The Art of starting over Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

DEMI LOVATO IS BACK!!!! This is just what I wanted from her new era, enough sadness but mostly healing and her love of writing shinning through in her songs.

She wants us to listen to the album in order and my first listen I did just that. The first 3 songs are the saddest and more about her overdose. Then we literally start over with the art of starting over and you can see how she sees life now and how much she appreciates it.

Her last two albums were great but I didn’t purchase them, they just didn’t seem like “demi” to me, but once I heard this entire album I was literally punching the air and on the verge of tears, my DEMI was back. This album is incredible and full of BOPS.

My only issue is the album is so long and they’re like 15 songs, and that’s alot to listen to in one sitting. But overall DEMI IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! She even has some hot collabs that I didn’t see coming, ( saweetie I’m talking about you sis).

Here are my favorites:

1. The way you don’t look at me: the sad sister to catch me. Such a beautiful song.

2. Icu- written for her baby sister and literally about when she came out of her overdose and couldn’t see her sister. Have tissues prepared when you listen to this.

3. Melon Cake: A bop about working to overcome her eating disorder and celebrating life. NO MORE FUCKING MELON CAKE!!!

4. Carefully- a song about loving her carefully. She’s been through so much, but that’s made her even stronger and a better lover.

5. Met him last night ft Ariana Grande: the VOCALS!!!!! I was a little worried about this collab, because they both have big voices and I didn’t want it to be a mess of them over singing each other. But its such a MASSIVE BOP. Yes girls!!! And they compliment each other well.

6. The kind of lover I am- a empowering song about demi ready for love, with a woman or man or non binary person. She’s ready, she doesn’t care who it is, she tells the person this is the kind of lover she is!! A true gem. A true road trip song.

7. My girlfriends are my boyfriend’s ft saweetie: the whole album is kind of a dreamy relaxing, healing vibe. But this kind of gives me slight twerk fun club vibes. (Only slightly)The only hype song on the album and that’s okay.

I really do enjoy this entire album, you can tell she basically scrapped the last era/album and only kept the 1st 3 songs from the last album and put them as the 1at 3 on this album. This is a journey of her healing and this is what I wanted for her and from her. I’m so proud of her. Listen to this album for healing.

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