First look at Pretty Savage

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night on the James Corden show, BlackPink gave us an official first look at their pretty savage performance. As a blink I was SHOOK and so impressed. They’ve already performed Pretty Savage a few times and I loved it each time and it’s also one of my favorite tracks from them. But I was excited to see how big they would do it for their concert this upcoming Sunday,( I’m going!!) And let me just say- THEY KILLED IT AND THEY LOOKED Amazing. I’m pretty late into stanning them, but upon research and looking at those Coachella outfits( was NOT a fan), I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone looking GOOD. Looks like the stylist did their jobs for once. And I may be bias, but miss jennie kim stole the show for me!! Pretty savage is just her moment hunny. And apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so, she trended not once but TWICE on twitter. All by herself!!! Miss jennie kim did THAT. SHE LOOKED ABSOLUTELY STUNNING . This just made me hype for Sunday and I honestly cannot wait.

Honorable mention : Miss Lisa with the bangs and long hair- HONEY I APPROVE.

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