Happy birthday Lisa!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Today is lisa from blackpinks birthday! And obviously I had to post about our little talented maknae. When I first found out about blackpink, Lisa caught my eye first in kill this love. I just thought she was the coolest . Then I watched some of her dance videos and was shook. She’s so talented and truly the baddest out there. Just waiting on her solo- looking at you Yg. She’s so stunning and has legs for DAY’S. And when she’s not eating up the stage, she’s the cutest little bean. I would have never guessed she was their maknae. Also had to show love to lovesick girls Lisa, BECAUSE LOVESICK GIRLS LISA MADE ALOT OF POINTS.


By: Shanise Lachelle

I feel like such a proud mum and blink to see our little music machine rosie doing the damn thing!! I know how much she loves music and how serious she takes it. And I know, after watching their netflix documentary, just how long this solo has been in the making and how close to her heart it is. And I’m just sooooo PROUD AS PUNCH.

On the ground was released this past Friday and it was nothing like I expected. From what I’ve seen about black pink, rose is one of the younger members and she absolutely adores every part of music and being an artist. And I always gathered from her personal style , she was the little rocker/emo one. So even though I knew all of this, I still wasn’t expecting on the ground to sound like this.

Honestly it had to grow on me, but so did JENNIE’S solo . But now that I’ve heard it a few billion times ,I can safely say it’s a BOP and so rosie it’s ridiculous . I loved the emo vibes to GONE and the little video snippet we got to that(hopefully they release the full version), but on the ground works better as the title single.

The video is full of beautiful visuals and she looks amazing on her own. The song is about her pre debut days as a trainee working super hard to be in blackpink just to realize everything she really needs is the ground ( family, friends, self love). And she needs nothing more . There’s a touching scene where blackpink rosie is singing to pre debut rosie and it just shows how far she’s come!!! She’s in the biggest girlgroup in the WORLD, and now she’s finally ready to showcase her solo music.

I’ve grown to appreciate rosie more since becoming a full time blink and watching their netflix documentary. She’s very stable while performing live , she’s the main vocal and lead dancer, and she plays the piano and guitar. She’s also very hilarious when you watch their interviews. It’s easy for her to get overshadowed by jisoo who’s korea’s little bunny. Then Jennie is korea’s it girl and always in the tabloids. Then Lisa who’s miss long legs and dances like the rent is due everytime she performs. Rosie is just the little talented blonde aussie . But she’s finally coming out of the shadows if her band mates to show you, she’s here to stay and she’s got the star power!!

The Problem with Little Mix and Blackpink

By :Shanise Lachelle

Little mix is my ULTIMATE Favorite girlgroup of all time!!! I’ve been with them since xfactor when they were just babies with GORGEOUS voices. And Blackpink was the first Kpop group I ever got into and that was all BECAUSE of how much little mix and jade talked about wanting to work with them. And they’re two of the biggest girlbands in the world!! ( It’s a fact, whether you like it or not).

But what kills me is how poor their labels and teams are. For one blackpink have been together since 2016 and only recently just made their first full length album! The thing with Yg and their producer teddy, is they like to make people wait and really anticipate Blackpink. They think the fans will be even hungrier when they finally release something. And although that tatic works every once in a while, it’s not good to do all the time. For one, you loose fans and the public’s interest!! And over in south korea there’s new kpop groups being born every second. Blackpink as talented as they are could easily be replaced. As a fan, the long waiting in between eras and comebacks is BORING and annoying. The girls don’t much as a group, and as soon as their little promo month is over, they go back into their caves. Not separate LATLEY with covid and all, they’ve been doing more solo things to keep the fans happy. (Lisa’s dance movies, being a mentor, jisoo working on her drama, rose solo is coming and jennie has her youtube channel)

But together, they don’t do enough, which causes the fans to be bored and get into useless drama. I believe if Yg held more fan live streams and let them perform more, even if it’s like little acoustic online sets, the girls and fans would be so much happier.

Now little mix, if you’ve followed me for a while you’d know how I feel about their management and team!! They switched labels two years ago and NOTHING has gotten better. Confetti didn’t do as well as it should have and we lost jesy. I honestly don’t think they have more than two more years left if they continue this way. And I just so desperately want them to succeed because they’re so talented , but it’s like at what point are they going to want change like they claim!?

Compared to every other album , honestly confetti is probably their weakest album and the songs feel empty and too short. That’s not to say it’s a bad album( I love it)!! It’s just a thrown together, random, party album with no theme. Little mix doesn’t have a bad album but Confetti definitely falls short and sounds like the album they should have made after Dna.

I really just hope Blackpink and Little mix get it together. Because they could honestly have really long successful careers if they changed a few things, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon.


By :Shanise Lachelle

BlackPink had their turn at a online concert on January 31st and it was brilliant!!!!

First off, it started on time and we didn’t have to wait hours from the said started time. Second every performance was AMAZING AND THE GIRLS ATE EACH PERFORMANCE UP!!

They opened the show with kill this love and crazy over you and it was just what we needed to get us hype. I loved that they had a live band and the choreo to alot of the performances was INSANE. I didn’t know what to expect from them concert wise, I’m a baby blink and this was my first black pink concert and they did NOT let me down.


Rosie’s solo: I LOVED the little snippet of the video and how it went straight into the live performance. I need to know who hurt my girl though!? I just wanna talk I promise…

Lisa’s dance break she added to dojas cat “Say So” cause damn it just made the song 1000 times better.

Lisa’s singing PERIOD!! She needs to sing more.

Jisso looking STUNNING!!

All the new choreography and dance breaks!!!


They looked amazing and sounded amazing!! And they looked so grateful and happy to be performing again. Even if blinks couldn’t be there in person. They all did a great job and the sets were incredible!!! Not once did blackpink let me breathe and I’m so happy I bought tickets and got to experience the show. What was your favorite part?!

First look at Pretty Savage

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night on the James Corden show, BlackPink gave us an official first look at their pretty savage performance. As a blink I was SHOOK and so impressed. They’ve already performed Pretty Savage a few times and I loved it each time and it’s also one of my favorite tracks from them. But I was excited to see how big they would do it for their concert this upcoming Sunday,( I’m going!!) And let me just say- THEY KILLED IT AND THEY LOOKED Amazing. I’m pretty late into stanning them, but upon research and looking at those Coachella outfits( was NOT a fan), I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone looking GOOD. Looks like the stylist did their jobs for once. And I may be bias, but miss jennie kim stole the show for me!! Pretty savage is just her moment hunny. And apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so, she trended not once but TWICE on twitter. All by herself!!! Miss jennie kim did THAT. SHE LOOKED ABSOLUTELY STUNNING . This just made me hype for Sunday and I honestly cannot wait.

Honorable mention : Miss Lisa with the bangs and long hair- HONEY I APPROVE.

Big Changes Comingđź’—

I’ve found it Mostly difficult to find new and interesting things to post about when all I really care about is harry styles, kpop, little mix , girlgroups and Halloween. So I’ll stick to what I know and what makes me happiest, instead of trying to be like every blogger and blog about EVERY SINGLE THING HAPPENING IN HOLLYWOOD. It’s too exhausting and it made me fall out of love with writing. So here I go, I hope you all stay around and we gain even more ASTOLDBYSHANISE friends along the way.