American horror story

Hello horror fans! Some rather exciting news for us American horror story fans. The show has been renewed up to season 13 which is shocking news because we all thought this past season was the last. And maybe it should’ve been. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE SHOW and the actors!! But these last few seasons have been so lackluster and I’m just like eh about it being renewed. The last season I really paid attention to was …..( in deep thought) I don’t really know to be honest . I had such HIGH hopes for American horror story apocalypse and then it just fell FLAT. So after that I can’t really get into it. Hopefully this next season is consistent and SCARY.

We’ve had haunted hotels, the circus theme, the haunted house, and Coven just to name a few.

What theme are you hoping we get for the next season ?!

Dump trump has done it again🙄

Imagine as a nation how tired we are.

dummie trump has now declared war on Iran and all so his impeachment trial would be put on hold or stopped and because re-election is coming back up. I say this man is the dumbest not dumb person I’ve never not ever met. I genuinely hate that he’s our president and he makes America look ridiculously stupid. We are the laughing stock of the world. I sincerely hope EVERY person who took the election has a joke and wanted to give this moron a chance , sees this is every bit there fault as it is his and his stupid ass team. I’m over it and ready to go to Canada. I hate it here . Y’all were really worried about Hilary’s emails but look where we are NOW. Just LOOK.

Australia is on fire

Australia has been on fire for weeks according to every Aussie under the sun. But has just been brought to the media’s attention this past weekend. I do think in situations like this it’s AMAZING how humanity is somewhat restored and we come together as people to donate and help spread the word. But I have two points to make today. 1. When the Notre dame was burning down I couldn’t unsee that on every news station and every social media outlet and by the end of the day or week wasn’t over a million dollars raised to rebuild it? ( I could be wrong) but it seemed people were genuinely more outraged at that then an entire country being on fire. I know it’s easy to sit back and not care because it’s all the way on the other side of the world, but this affects all of us, wether we like it or not. Australia being on fire is a climate change issue!! And anyone who says otherwise is in denial. 2. The amount of rich as fuck celebrities begging the lower class to donate money is beyond lost on me. Yes we should all do what we can to help, but some of us don’t have it to help and feel immense guilt that we can’t donate hundreds of dollars . But celebrities can, if each of the richest celebrities donated at least 1 million, just 1 ,imagine the damage that can start to be undone. They’ve already lost over a billion of their animals! A BILLION. That’s more than half of their Animals heading towards extinction! Donate if you can! But also spread the word, and don’t feel bad if you can’t! Also make sure you’re donating to charities that are really gonna use the money to help the Australians. I know there’s been problems with Red Cross before.

And pray for Australia, because it could’ve been America. It could’ve been California, Florida, Arizona. It so easily could’ve been us and it still can happen to us if we don’t take climate change seriously.

What I love is….

  • Rainy days and days that it doesn’t rain but it still smells like it
  • Anything that reminds me of the 90s/2000s and my childhood. I immediately feel safe there
  • Life’s lessons. They’re hard and suck. But here’s the thing life will continue to send you the same lesson until you pass it.
  • Holding hands. Playing with fingers. All of it. It’s mine to hold
  • Loving someone so honestly and wholeheartedly. That shit feels soo good
  • Loving YOURSELF so honestly and wholeheartedly. That shit feels extra good
  • Laughing so hard I cry.
  • Laughing so hard I can’t breathe
  • Good books and stories that I can usually finish in a day or two.
  • My stories. I Go back to them and read them from time to time.
  • Poetry
  • Slowing down in the moment and just being PRESENT.
  • Warm people. People that feel like home.
  • Robert Downey jr. that’s it. That’s the tweet and send
  • A great sense of humor can go a long way!( I once talked myself out of failing a class by making the teacher giggle.
  • Baby giggles. They’re the purest thing in the world.
  • Baby cuddles- also pure.
  • Smell of fresh babies-best smell in the world
  • Red velvet cake
  • Broccoli and cheese pasta/rice
  • Art- music. Movies. Paintings
  • Halloween
  • The holidays
  • Warm vibes
  • The quiet
  • Late nights
  • Vacations
  • What I love is…….
  • Scariest people in horror history 🎃

    Here’s my top scariest horror icons. Keep in mind this is my (OpInIon). 🔈

    1. Orange man- he’s ruining our country.
    2. Jeepers creepers- he comes back every 23 years for 23 days to eat/kill. no matter how many times you kill him.
    3. Pennywise- he’s a demon clown who Prays on you and your fears .
    4. Freddy Kruger – also prays on your fears but while you’re sleeping. Need I say more?!
    5. Leather face- although he stays in Texas, still highly disturbing and horrifying.
    6. Michael Myers- has no motive and literally dies every movie and still comes back to kill everyone and everybody for no reason at all. He’s straight ruthless.

    In the tall grass

    When I first heard about this film I was kinda of interested but kind of not. It just didn’t make any logical sense as to why anyone would hear screaming from a field of “tall grass” and run into it and try to help. But I guess if everyone just called the cops first then we wouldn’t have a film. To say this movie was highly disturbing would be a understatement. The movie follows a brother and sister on a road trip, who while driving by hears cry’s of help from the tall grass . The brother and sister then are lured into the grass and all its sinster secrets it holds. Overall the film was pretty good. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if they did it justice or not. But as a Stephen king fan I can say it was very weird and disturbing and disgusting, so they must have done something right. There’s plenty of “omg wtf” scenes but one scene in particular that has stayed with me since watching it Saturday. And let’s just say it gave me straight mother/Jennifer Lawrence vibes. I give in the tall grass 8/10. Patrick Wilson was AMAZING and plays a creepy scary asshole too well. The other acting was alright compared to his. In my opinion he carried the whole film. I would watch it again but maybe skip over certain parts.

    Bloodshot and waste

    Dove Cameron has finally released her solo music and we’ve only been waiting 6 years. Upon the dual release Cameron tweeted that she was so happy for us to finally hear her original music and that it took her so long because basically the music business can be tricky and sneaky. I for one am pleasantly surprised with the musical tone she decided to go with. Dove has a musical theater and Disney channel back ground, mix that with her big green eyes and long blonde hair, I kind of had her as another great straight pop artist . But with bloodshot and waste, they’re much more stronger than a lot of pop songs out right now and they’re a lot grittier. It’s definitely not what you would expect from dove. Both videos are filmed in black and white and both songs are more of a slow gradual pull. I’m impressed with her first two singles and can’t wait to hear more of what she has to offer.

    Shows I’m watching on Netflix ❤️

    I’ve watched the vampire diaries and the originals more times than I can count on Netflix recently. So I decided why not try something new and see where you end up ?!

    So here’s my two new current obsessions from Netflix

      Sex education-BEST SHOW EVER.
  • 2.You- dan humprey is back to being a CREEP.
  • What are you favorite Netflix shows?! And what have you been watching lately?