Mafia!!!! Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Bitch you know I’m HYPE!!!! I just can’t believe itzy decided to go this HARD. Now let’s start with the opening with my bias ryujin, I really feel she’s gonna take off and be such a it girl. She just oozes coolness and was the perfect person to start off the song.

Yeji giving me cardi b vibes during her verse and bias wrecking the heck outta me. All 5 girls look amazing this comeback and everybody got their chance to shine.

I do feel like this single goes to Yuna, Yeji, and Ryujin though. Their parts were the most bomb and eye-catching, and they had the most camera time. Lias bridge was bomb though, were not gonna sleep on my girl.

Yuna, YUNA!?!??!! DAMN GIRL, she absolutely demolished her parts. She’s another it girl in the making. She’s super stunning with her big eyes and she’s a whole package performer. You heard it hear first, she’s coming for your faves necks. She was just so fierce.

Now those transitions!!!!!, I’m a sucker for a good transition in a music video and these transitions were spectacular! Literally the best part of the video.

The choreography was just what I wanted and smooth and insane. I told y’all if it’s one thing itzy is gonna do , is EAT UP SOME CHOREOGRAPHY. I do see some fans saying they were let down with mafia and they don’t like it and it’s not “ITZY”. and my response to that is, artist’s grow up and they change. It’s boring to stay the same, but to me personally this felt very much itzy, just more grown up. I loved everything and the VISUALS were top notch. I can’t wait to see what us they have in store for this era.

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