Naomi Scott Aladdin press tour

I’m super super SUPER excited to see the new live action Aladdin this weekend! I’ll be doing a full review later on this week. But for now let’s talk about how AMAZING Naomi has looked during this press tour. I mean I was backing my girl up when casting news came out . I’ve known she was talented since lemonade month on Disney Chanel. And hello she was the pink ranger in 2017. Here she is looking breathtaking all through this press tour. I’m so ready to see more middle eastern and woc taking over HOLLYWOOD.

Met Gala 2019

The 2019 met gala is happening as we speak and it’s theme this year is “camp”. This year hands down dethrones last year as my favorite met theme EVER. I’m shook . I’m gagging. I’m speechless. Here’s my absolute favorite looks from tonight and why I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post.

After promo tour❤️

The after promo has started and our two leading stars are busting out some amazing red carpet and promo looks. I will say this seems to be the biggest movie that they both have done yet. That’s why in the beginning they were awkward with each other and didn’t know how to pose. ( much like Kristen and rob pre- twilight and Dakota and Jamie pre- fifty shades) but they seem to be getting more comfortable with each other in public and with the massive amount of fame and attention they’re getting. Our leading man hero is almost to a million followers on Instagram in just a few months.

this was from their European promo. They’re now state side as the film comes out next Friday. Go see it and give it a chance so we can get a second and third film. Keep an open mind, might surprise you. The story definitely gets better as the books progress.

Game of thrones finale💥

The moment we ALL dreaded is here, the game of thrones final season! Now while we sit and await the final . Last. Season, let’s take a look at some of my favorite looks from the premiere the other night. All from the women of course. Number one … miss Maisie Williams aka a girl who has no name.