Confetti review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Confetti ft saweetie was released into the world Friday and it’s a Bop. Perrie and jade take over jesys first verse, and they sound amazing. I have to be honest, when their producer/ friend tweeted that they remade confetti and said the song would have bigger production, I was super excited!! Confetti was already one of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do to improve it.

While the girls look GREAT AS A TRIO, and the wardrobe, setting , and choreography was AMAZING, it still felt empty. I wasn’t a big fan of man mix. And I’m kind of over the silly concepts in their videos . It would be fine if they were still baby mix and did it once in a while. But they’ve genuinely added silliness to every other music video. And I know it just makes it hard for people to take them serious as adult musicians. We already know from their interviews that they’re funny and silly, we don’t need to see that in the videos as well . Man mix just didn’t make much sense for the plot either . Saweetie verse does add a spark to the song and she eats it up. But the song in a whole sounds empty. I was waiting for that “,big” production and we honestly never got it. Not to mention they took out jades bridge from the original , which was superb. But the chorus was also just one girl at a time, and their wasn’t nearly enough backing vocals. Had it not been for saweetie, this version would be worse than the original. All they had to do was replace jesys part and add saweetie. But they redid the entire song and it just feels empty.

The video is still a 5/5* from me. It’s still one of their best, even with the flaws. And they look fresh and good as hell. Jade and Leigh completely ate up their solo parts,/choreography. Jade giving me main dancer and leader of the group vibes.

The promo hasn’t started off great, although are we surprised at this point. And the promo is STILL being set mainly in the Uk, like they don’t have fans outside of England. And they’ve yet to get on the train and have an online concert , which would put them back on the map. I truly don’t have the slightest clue why they have a team at this point.

I really believe they just need to get over the confetti era, but they’re still talking about a tour next year so.

Little mix we want a new album, better promo, online concert, new era!!!

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