 3 piece could either make or break them. The pop world is watching to see what they come up with and what they do. I’m for one super excited. Jesy vocally helped the group ALOT and she was a great performer. But I’m excited to see how the others will step up vocal and performance wise. We already know the girls are beasts when it comes to PERFORMING and their vocals. We just have to wait and see what they have cooking.

Also the way each girl has gone on with their lives and seem relaxed and happy , makes me think jesys decision to leave was talked about months ago and they all had the proper time to adjust to her not being there. That being said, pleas STOP acting like she’s dead AND STOP including her in little mix posts and tagging her in little mix things!! She chose to leave and doesn’t want any part of little mix anymore , so let’s leave her be. Little mix is just Jade, Leigh and PERRIE now and they need all of our love and support. Ot3 is coming babies and we are about to be SNATCHED.

And how about our good sis sweet melody coming in CLUTCH and getting that number one and staying in the top 5 and 10!? Sweet melody is that BITCH PERIOD.

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