Grandpa Taehyung

By : Shanise Lachelle

When I first discovered Bts, and I was making my rounds trying to figure out just who my bias was, I had a moment with tae. Dynamite V brought it out of me and I was like just gassed , because homeboy was fine AS HELL DURING DYNAMITE ERA, LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. And I just got this total confident fuckboy vibe from him. Boy was I wrong. After watching interviews and seeing him outside the stage, tae is a big ass sweet grandpa.

His style definitely had to grow on me. I was so used to seeing swag fuckboy tae on stage, it was like a completely different person off stage. But now I just LOVE his expensive ass Grandpa fashion sense. In my opinion , his style had the biggest glo-up. He just always looks so cozy and warm and RICH. Which he definitely is. Definitely a real life BEAR.

In this house we stan and respect Grandpa taehyung.

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