Exo the war review

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m finally getting around to writing about my favorite songs off the war. Firstly I ordered the Chinese version, I didn’t know they had both a korean/Chinese version. So imagine my surprise when I listen to the eve and it sounds NOTHING like the youtube version I’ve been listening too. Anyways it still slaps and as usual I loved the entire album. Here are my favorites

1. Forever

Was not expecting this song to go this hard but it did and I’m OBSESSED. Baekhyun and chen in the chorus* eats fist*. CHANYEOL rap…. Oof . It’s the whole song for me honestly.


3. The eve

4. Walk on memories

Y’all I really loved this entire album. And the VISUALS were everything and I was OBSESSED. What’s your favorite off the war?! Looks like I stan exo for life and I’m officially an exo-l. And I’m only two albums in…..

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